Side Effects of Reading….

August 14th, 2019 Kimberly Discussion, Feature 21 Comments

14th Aug

As a reader do names, places, and phrases become etched in your mind? Do random everyday things conjure up a character or scene? Grab a cup of iced coffee and let’s explore.

She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.“- Louisa May Alcott

Forever will the name Hermione conjure the image of a strong ginger who fights for her friends and equality. Fans of Harry Potter by JK Rowling know this charming friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. I look for her in other characters, people and faces.

Everytime I see a squirrel, Luke Daniel’s speaks to me in Oberon’s voice. Oberon, an Irish wolfhound, is a character from the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne. He is the faithful companion of Atticus O’Sullivan and even has some books of his own; Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries. Anywho, Oberon believes squirrels are evil. He also likes sausage and gravy.

I thought for the longest time that chicken-fried steak was steak that had been fried by specially trained chickens,” 
― Kevin Hearne, The Squirrel on the Train

Trench coats immediately make me think of Harry Dresden and the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. Are you a Whovian? If I wasn’t five-three I would own a badass black leather one (which makes me think of a Rachel from the Hollows!). But, alas I would look like a penguin.

I will be forever reminded of Charley Davidson’s boobs, from the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones and not the iconic Lost in Space episodes when I hear, “Danger, Will Robinson!”

My fore-parts, as you so ineloquently put it, have names.”

I pointed to my right breast. “This is Danger.” Then my left. “And this is Will Robinson. I would appreciate it if you addressed them accordingly.” 

After a long pause in which he took the time to blink several times, he asked, “You named your breasts?”

I turned my back to him with a shrug. “I named my ovaries, too, but they don’t get out as much.
― Darynda Jones, First Grave on the Right

I could go on and on…

  • I randomly quote lines from books. I get weird stares or nods if they belong to the fandom. ‘Break the chains,” Hells-Bells!,”and “Idjits” to name a few.
  • I develop weird phrases after reading too many historical or regional fiction. My cursing is strictly British and Irish. Seriously, now sod-off.
  • I’ve picked up an accent after listening to an audiobook
  • Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes have influenced me forever. Hear a scary noise? You’ll hear me cry, “Get the SALT!” The word Bad conjures BAD Wolf, and if someone yells Mommy, I cannot help but murmur, “Are you my Mommy?” “Don’t Blink!” ”
  • Things I say to my kids, ““You see, but you do not observe.” and “The game is afoot.” and to myself each morning…. ‘Which is it today,’ I asked, ‘morphine or cocaine?’ Bwahaha!
  • I’ve seen nods to fandoms and honked, waved frantically and cried out war cries… only to have them quickly run away or if I am really, really lucky see them nod in recognition. (I live for those moments)

So tell me what weird things or phrases from your bookish life have seeped into “your reality?”

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21 Responses to “Side Effects of Reading….”

  1. Siran

    Trench coats always make me think of 40’s detective movies/show and “of all the …….. she had to walk into mine” or “she was hotter than…….”

  2. Olivia Roach

    YES. Trench Coats mean David Tennant. I also really love when I see someone in a fandom because of their shirt or accessories or whatever. I always tend to compliment them on whatever item it is and they be like: you know that?? and I’m like YES I LOVE THIS SERIES/BOOK! I love quoting my favourite things in casual conversation and sometimes people get them but sometimes they don’t, which is okay because I slip it in when it fits, so the conversation just goes on 😛 But it’s almost like testing the waters when someone recognises it and I know our fandoms align 😀

    Olivia Roach recently posted: Paper Girls Volumes 1-4 [Mini Reviews]
  3. Stephanie

    I started laughing out loud at this post then had to read it to my husband. I get it and he thinks I am crazy lol

  4. Juli

    Fangirls unite! 🙂 I can quote Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek/Star Wars, and other things off the cuff, whenever it fits into a conversation. (For instance, “That gotta be some ‘fill in the blank’ I’ll smile and say “it’ll bite you’re head off, man.” or something, like that..) Or, after seeing The League of Gentlemen, I picked up “are you local”? I once heard a heart concert on the radio and Ann Wilson said “patience, children”. I picked that up too. Needless to say, not a whole lot of people always get the references.

  5. Tyler H. Jolley

    This speaks to me so hard. I do this all the time. You know who does it the worst? Stephen King. His make-believe places, characters and events cross over from book to book. I love those Easter Eggs.

  6. RO

    What a fun post! I actually was going to name my son after a character in a romance novel from Jennifer Blake, but we went a different route. He’s 35 now, and tells me all the time that it would have been cool to be called “Ransom”.(lol) Hugs, RO

  7. Sophia Rose

    I quote Jane Austen and get the looks, but a rare nod is priceless as you say..

    “Angry people are not always wise.”

    “A large income must be the best recipe for happiness I have ever heard of”

    “Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like”

    And, then we have Scooby Doo and the gang….
    “I gotta be brave…I gotta be brave…I gotta be brave… I gotta be some kind of nut”
    “Well gang, we’ve stumbled onto another mystery”

    Fun post, Kimberly!

  8. Carla

    Great, fun post Kimberly. I too have the accent problem when listening to an audiobook. I also assume everyone has read a book I have read and talk about it as if it is fact and my kids look at me like I’m a weirdo.

    Carla recently posted: ARC August
  9. ShootingStarsMag

    I love this so much. I definitely bring my fandoms into my everyday life – especially Harry Potter (words, characters, quotes). If I watch British television for too long, I start to randomly have a British accent. And I’ve definitely started saying things the way British people do. LOL


  10. Jenea's Book Obsession

    This is great! I never really thought about how much reading does influence us. I say things sometimes and I my husband asks me where I got that, and I have to tell him I read it in a book. He just shakes his head. lol..

  11. Angela @ Simply Angela

    This was such a great post. My reading life seeps into my real life everyday. I’m always spouting off random book quotes.! Or thinking random bookish things. Like when I spilled my iced coffee down my shirt and then immediately thought of Molly Harper’s Driving Mr. Dead, where the vampire hero could smell the coffee his human driver had spilled on herself.

    Angela @ Simply Angela recently posted: One Summer's Night by Kiley Dunbar