Six Book Blogs I Want Others to Discover

August 15th, 2017 Kimberly Feature 61 Comments

15th Aug

6 Blogs

Originally I was going to share my six favorite blogs, but that was too hard a task. Then a thought came to me…. Voilà!

Listed below in no particular order are six blogs that I enjoy and want others to discover.  If you aren’t stalking them you should be. All of these book blogs have owners who uplift the community, comment, visit and post regularly. Grab a cold brewed coffee and check them out.

Carole’s Random Life in Books

Carole's Random Life in BooksCarole @ Carole’s Random Life in Books is fairly new to me blog and I adore it. Carole has been sharing her passion for the written word since 2013 and like myself has an eclectic taste. She loves romance, urban fantasy, and thrillers. Be still my heart. Her reviews are spoiler free and offer a fair assessment. While she isn’t active on Twitter, she visits blogs frequently and comments back.

Check out Carole’s Random Life in Books

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Lampshade Reader

Lampshade-ReaderAleen @ Lampshade Reader is fairly new to the blogging world and began blogging in March of 2016. Like me, Aleen has an eclectic taste only hers expands into Manga and Graphic Novels. Her reviews are informative but kept spoiler free. She also shares fun discussion posts like comparing book covers and her latest book boyfriend. Aleen is active in the community and makes an effort to uplift fellow blogger and comment.

Check out Lampshade Reader

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Totally Addicted to Reading

Totally Addicted to ReadingNadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading has been blogging since 2013 and shares a mix of romance, mystery, and thrillers. Nadene offers up honest but fair reviews breaking down her thoughts of the characters. She regular makes her way around the blogosphere and makes an effort to uplift others.

Check out Totally Addicted to Reading

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I Wish I Lived in a Library

I Wish I Lived In a LibraryKatherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library is a mystery lover from the classics to latest thrillers. She occasionally dabbles in romance and loves to share cozies. I enjoy the way she breaks down her review from what drew her to the title, to whether you should grab a copy for your own. She hosts 52 Pins a Pinterest challenge, loves foodie books and cookbooks. She actively participates in a discussion meme each week and I always enjoy how she approaches each question.

Check out I Wish I Lived in a Library

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Geybie’s Book Blog

Geybie @Geybie’s Book Blog always has a smile and is so passionate about the books she reads. Her blog was established in 2016. She reviews a little of every genre but is heavier on romance.  A lot of her TBR pile comes from other bloggers. I am proud to say we influenced her into reading The Others Series by Anne Bishop. I appreciate how she breaks down her reviews and shares her opinions and excitement.

Check out Geybie’s Book Blog

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Hot Listens

Hot ListensHot Listens is run by a few wonderful ladies. Loupe, who has taken a sabbatical and  Melanie is currently the primary blogger, but Sophia Rose recently joined. As you may have guessed you will find audiobook reviews at Hot Listens. What I love is the diversity of genres that they bring to the table. Hot Listens, hosts a yearly Audiobook Challenge, one I am happy to co-host. Melanie and Sophia Rose are both active in the community and quick to answer a question or lend a hand.

Check out: Hot Listens
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Six of My First Blogger Friends

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61 Responses to “Six Book Blogs I Want Others to Discover”

  1. Rita

    I had already discovered Carole @ Random Life in Books and just love her reviews and her taste in reading (similar to mine). Thanks for naming more bloggers I need to check out asap! Congrats again on 6 big ones!

  2. Jennifer

    I love lists like this. There are a couple blogs listed that are new to me. I can’t wait to check them out.

  3. Darlene

    I was already familiar with a few of these blogs, but a couple are new to me. I always enjoy meeting new bookish friends!

  4. Danielle Hammelef

    Thanks for the look at new blogs for me to find new books to read. I enjoyed this post!

  5. Emma

    wow, so many good places to go! and I love how you organized all your posts for your blogiversary

  6. Lark

    Thanks for sharing these! A few were familiar, and I enjoyed visiting the blogs that were new to me. I also love how supportive you are to fellow bloggers!

  7. Laura Thomas

    I agree on all of these wonderful bloggers. The only blog I haven’t heard of is Hot Listens. Now you have me curious about it too:)

  8. Jaime Lester

    I have visited a lot of these, but there are a couple that I need to check out! Especially Totally Addicted and Carole’s!

