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July 19th, 2013 Kimberly Feature 93 Comments

19th Jul

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Seasonal Reader?!?


As I took a look back over the last few years of reading it became glaringly clear that I am a seasonal reader. While I still read a multitude of genres all year long, my genre mood is affected by the weather outside. So it got me wondering is it me or does this happen to everyone?



Just as I crave flip-flops and braids in the summer my reading mood changes to beach-side tales, romances, coming of age and hot, smexy reads. I want that promise of love ever after, for characters to find themselves and be witness to a second chance romance at an island beach house. I want happily-ever-afters. Fluffy, feel-good romances whether they are filled with dukes, rogues, tattooed college boys are swoon-worthy cowboys.



When the leaves begin to turn and sweaters are all in fashion I look to thrillers, mysteries, and ghostly tales. I want serial killers and paranormal woo-woo. I want my romance wrapped in paranormal suspense or on the side. I want dark, gritty and magical books. I want my men to be alpha-males, shifters, vampires or tough rugged men who face danger or solve crimes. Give me snarky characters and kick-ass heroines  I want to be surprised by twists and turns and scared out of my freakin’ mind. Send in the zombies, aliens and paranormal creatures!



As winter sets and snow falls, I find myself swept up in holiday tales, historical fiction, dystopians and urban fantasy. I am not going to lie to you if you slap some snow, a holiday dress, Christmas tree or one of those cozy snow-covered cabins on the cover with a holiday title…I start to drool. It doesn’t matter what genre…I want my holiday spirit, miracles, romance and inspirational reads! As the holiday ends and the new year begins, I want meaty books; dystopians, post-apocalyptic, trilogies, steampunk, thrillers and more.



When the birds start chirping and flowers begin to peak out from the ground I want fantasy, romance, and swoon-worthy characters. Give me books on hope, redemption, new begins. This is when I am most likely to read books that touch me emotionally and have a good cry.
Of course, I love all of these books all year long, but am drawn to them the most at certain times of the year, so my question to you dear reader: Are you a seasonal reader?
                                                    ~ Confessions of a seasonal book addict


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93 Responses to “Caffeinated Confessions #7 Seasonal Reader”

  1. Melissa's Midnight Musings

    I can’t say that I’m a seasonal reader. But, I do wish that I was. I often find myself saying things like “Oh that book would be perfect to read around fill in the blank holiday/season. But then I never manage to actually read them at that time.

  2. Rachael

    I would say that I’m a seasonal Christmas book reader. Every year come November I grab my Christmas books and just go for it. Come January I’m ready to go back to my wide array of genres.

  3. Lauren

    I’m the same exact way! I long for summery, romantic, light beach reads right around this time of year, and I go for heavier, darker stuff when cold weather hits. It’s so odd how that works! I guess pubs are in on the seasonal effects, because they always seem to have a slew of beachy reads hitting shelves from may- august. 🙂

  4. Bibliotropic

    I don’t think I’m much of a seasonal reader. I crave the same stuff year-round. The only exception is during October, where I keep feeling like I ought to read more horror, but I think that’s largest more due to theme-blogging than any specific reading preference.

  5. Holly Letson

    I’m like that, too. I get close to the characters, almost as if they are my friends. And, when the series ends, I don’t really want to say “Goodbye”. I think that, sometimes, makes me read a book slower, if I know it is the final volume of the series.

  6. Danielle Chapman

    Interesting topic, I have never thought about this before. No, I am not a seasonal reader. I just read wheat I need to review or books I have been looking forward to.

  7. kimbacaffeinate

    thanks Kay, I still read all genres all year long, but like you notice that some genres appeal to me more at certain times during the year. I love romantic comedy as well:)

  8. Kay

    This is a great topic! I am a semi-seasonal reader. I do read more romance in the summer than anything. I do however tend to lean toward romantic comedies in the winter when It’s super cold and I just want to curl up with a good romance.

  9. kimbacaffeinate

    hmm, so you read whatever you are in the mood for at the moment or an arc? You can always look at the books you chose to read and see if you select more of one genre at certain times of year.

  10. Jenea Whittington

    I don’t think I am really a seasonal reader, I just read the books that I either need to read or want to read. 🙂

  11. kimbacaffeinate

    thanks Naomi I would be interesting to see if the books that jump out at your change at certain times of year or by your mood.

