Three-Day Town by Margaret Maron

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11th Oct
Three-Day Town by Margaret Maron
Three-Day Town
Series: Deborah Knott Mysteries #17
Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star

Judge Deborah Knott and Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant are on a train to New York, finally on a honeymoon after a year of marriage. January in New York might not be the perfect time to visit, but they'll take it. The trip is a Christmas present from Dwight's sister-in-law, who arranged for them to stay in an Upper West Side apartment for one week. While in New York, Deborah has been asked to deliver a package to Lt. Sigrid Harald of the NYPD. Sigrid offers to swing by the apartment to pick up the box, but when they reach the apartment, they discover that it is missing and the doorman has been murdered. Despite their best efforts to enjoy a blissful getaway, Deborah and Dwight soon find that they've teamed up with Sigrid and her team to catch the killer before he strikes again.

Three-day Town was a suspenseful, plot-twisting murder mystery. The plot contains the perfect setting, witnesses, and suspects. Maron shares this story from the POV of Deborah and Sigrid.

Judge Deborah Knott is feisty, smart and loves shoes. She is excited to be spending a week in New York with the love of her life, Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant. After celebrating their one year anniversary they are finally getting a honeymoon. Dwight’s sister-in-law owns an apartment on the Upper West Side and has arranged for them to stay there in January. Cold or not these southerners are looking forward to a week in the big city.

Deborah is asked to deliver a package for a distant relative. Once in New York, she makes arrangements for the package to be picked up. Before it can, they discover the package has been stolen. To make matters worse, there is a dead man in their apartment. Ironically the package was intended for the mother of Lt. Sigrid Harald of the NYPD. Sigrid is assigned as lead homicide detective… Together they try to solve this murder and recover the package. The story that unfolds is believable and compelling.

I enjoyed the colorful characters in this novel. The suspects and witnesses were unique and added intrigue to this complex murder case. Author Margaret Maron chose the perfect setting for this crime. It paved the way for a multitude of possible suspects, scenarios and an array of witnesses. I was completely immersed in the tale she masterfully painted. Three-Day Town is the seventeenth book in the Deborah Knott Mysteries Series. This book can be read as a standalone. I had no problems understanding any past connections. I look forward to reading more of this authors work.

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