Caffeinated Confessions #2: What Kind of Reader Are You?!?

February 16th, 2013 Kimberly Feature 8 Comments

16th Feb

Caffeinated Confessions

Welcome to Caffeinated Confessions !

I wanted a forum where we could talk about bookish subjects from swoon-worthy covers to the price of eBooks. I hope to share my thoughts on a different subject each month so that we can all chat and share opinions. In the process I hope we get to know each other a little better.

What Kind of Reader Are You??

I have to confess, when I really get into a book, that is to say when the author captures me and I immerse myself into the world he/she has created some strange things happen.

I become totally oblivious to the world around me. A full fledged zombie apocalypse could be occurring outside my window and I’d be none the wiser. My family has often become furious with me because they call my name or speak to me and it falls on deaf ears. What they don’t realize is this; I am no longer in my body! What they see is only the shell of me as my mind has traveled into the book itself and its words embrace me. Image my soul swirling out of my body and gliding into the book..yep! Exactly!

I am however subject to outbursts and will sometimes reemerge into this world shouting – Oh my gawd! and No, no, no! Occasionally I turn the air blue with naughty mommy words. All of which could be followed by fits of giggles, tears and cries of outrage. I have yelled at characters and at authors as if somehow they can hear my cries and change the words written beneath my fingers. My family is completely unfazed by my outlandish behavior and have all been subject to my high speed ramblings about what is happening and what the book is doing to me. I actually think that if they hear these insistent mumbling that they have learned to back away slowly! I have cried so horribly that both my son and hubby have looked at me in incomprehensible fear. Their eyes dart from me to each other as they seek some understanding of how to deal with this woman crying over fictional characters like her best friend died. They cannot fathom a book effecting anyone this way, but these characters and the world for a time become real to me and I give a little of myself to them.

When I close the book my metamorphosis isn’t always complete. I have been known to adapt some of the speech and terminology of the characters or time period from which I have just emerged. Some of these side effects last a few days and some I still use today. This and my daily use of quotes from Doctor Who have plainly classified me as a Nerd or Geek. I happily wear the badge with honor!

To me all of these strange behaviors are welcome side effects of my bookish addiction. I have always said that I am addict. I am always chasing that high I get from a really good book.

Because I become so engaged when reading, I prefer to read at home or in my car on my lunch break. It always feels like there are intruders when I try to read among strangers. Now I will do it. My love of reading will not allow me to sit idly anywhere when I could be reading, but I am never fully able to let myself go and slip into the book.

So what kind of reader are you? Do you become completely lost within’ the pages? Will you frantically try to explain what you are reading to others? Do you shout at the characters in hopes they will listen? Have you telepathically or verbally tried to change what’s happening by shouting at the author? Or are you the type who reads silently and hold all your remarks in? Have you ever finished a book and found yourself quoting things or using certain speech throughout the day? Please tell me I am not alone!
~confessions of a book addict

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8 Responses to “Caffeinated Confessions #2: What Kind of Reader Are You?!?”

  1. Chene Sterckx

    Oh my word… I loved this post! I relate 100%. When I am totally captivated by a book, its all I can think about and when is the next chance I will be able to read some more…
    I get completely lost and attached to the story and when it comes to an end, you sort of go through a morning stage of “Why is there no more?”

    Loved this post

  2. warmcuppatea

    I love this post, and I love your blog! I can totally relate, as when I really get into a book, I completely immerse myself in that world. That is one reason I love book series so much! Your post is yet another reminder that I need to start watching Doctor Who too….

  3. Angelas Anxious Life

    I am a crazy reader. I have to admit.. I watch TV AND I read books at the same time. It is sooo odd. I can pay attention to both the show and the book. I can’t stand reading with no sound in the background. I never actually shout or talk to the book… hahahahah!!

  4. Loupe Duffy

    I do all those things you mentioned, but I have to add one more thing, once an author captures me, that’s it! I can not put the book down until I’m done, nothing, nothing gets done until I finish the book, I had so many of nights that I didn’t sleep one minute to finish a book, that’s why I’m now addicted to audiobooks, cuz I can taking them with me 🙂

  5. Jenea Whittington

    I am one of those who lose myself in a book. I yell at the characters, question their motives, and sob uncontrollably at times. My husband just looks at me and shakes his head. He doesn’t ask until I am normally done with the book. One book in particular was Empty, I sobbed and he waited for me to calm down, and just hugged me. He know me all too well. My kids think I am crazy sometimes. lol I don’t really watch much T.V., so I guess it would be no difference doing all the same things to people on T.V., I just LOVE books more.

    Fellow Book Addict 😉

  6. Aurian

    What a great post Kim! Yes, I do cry and laugh and sometimes yell at characters, or happenings in my book. My boyfriend totally does not get it. I read at home, in the bus, during my lunchbreak (I have a room to myself, and hate being disturbed while reading!). Just everywhere I have to wait for something. There is always a book (or two) in my purse. I do get lost in my book, and don’t hear someone talking to me. You cannot make me more angry than taking my book out of my hands, or putting yours on the pages!
    The adaption of speech is not something I have caught myself doing though. Perhaps because I am not reading in my own language. But the sleep deprivation is a normal thing for me, that book just has to be read and finished today, I don’t care about the time, I can be a zombie at the office for a day if I have to.

  7. Bea

    When I get caught up in a book, I stay with it until I finish it or I am forced to stop (go to work). When I emerge from that world, I’m often disoriented at first and have to readjust to my world. But I rarely yell or pick up ways of speaking. I can and do read anywhere – home, work, hospital, subway train, barn, etc. If I have reading material, I’ll read. 😀