  12. Holly Letson

    That’s an interesting observation, but I don’t think I am like that. I tend to read whichever catches my attention at the time. But, I do notice that I am drawn to series books over standalone books. So, if I have 4 books of a series and 4 books that are separate on their own stories, I definitely grab the series ones to read.

  13. Naomi Hop

    I don’t think I am a seasonal reader, I usually grab the first thing that jumps out at me when I look for something for me to read that is not on my to be reviewed list. Great subject though!!

  14. Chelsea M.

    This is a great topic. I have never really thought about it but now that you mention it I think I do kind of gravitate towards different types of books depending on the weather. Though I live in Seattle so we really only have 2 seasons; Rain and Summer 🙂

  15. kimbacaffeinate

    I am a mood reader as well, but noticed I read 6 romances in June and only one in January, thankfully I read so many genres you aren’t flooded with one genre on the blog..LOL My mood can swing what I read too.

  16. Jennifer Bielman

    I love this post. I always wondered about seasonal reading. I’ve noticed it on some blogs, how certain peeps focus on certain books during diff times of the year. For me, it’s just not how it works. I a mood reader. I read based on my mood unless its a scheduled read.

  17. kimbacaffeinate

    ooh no, I do not have that issue, I really cannot read the same genre or series back to back. The Bella Andre Sullivan series.

  18. kimbacaffeinate

    Well you know I read a lot, so I noticed I tend to pick or crave certain books at different times of the year and what you said about your current reads is what I mean 6 fluffs in July and only one in Jan.

  19. kimbacaffeinate

    I generally will not read the same genre back to back..LOL and I like to mix things up a lot, but I tend to choose more of one type as the seasons change:)

  20. kimbacaffeinate

    Oh I do that too, but I noticed I choose more fluff in July than say January. I read a lot, and while I read all genres all year long I am drawn to some subjects, genres more at certain times.

  21. kimbacaffeinate

    ooh I am a mood reader too. I read about 250 books a year and noticed in Jan I would read one light and fluffy read but in July I read 4….

  22. kimbacaffeinate

    Yes…see I read all genres all the time..but tend to be drawn to different types within genres based on the season, so while I may only read one fluff book in say January, I might read 4 in July!

  23. kimbacaffeinate

    Well I am a mood reader too, don’t forget I read around 250 books a year and just noticed certain genres and light vs heavy subject matter tend to change bring on more books of a certain type as the seasons change.

  24. Nyx

    Huh..I had never thought of that, but I do know I’m definitly not a seasonal reader. I’m way too much a mood reader to be seasonal. I’ll be reading all dark and gritty books and suddenly start reading cute and fluffy reads, then move on to dystopian xD Plus, where I live we don’t exactly have seasons anyway. It’s just always hot, sometimes with rains others with wind, but that’s about it lol.

  25. emaginette

    Interesting observation, I think I do something similar. I read everything but until this moment didn’t see a pattern.

  26. Tanja

    Yeah I know! But for me it really doesn’t matter which season is…I tend to read different books all year long 🙂

  27. Farhana

    I’d never thought about it but I’m definitely the same. The books I read depend on the season but also on my mood. I can tackle a super long book full of jargon when my mind is blank but if I’ve got a million things to think about, I prefer something fluffy and generally easy to read.

  28. Lola R

    I have to admit I never much thought about this, until this summer. While normal I would like to say it doesn’t matter which season it is, I read everything, that’s usually true, but we’re having some really warm weather here and for some reason instead of reading fantasy books I prefer to read contemporary romances. Not sure why, but I am reading contemporary book after contemporary book and some beta reads and reviews books to break it up. So I guess my reading does depends a bit on the season. Overall I do find myself having certain reading moods, like reading a lot of dystopia or urban fantasies behind each other, but due to reviews book it usually isn’t that obvious.

  29. Aurian

    I can read Christmas books all year long, but I did notice recently that with the hot weather we are having, I want some fluffier reads. Still, I do switch my genres weekly so as not to burn out. I like reading about summer while I am shivering under a blanket too, so I guess not really a seasonal reader.

