Nonna’s Corner: Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound by Drew Palacio

June 10th, 2022 Kimberly Review 7 Comments

10th Jun

Nonna’s Corner is a special feature where I share books I’ve reviewed with my grandchildren, affectionately referred to as the “Royals” here at Caffeinated. We hope you enjoy them and find books to share with the little ones in your life. Today we have Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound: The Quiet Wants of Julien J. by Drew Palacio.

Nonna’s Corner: Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound by Drew Palacio
Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound
by Drew Palacio
Genres: Childrens
Pages: 32
Source: Author
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JULIEN J’s frustrating evening takes an extraordinary turn when BLUEBULLET, his favorite comic book superhero, pays him a surprise visit.

After a long day filled with school and homework, Julien immerses himself in the latest adventures of Bluebullet, his favorite comic book. His evening reading retreat goes awry when the neighborhood crow starts incessantly cackling. He attempts to drown the noise but finds himself interrupted again. This time it’s by a group of sneezing, buzzing bees. Julien’s exasperation balloons inside him. Determined to finish, he sticks his nose back into his book. His efforts are finally thwarted by additional creatures, now all simultaneously ruining his day. This unwelcome commotion unfolds while Bluebullet is at a crucial moment in his battle! The cacophony of noises derail his experience and sends him into a fit of rage. Julien screams at the top of his lungs - so loudly, that it summons Bluebullet himself, who swoops down from the sky, ready to help! Julien’s anger would become the catalyst for a profound learning experience. Bluebullet is a wise, seasoned hero who imparts pivotal guidance to Julien. At this moment, Julien learns to maintain his peace of mind even when confronted with adversity.

Illustrated by Apolline Etienne, Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound by Drew Palacio, shares the story of a young boy named Julien J. who just wants some quiet time under a tree to read the newest copy of his favorite comic. As a reader, I am sure you can relate.

The story opens up an opportunity to discuss frustrations , tolerance and working though emotions and does so in a way that allows young readers to empathize with Julien but also see the bigger picture. As Julien reads, things distract him. First a crow with its loud cawing, then some buzzing bumble bees, and finally a pig cooking his lunch. Until finally, Bluebullet, the hero from his comic, arrives. He arrived because he sensed Julien’s distress. You’ll have to read the story to find out what happened.

The Royals loved the illustrations and the different disruptions as Julien grew increasing frustrated. We talked about what he was feeling, and I was pleased with the children’s responses and observations. Sophia, who is the oldest and reading at first grade level, could read most of the words, and after a read through using context clues, she read the story to us.

I feel this story would work well in a classroom setting from kindergarten through fifth grade and is relatable to all students. It opens the door to discussing our frustrations and ways to deal with and overcome them.


Nonna's Corner: In Shrieks and Sounds and Things Abound by Drew Palacio, book lovers will relate to Julien J's frustrations when all he wants to do is read…but everyone is distracting him. #childrensbook #bookreview… Click To Tweet

About Dr Drew Palacio

Children’s book author and clinical psychologist Dr. Drew Palacio, or “Dr. Drew” as he is known by his colleagues and patients, has provided care and therapeutic interventions to children and families for more than ten years, particularly child-centered cognitive therapy for anger and aggression.

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  1. Wendy

    This sounds adorable. I always appreciate a children’s book review more when actual children are reviewing it!