  9. RO

    Totally agree, it’s much too difficult to narrow down 6 fave blogs, because each one has something unique to contribute. Cool to see that a couple I already follow. I always love to meet new bloggers and thank for the info! Hugs…RO

  10. Dragonfly

    Thanks for sharing this list Kim! I do love Gaybie’s and Katherine’s blogs! I’ll have to visit the others now too!

  11. Mary Kirkland

    Thanks for the list of great blogs to check out. I actually made a mistake oh one entry and it won’t let me correct it. My name on Geybie’s blog is Ratmom not Mary Kirkland.

  12. Zirev

    How do you determine how one is very active in the community? Anyway, kudos to these people for having so much energy!

  13. Silvia

    I know Nadene’s and Geybie’s blog, but will check the others as well because one can’t ever have enough amazing blogs to follow! 😉

  14. Karen Blue

    Great list! Geybie and Katherine are 2 of my favorites. Thanks for sharing these, I will have to check out the others you listed.

  15. Lisa Thomson

    Thanks, Kim for these recommendations. I love to read book reviews and it’s nice to meet other avid readers like yourself. Cheers and hope your summer is going well 🙂

  16. Aleen

    OMG! Thank you so much for including me on your list Kimba. This has definitely made my day. I know of some of the other blogs you listed and will be sure to check out the others as well. <3

  17. Katherine

    I’m screaming over here! This has seriously made my day – if not week! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m a big fan of Carole’s too and thanks for the reminder to follow Geybie. I love her blog but somehow have never added it to my Bloglovin feed. The others are new to me but they sound like ones I really need to check out. I’m in some great company! Now I’m going to go back to my dance of joy!

  18. Kristin

    Awwwww!!!! Perfect post for Geybie, Katherine, and Lampshade, errr, Aleen, and the others!! I’ll have to visit the other two girls b/c I haven’t been to them. And you even pointed out that they visit blogs frequently… LOVE!!!

    And you gave us old friends love… xoxoxoxo… I’m going back in my blog and looking to find your first comment… it should be amusing… 🙂

  19. Lexxie

    I actually know all six blogs! but I don’t visit them nearly enough 🙁 I feel like I don’t visit blogs as often as I used to, but that really needs to change.

  20. Lorna

    I only recently discovered Geybies book blog as we follow each other on Instagram. And I have visited Hot Listens as well. The others are new to me and I will be checking them out. Thanks for sharing Kimberly!

  21. Lover Of Romance

    ooh great list you have here!!! I adore Carole’s blog so much. And she is one of the best commenters. I recently discovered Geybie’s blog, and I love how passionate she is. I always go to Hot Listens for recommendations on audio books!! I will check out the others. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Sophia Rose

    I like what category of six that you settled on and also neat that you added your first six, too. I’m snoopy about such things. I was happy to see that all your picks were lovely ladies that I enjoy visiting, too., though it was only this year that I discovered some of them.

    Thanks for the mention for Hot Listens! It was fun to start guesting there along with a handful of others this year. 🙂

  23. kindlemom1

    I love that some of these I already visit and know! How fun! I’ll have to check out some of the others as well. 😀

  24. Angie

    I follow most of these blogs, as well. I’ll be sure to check out the others.

    Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  25. Stormi Johnson

    There was a couple there that I didn’t know so I went and checked them out. 🙂 I always like finding new to me bloggers, especially if they like mysteries. 🙂

  26. blodeuedd

    I went and took a look 😀
    And yes I could never name 6 fav blogs, your idea was much better 😀 There are so many good ones

  27. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Great feature! I’m a regular visitor at all of these…except Hot Listens, which I’m now going to check out. Thanks!

    Enjoy your blogoversary week!

  28. Carole

    Thank you so much for including Carole’s Random Life in Books! I am really honored by your mention. Plus you made a cute little button….I love that button 🙂 You have officially made my day!

    It looks like a have a few new bloggers that I need to check out.

  29. Melanie Simmons

    Thanks so much for including Hot Listens on your list. I will be sure to check out the others. I think I’ve seen a few posts from them, probably from your Sunday Posts.

  30. Michelle

    Half of these I already read, the other half are new to me… I’ll be heading over to check them out now!

  31. Rosie

    It is fun to find the blog I wish I lived in a Library – that sounds like me! I’m there all the time, and then some. Nice blogs!

  32. Nadene

    OMG!, I never expected to be on this list. Thank you so much Kim. You have been my been my blogging inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  33. Geybie's Book Blog

    OMG, Thank you so much, Kim. I got to know this awesome community because of you. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Wish you the best years in the future. ❤️