Mist by J. L. Wilson

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18th Feb
Mist by J. L. Wilson
by J. L. Wilson
Genres: Suspense Thriller
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Seven years ago, I was kidnapped and held against my will by a monster who made me his 'bride'. I was kept for more than forty days -- 964 hours, to be precise. 964 hours of torment, fear, and humiliation. Each of those hours twisted me until I was no longer Carolyn O'Malley, a woman with a normal life, a woman who lived in a nice home on a nice street with a man who loved her, with a sweet little dog and a good job and a life just like yours... By the time I jumped out of a window and escaped, running naked through the snow to freedom, I was mangled into the person I am today, a scarred and crippled woman whose lover was brutally murdered, whose life was torn asunder, a creature who lost everything in those nights of terror. Now there was just one focus in my life: Find the monster and kill him. I've spent the years recovering from my wounds, planning, and training for what I would do. My chance might finally be here, if I play my cards right. The FBI task force has laid a trap with my bodyguard, Ned Buchanan, as the bait. I'll be going into the trap with him and if I have my chance... Have you ever wondered what happens to us afterward, to those who were missed? Have you ever wondered how we feel, how we adjust to 'real life' again? Have you ever wondered what would happen if we could face our torturer? Have you ever wondered how good revenge might feel?

Mist is a compelling psychological thriller that captivated me from page one. Wilson takes us on a suspenseful ride as we enter the life of Carolyn O’Malley; the woman who escaped from the sadistic serial killer known as the Groom. The tale was fast paced, with twist and a little romance. I read this over two evenings.

Carolyn O’Malley was the only one to escape from the serial killer known as the Groom. He grabbed her in her home and seven days later made her his bride. He held her for over forty days before she jumped from a window and made her escape. Permanently scarred both mentally and forever physically, she has spent the last seven years helping the FBI. They have created a task force know as the Bridegrooms. Ned, an ex-military buddy of her late partner, has been living with her as a bodyguard. Every year on the date of her escape, the Groom sends a sympathy card. Carolyn has spent the last seven years secretly plotting her revenge. After Carolyn escaped, the serial killer changed his MO. He began taking girls in the spring and fall; each girl resembles Carolyn. If she changes her hair color, he changes his victim. The FBI task force believes she is the key and together they will lay a trap to capture him.

The tale that unfolds sent me on quite a ride, as Wilson slowly revealed what occurred during the forty days Carolyn was held. As Carolyn works with the FBI, we learn they are keeping things from her and she is keeping things from them. The clever twists and reveals Wilson provides kept me engaged, as I connected with the characters and worried about them. The relationship between Ned and Carolyn is unique. He has spent the past seven years acting as her bodyguard, maid, nurse and friend. Ned is deeply in love with strong-willed Carolyn and deep down she knows this. As Ned hints about life after the Groom, Carolyn must address how she feels about Ned. The climatic, weekend ending, was gripping and a surprise reveal left shocked. After I closed the book, I realized Wilson had cleverly dropped clues along the way.

I highly recommend Mist to fans of adult psychological thrillers and mystery. This is the first novel I have read by Wilson but it won’t be my last. This novel contains dark subject matter, and some of my followers might find this adult-fiction too realistic. Mist is currently available in paper and eBook formats.

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