  30. Trish Hannon

    That’s funny! I’m not a seasonal reader at all. I’m more of a mood reader, certain moods demand certain books. Which is partially why I never schedule books to be read, I never know what genre I’ll feel like reading.

  31. Jen Ryland

    I don’t know if I’m that much of a seasonal reader– sometimes in the winter I enjoy a book set in summer and vice versa. I definitely read more books in winter and summer than in spring and fall….

  32. Mariana_BookTravels

    I’m not a seasonal reader but sometimes my reading habits change a bit. Currently I’m a fan of paranormal or erotica, but not really in a mood for young adult. Go figures. I guess we are just peculiar. LOL

  33. Fantasy Is More Fun

    I had never thought about it, but I think I’m definitely not a seasonal reader. My mood is constantly changing and I get so addicted to series that season never really becomes a factor. I think the one exception may be holiday books, I tend to read them in the fall/winter, but I’m not sure if that’s seasonal reading or my susceptibility to Kindle advertising. Lol

  34. Sam

    I don’t think I ever really considered myself a seasonal reader (and I probably still don’t), but I can’t deny that the sun/heat these last few weeks has been having an effect on me! I’ve definitely found myself picking up more older contemporaries and romances, just to have something light and cute to make reading less of an effort. I read about 5 or 6 contemporary books in a row last week, and any other season, I’d probably pick up around one a month. It’s interesting to think about! Great post, Kimba.

  35. Sharon - Obsession with Books

    A wonderful post Kimba! I’ve never really thought about it but I don’t think I’m a seasonal reader, I read based on mood, which constantly changes lately 😉

    The photo’s in your post are beautiful! that tropical beach looks so appealing at the moment (I say as I shiver with the cold)

    Have a great weekend!

  36. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    Oh, yes, I’m definitely influenced by the weather, but even more so, I get stuck on one thing and can’t seem to let go. It’s pretty aweful when you WANT to stop reading a genre and choose something else instead, but just can’t force yourself to do it.

    Summer affects my reading choices more than any other season. I’m all about feel-good, light and fluffy. What’s the last angst-free, preferably funnycontemporary romance you read?

  37. kimbacaffeinate

    thanks Andrea, while i read all genres all of the time..i noticed within certain themes or heavier and lighter novels depending on the season.

  38. kimbacaffeinate

    *nods head* see, i didn’t think I was either since i read so many different genres..but when I look closer within those genres a pattern emerged!

  39. Andrea

    I don’t think I’m much of a seasonal reader. But, I do tend to read/review some of the holidays books, so maybe I kind of am? I love the pictures you shared!

  40. Pnrurbfantasyreviews

    I’m totally not a seasonal reader, unless it’s a holiday theme. Like, I can’t read Christmas books in the summer. I usually read whatever I’m in the mood for at the moment, and lately it’s been New Adult. 😀

  41. Michelle

    I guess I mean that as well as the saving certain kinds of reading for certain times in the year. I have to have a mix of books throughout the year or I get really bored. Sometimes I get on genre kicks but they don’t go with the season, just my mood.

  42. Jennifer

    I’m somewhat of a seasonal reader. Of course you know I love my holiday books, and I do tend to want lighter and fluffy things in the spring/summer, and more paranormal/creepy in the fall. I never thought about it before though!

  43. candacerobinson

    I never thought I was a seasonal reader before, but this summer I have really been wanting to read just a bunch of summery light reads!

  44. A Voracious Reader

    I’m not a seasonal reader. Even before I had a review queue I just read whatever took my fancy and I don’t recall any sort of pattern. Though I do tend to *prefer* reading holiday-themed books around that particular holiday, it won’t prevent me from reading a Christmas story, say, in June.

  45. kimbacaffeinate

    Now you know me Frodo, and I never read the same genre back to back..but within those genres there are some I enjoy more at certain times of year..which means for example what you are reading the summer I would look for a cozy mystery, a historical or sci-fi in YA or a romance, fantasy would be light not a high fantasy and even the erotica would be more on the fluffy side..that’s not to say a heavy, dark read won’t get tossed in..but if I am looking I tend to go lighter and fluffy in the summer.

