The Night Is Watching by Heather Graham

May 31st, 2013 Kimberly Review 31 Comments

31st May

The Night Is Watching
The Night Watching
by Heather Graham
Series: Krewe of Hunters # 9
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: June 1, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Source: publisher
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The dead of night. The Old West town of Lily, Arizona, is home to the Gilded Lily, a former theater…and bawdy house. These days, it offers theatrical productions geared to tourists, but the recent discovery of a skull, a real skull, among the props and costumes shakes everyone up.  So, who do you call? The Krewe of Hunters, a special FBI unit of paranormal investigators. In this case, it’s agent Jane Everett. Jane’s also a talented artist who creates images of the dead as they once were. But the Krewe always works with local law enforcement, and here that means Sloan Trent, former Houston cop and now sheriff. His great-great-grandmother was an actress at the Gilded Lily…and she’s not resting in peace.  Then more remains appear in the nearby desert. As they search for answers, using all the skills at their disposal, Jane and Sloan find themselves falling into danger–and into love.

The Night is Watchingis the ninth book in the Krewe of Hunters, but each of them can be read as a standalone. Each book in the series deals with a new case for the special paranormal unit of the FBI and focuses on one of member of their unit and their romance. In this tale the past and present intertwine as dead bodies from the past and present begin to appear. I quickly became swept up in the mystery. Three word review: ghost-town, suspense, legends.

The Night is Watching takes us to the Old West and a town called Lily in Arizona. The town’s claim to glory is the Gilded Lily a former theater and bawdy house. The main street of town has been preserved in its former glory and rumor has it ghosts haunt the buildings. The old jail is now a hotel where you can stay in famous cells and the Gilded Lily has rooms for you to stay in, a fine restaurant and puts on nightly theatrical shows. Sloan Trent is a former Houston cop, who left when his uncle became ill and accepted a job as the local Sheriff. He stayed on since the quiet life suits him just fine. When an old skull wearing a wig shows up in the theater he calls his old friend and former partner Logan. Logan is now working for the FBI and Sloan asks him for the name of a respectable forensic anthropologist. Logan sends a team member, Agent Jane Everett to reconstruct the skull. Ghosts, murder and mayhem ensue as Jane and Sloan must piece together the mysteries of the past to solve a present day case involving murder.

Sloan is an interesting character and we learn his ancestors go back to the town’s origins. While he misses the action of the big city, he is comfortable in his ancestral home with his horses and the spirit of his uncle. He is level headed, smexy and respected. Jane Everett an artist and trained FBI agent who loves her job. She is cautious, clever and confident. The chemistry between the two of them was interesting. While they both found each other attractive, things started off a little icy, but as the ice melted the tale began to burn. Graham provided a delicious cast of characters with the townsfolk of Lily. It was fun trying to decide whodunit. The ghosts and their stories were fascinating and was one of my favorite parts of the tale.

I loved the setting; it was like an episode on one of those haunted places TV shows. Lily, Arizona lives for its tourist and the colorful past Graham gave it was interesting. I thought she did a clever job of weaving past legends and unsolved mysteries into the present murders. While I had an idea of whodunit, I must admit I was a little shocked when the players were revealed. The romance was sweet, but sometimes I wanted to shoot Sloan for forgetting Jane is a trained professional and not a damsel in distress. When they connected it felt genuine. As always her tale was paced well and I quickly became caught up, I loved piecing things together and watching it all unfold.

Fans of romantic suspense mixed with a little paranormal woo-woo will enjoy The Night is Watchingand the Krewe of Hunter series.

Three and half cups of coffee from the Gilded Lily out of five
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31 Responses to “The Night Is Watching by Heather Graham”

  1. kimbacaffeinate

    I love her as both but her romantic suspense with the paranormal are my fav. She started a new series I think book one is the Let the Dead Talk and its set in NO…fantastic!

  2. Heidi

    Sorry I have been such a flake this week. I have had company all week again and been super busy. I will be back to normal next week. This sounds like a book I would enjoy since I lived in Arizona for ten years and I can totally relate to the scenery. I am thinking of Tombstone while reading the review. I am going to for sure try and read this one! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. kindlemom1

    It has been awhile since I have read a Graham book, this one looks really good. I like her books that have that slight paranormal edge to them. I think I may look into this one more!

  4. Jenea Whittington

    I didn’t realize that this series had so many books. I have seen the first few at the library. Sounds good though, I think I would like the legends and the setting of the town. Great review.

  5. Kristin Clifton

    I always, always like when the main couple starts off cold and then warms up to hot under the covers, per se. You really are never let down with Ms. Graham, are you?? I’ll have to check one of these out from the library!!

  6. Barbara Walker

    Wow, it’s been ages since I read a Heather Graham. I have some really fond memories of them though and I’m happy to hear she’s still going strong. Terrific review, I think this sounds good – I have another one for that romantic suspense challenge!

  7. kimbacaffeinate

    Nope, I am always guaranteed a good mystery a little smooching with all of her books. Perfect escape books and ones I always read in one or two sittings..LOL

  8. candacerobinson

    I’ve never read Heather Graham, but this actually sounds pretty interesting to me. I like a series that has each book standing on it’s own too, makes it less overwhelming to pick up, knowing you don’t HAVE to start at the beginning.

  9. kimbacaffeinate

    So do I Candace. It’s a series that reads like standalone since each deals with a new case and couple..although I have read them all…bwahahaha!

  10. Anna

    Ooo sounds fun! And a little creepy! I love that. She’s an author I’ve thought about trying. Glad it can be a stand alone. Their relationship sounds interesting too. I like watching them thaw out once they’ve started out kinda iffy. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. kimbacaffeinate

    Her books are good, she has a new series set in NO and the first book is called Let the Dead Sleep, if you are looking to start one from the beginning.

  12. Danielle Chapman

    Wow, this does sound interesting! Love the review!

  13. kimbacaffeinate

    I love this series and that each can be read as a standalone, Graham always offers up a good mystery with a nice side dish of romance

  14. Kimberly

    I just picked the first book in this series up today! Mr. Turning the Pages has absconded with it though and started reading it himself.

  15. Jessica-Literary, etc

    Great review! This one was one I wanted to read for review, but alas was denied. I’ve never read Graham writing as Graham, but I’ve always enjoyed her historicals when she wrote as Shannon Drake. I do have one of her 2005 releases, Ghost Walk, sitting in my TBR pile that I hope to read sometime this summer.

  16. Aurian

    I so want to start reading this series! I think I have some of the books already. Great review Kim, thank you.

  17. kimbacaffeinate

    These stay fresh since each is a new mystery and involves two characters. Another thing is that we get new crews. The first two teams were on the East Coast, one south and one north.

  18. Katja

    I like standalone’s within a series even though also go ahead and buy the whole series, there’s something liberating in knowing that you can stop at any point and not be lured by a cliffhanger.

    This sounds like a solid bit of writing and I rarely say no to a paranormal romance 🙂

  19. Sam

    Book 9! Wow! I’m glad to see that you’re still enjoying this series. It’s rare that I’ll be invested in long series past the 4th book I’ve noticed. I’ll have to check this one out. 🙂 Great review, Kimba!