Chasing The Cyclone A Father’s Unending Love For His Son by Peter Thomas Senese

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4th Apr

Today author Peter Thomas Senese is here to share information about child abductions and what he is doing to help. Please take a moment to check out his latest novel inspired by his own personal attempts to reunite with his abducted son: 

Chasing The Cyclone
by Peter Thomas Senese
Hardcover available May 7, 2012
eBook version available now.

Paul Francesco is an independent, successful single man in his late thirties who has everything in the world going for him: financial stability with the real possibility of obtaining significant wealth, a dedicated and loyal group of friends and family, and a challenging, exciting career. Except Pual has one problem: he lives with a deep dark secret that torments him: he is a ghost living in purgatory despite his relative wealth and success.


Unknown to Paul, there is an evil plan to extort his hard-earned assets from him and in the process deny him the one thing that is more important to him than anything else in the world: to be an active part of his son Alex’s life. Unfortunately, his innocent and trusting seven-year old son is at the center of this vicious and diabolical plot directed at him.


When things go from bad to worse to unbelievably insane – when judges choose not to uphold the laws of their nations, when law enforcement turns a blind eye, and when one government after another’s hands are tied due to bureaucratic issues of jurisdiction or non-participation of the international treaty on child abduction, the only thing that could prevent Alex from becoming another sad and sorry statistic on a report that nobody wants to read or think about is his father’s vow to never abandon him no matter what. As a result, Paul is forced to become a hunter, chasing the predators who have taken his son to the other side of the world. With the situation becoming more and more desperate, he is forced to find other resources to help him.


As the hunt moves across international borders, he gathers together an extraordinary group of individuals, each with their own powerful stories, to help him. The story moves from The United States and Canada, to the island nations of Oceania, and culminates in the horrifying black markets of Asia.


Chasing The Cyclone by Peter Thomas is a first-hand account of the growing epidemic that is international child abduction, and the extreme difficulties all parents whose child has been abducted must face in order to protect the welfare of their victimized child or children.

Author’s Guest Post:

Imagine having your child criminally abducted to some unknown place on the other side of the world in a purely evil scheme to cause you incredible pain and losses. Imagine your child’s face in a sea of seven billion faces – to only have it disappear – gone – and lost forever. Now imagine that there is limited government or law enforcement assistance available to you, and that any and all hope of rescuing and reuniting with your child falls squarely on your shoulders. Why? Because your child’s criminal abductor is their other parent, who is using the child like a pawn in a vicious plan to destroy your world. Despite the existence of court orders and criminal laws against the illegal international parental child abduction of your child, true government and law enforcement intervention will not be forthcoming because of the legal complexities of international parental child abduction. Unquestionably, all realistic efforts to find and safely bring home your kidnapped child will come down to your ability, and nothing more. Now imagine looking down at the planet, filled with over seven billion people scattered across seven continents and one hundred and ninety-six countries while trying to determine where your child was taken. Time is not an asset.

Now imagine your child living in a foreign land, void of the familiarities of the life they knew and lived. Instead of the sense of community they belonged to and embraced, your child now lives the life of a hostage who is in the care of a fugitive who has every intent to disappear, and remain off the grid. Life as a fugitive is dangerous. Evil always follows evil. Undeniably, monsters who breach even the most fragile definition of humanity exist.

I am pleased to share my international legal thriller numerous book critics and readers are speaking highly of titled Chasing The Cyclone. It is now available in e-book at Amazon for Kindle users, Barnes & Noble for Nook users, and at all other major e-book vendors. In addition, I am happy to let you know that 100% of all my author royalties generated from all e-book sales of my novels are being donated to the I CARE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization created to help stop international child abduction. Step by step, the I CARE Foundation is making inroads against the growing epidemic of international parental child abduction that will consume an estimated 125,000 American children, 200,000 children living in North America, and well over 1,000,000 children worldwide over the next decade.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Most sincerely, Peter Thomas Senese

About author Peter Thomas Senese:
A Chasing Parent who successfully turned the world upside-down in search of his abducted child propels the reader onto a terrifying, heart-wrenching, suspenseful, and triumphant journey of love and dedication in his gripping, highly informative thriller Chasing The Cyclone. Inspired by and written through the eyes and experiences of a Chasing Parent once left behind in the wake of an evil plot that only few could imagine, Chasing The Cyclone by Peter Thomas’ novel is an extraordinary first-hand account of the intricacies and complex legal maze a parent searching for their child in lieu of international parental child abduction must face, and the terrorizing road children of this crime must travel on. Peter Thomas Senese who has create a wide range of historical fiction evolving around the core genre of geopolitical/geocultural thrillers including War on Wallstreet, Cloning Christ, The Den of the Assassin. Peter and his son were reunited.

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