  46. frodosco

    I’m definitely not a seasonal reader at all. I’m a random reader, bouncing from one genre to the next on a whim and to keep things fresh and interesting. My last four reads were YA Mystery, YA Historical Fic/Sci-fi, Adult Fantasy, and Erotica, so clearly I don’t clump my genres together. ^.^

  47. Mel

    Haha, how funny! I don’t think I do that. I prefer to stick with the genres I love and I like to branch out now and then, but that isn’t really based on the weather.

  48. Blodeuedd

    Totally 🙂 I have already planned out which books to read too. I do not have many xmas books, but I got some with snow covers lol

  49. kimbacaffeinate

    that doesn’t mean your anti-season but it does mean your a seasonal reader! You have certain books you are drawn to at certain times of year…although I love horror, thrillers all year long..and zombies on the!

  50. kimbacaffeinate

    my mood affects me too, I still read everything all year long, but see an increase in certain types at certain times of year and it fell into a loose pattern over the last three years.

  51. kimbacaffeinate

    by seasonal reading you mean holiday themed and such? I still read all of my genres all year long, but noticed a heavier mix of book types at certain times of “fluffy and romantic in summer”

  52. kimbacaffeinate

    Tanja it doesn’t mean you would only read one type.,.simply that you are drawn to certain ones and certain times of the year..I still read all of these types all year long..but at different times of the year I seek them out more.

  53. kimbacaffeinate

    Exactly, I gravitate towards certain themes more, and even though I still mix things up I am just naturally drawn to particular ones at particular times during the year.

  54. kimbacaffeinate

    I would agree my mood plays a role as well, but I tend to read certain genres more at different times during the year..perhaps the weather affects my mood! LOL

  55. Kerri

    I do the same thing-when it gets hot out there-Northeast heatwave!- i like something light and easy. I started the New Year by reading Anna Karenina.

  56. Danny Bookworm

    Ah that is a wonderful post! And.. it got me thinking about my own reading moods. But I realized they often do not have something to do with the season. I think the only exception is summer and especially when I’m away on vacation. There, I spend often all days long on a beach and then I tend to read more beachy summer reads:)

  57. Pam

    What a lovely way to describe my own changing moods. I’ve never considered its related to seasons but I think your right! ~ Sheri

  58. Jackie B.

    Well I’m not as in depth as you are. Wow! You are incredible I How does one compare? I’ve been reading mostly urban fantasy/paranormal novels for the last year and a half, so I can’t say if I am a seasonal reader or not cause IDK

  59. Kat (AussieZombie)

    I’m an anti-seasonal reader 🙂 I read horror books on beach holidays and ‘beach reads’ in winter! Although maybe that’s just my personal seasonal variation!

  60. Diamond Nazaneen

    Hmmm, I’m not sure, I’ll have to think about it. I DO know that I read based on my mood…which changes more often than the seasons ..a lot more often. Haha. ^_^

  61. Blodeuedd

    I never got the seasonal thing. I just read whatever I wanna read the most 🙂 But I do try to read xmas books around xmas

  62. Michelle

    I don’t think so. I read with my mood, which isn’t really connected to the weather. I’ve tried seasonal reading but usually I get really tired of it and I have to move on to something else.

  63. Tanja

    I honestly though that I was seasonal reader but it turned out that I’m not. I always though that I read contemporary novels in summer and fantasy during the winter. But last few books that I’ve read were mix of both. So I guess I can read anything regardless on season. Great post 🙂

  64. Christy (Love of Books)

    Yes, for sure. But I don’t always get to read the books I WANT because of review books. I’m changing that though. I want more happy love stories right now.

  65. kindlemom1

    It isn’t just you, I do the same thing. For whatever reason I like contemporary reads in the winter, along with anything Christmas or winter themed, light fun reads in the summer as well as dystopians and then mysteries in the fall. I have no idea why that is but, it is what it is. Of course, I don’t only read those genres during those months but I do focus more on them during that time.

    I also tend to read longer books in the winter, I think because I have more time to read since I am not outdoors as much.

  66. Angelas Anxious Life

    I have never been a seasonal reader. I agree with a comment below though that my mood can change what I read. Or if I just finished a really large book I will then want a really light read next.

  67. Dianne

    I like this idea!
    I do the same thing with the seasons women’s fiction spring and summer mysteries gothic
    and foodie books in the winter months

  68. readingdiva

    I can’t say I am a seasonal reader, but mood affects what I decide to read.