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24th Sep

Ginny @ Gin's Book Notes

Caffeinated is being taken over by other bloggers this week and today we have Ginny @ Gin’s Book Notes to share a post on fall reading.She is also offering a fabulous giveaway! Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy. Ginny is a multi-talented woman who not only blogs, but is also a graphic designer who works with authors and more. She discovers amazing indie authors, and reviews adult and young adult in all genres. Thanks for being here today Ginny…

Guest Post


Fall Reading

I live in south Alabama where the seasons don’t really change but meld. Hot as hell melds into slightly less hot and slightly less hot might occasionally slide into cold. But when/if cold arrives, it will soon be followed by a teasing day of spring and then, with a snap of your fingers, we will be right back to hot as hell again.

I explained all of that as a way of justifying my obsession with fall. The glimpses of it I have experienced have been few and far between so my idea of fall reading is presented more as a dream than a reality. Forgive me my indulgence as I imagine the perfect fall reading atmosphere and don’t burst my bubble because I am convinced that it does exist.

The fresh crisp air blows through the cabin’s open windows. The light blue curtains capture the breeze and release only the chilly bits that hint at the approaching season back into the air. It’s those chilly parts that make it easy to guess that fuzzy socks, leggings, and long sleeves will be enough to keep the cold at bay for another day.

As I brush my teeth, I hear the click of the coffee maker, and in minutes, the air is filled with the aroma that makes me smile. I wait for my toast to finish and decide that my first book of the day will be read in the hammock that is nestled between the brightly colored trees. At lunch, I will go down to the lake to read. I can pack a picnic, walk the trail that leads to the lake, and enjoy a book by the lake. On this day, there are no reading lists just a stack of great titles that I am able to pick from at will.

The lake was beautiful but the sun will soon be setting. I return to the cabin. It’s filled with the smells of home and my stomach rumbles in anticipation. The beef stew that I left simmering in the Crock-Pot is ready and the apple pie that I baked earlier has added a layer of sweetness and cinnamon spice scent to the air.

A fire in the fireplace will be the perfect way to end the day. I settle into the big overstuffed chair, stare into the crackling flames, and reflect on the books that I have read. The young adult fantasy at breakfast transported me to magical worlds and into an epic battle. The romantic comedy I read at lunch left me with a smile and a sigh of contentment at the happily ever after the couple achieved at the end.

I’ve decided to end my night with a murder mystery. The cover depicts a cozy cabin surrounded by trees. As I examine the cover a little more, the details start to look familiar. The same wind chimes that I can now hear jiggling in the wind are pictured hanging precariously from the corner of the cabin porch in the photo. The words “Murder Returns in the Fall” are boldly slashed across the center of the idyllic setting. Could it be that the cabin I now find myself sitting in was used as the inspiration for this fictional tale? I laugh at my silliness and ignore the tiny prickles of apprehension that tingle along my spine. I’m still chuckling as I skip the introduction and turn to page one; completely missing the based on true life events write up that would have served as my warning that all is not as it seems and that life may indeed be “stranger than fiction.”

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Hidden within the story are at least five things that I really do love about fall.
Take a guess at what they are and enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of my favorite fall scented candles and a surprise mystery book (U.S. only).

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All About Ginny and Gin’s Book Notes


Take a moment to visit, follow and stalk Gin’s Book Notes. Ginny is one of the friendliest bloggers I have ever met, and does impressive thing for the Indie book world. Her reviews are honest and fair. Ginny offers design services for authors from book covers to movie trailers. She is currently hosting a huge facebook event called Good-Bye Summer Hello Fall Party. All throughtout the month of September you can chat and enter to win prizes. Join the party on Facebook and check her blog daily for grand prize entries.


Have fun searching for clues, and be sure to leave Ginny some Caffeinated comment love. I suddenly want to sit by the fire, drink cocoa, read and look out the window at all the fall colors.

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44 Responses to “Gin’s Book Notes: Fall Reading & Giveaway”

    • Ginny

      Thank’s Finley Jayne. I had a lot of fun writing it. You are going to have to post some pictures on your blog of the amazing autumn leaves. I’m so jealous. 🙂

  1. Mary Anne Edwards

    Loved the story! I could envision walking down the path, the fall-colored trees, brisk air nipping my nose as I settle by the lake to read. I could hear the fire crackling, feel the warmth of it’s flames. Now I’m craving beef stew and apple pie.

  2. Beth W

    That sounds like you’re describing Western Washington! 😉
    I’m curious about this little based-on-true-events cabin mystery!

  3. Rita

    Beautiful post! Well-written and nice descriptions. I am a new follower of you and look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway also 🙂

    Rita recently posted: Seven Deadly Sins Tag
  4. Stephanie Faris

    I’m obsessed with autumn, too. I think anyone who lives somewhere where the leaves become such vibrant colors has every reason to be obsessed. SO beautiful! For me, October is a good time to read scary books. I love ghost stories.

    Stephanie Faris recently posted: Q&A with Chrys Fey, 30 Seconds
  5. Katherine

    Hi neighbor! I’m in North Alabama and it actually looks like we may have a fall this year. I’m very excited about it as normally we have crazy hot than a few days of weather that’s between hot and warm depending on how much of a heat wimp you are than back up to hot and then wham cold. I’m told it’s not actual cold but it feel like it to me – we even had an inch of snow last winter! Your fall reading day sounds like absolute heaven! Hope you get a day like that one day!

  6. Lark

    Love your post – especially the hint of creepiness in the last paragraph! I’m looking forward to fall – the crisp sunny days, anyway. I’m not a big fan of November’s gloom and damp. It seems to be coming early this year, though: September has been cooler than usual. It’s usually still pretty hot in Virginia, but we’ve had a lot of lovely days in the 70s the last few weeks.

  7. Candace

    I use to say I hated fall. Growing up it meant snow was coming, which I hated. Now I live in the PNW it means the rain is coming. After 80 and 90 degree days I welcome it with open arms. As long as it’s not too windy, that is my least favorite thing about fall, the wind. I HATE wind. But a good storm once it awhile is kind of fun, as long as I don’t have to go anywhere. A few days ago it was in the 90’s, now it’s in the low 60’s. It feels like a major change but in SD, where I grew up, they’ve already had snow and then went back to 90 degree days. I’m just thankful I’m not dealing with that.
    I think this fall I’ll devour a lot of cozy mysteries. It seems to be my new favorite!