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December 6th, 2014 Kimberly Feature 47 Comments

6th Dec

Caffeinated Confessions
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I wanted a forum where we could talk about bookish subjects from swoon-worthy covers to the price of eBooks. I hope to share my thoughts on a different subject each month. So that we can all chat and share opinions. In the process I hope we get to know each other a little better. I made a pot of mocha peppermint coffee and have some lovely peppermint tea so grab a cup and let’s chat.

It’s that time of year when I am drawn to holiday themed EVERYTHING…

Mr. Miracle

I am an advertiser’s wet dream. Seriously, I am. Stick a wreath on a book, add some snow and be it murder and mayhem or sweet romance I want it.*grabby hands*  I will one-click my way through all of those magical covers. I cannot help myself it puts me in the mood. Genre doesn’t matter, although I will confess romances are sort of magical in holiday themed books. My heart gets all gooey, and I weep. Gads!  Does this madness happen to you?


It doesn’t stop with books though *nods* Oh no, this madness flows over into my television habits. The rest of the year I am all about crime shows, mysteries, science-fiction, paranormal woo-woo, and horror. Life is good,  the hubby and I are in complete bliss watching Masterpiece Mystery and BBC America. When Thanksgiving happens and I start humming Christmas Carols while washing the dishes and folding the laundry. Before you know it, I am flipping to the Hallmark Channel and ABC’s Twenty-five Days of Christmas to watch Mrs. Miracle and whatever goofy, sappy, save Christmas show that appears there. I cannot get enough of them and have to watch all of the new ones and old favorites. Maybe there is something in the Turkey??

Hallmark Christmas

This transformation never ceases to surprise me. The books, not so much but the sappy movies. What? I see the commercials in October and seriously I roll my eyes. Then the next thing you know I am bundled up in my favorite pajamas, sitting by the fire and tearing up over some Christmas miracle.  My boys avoid me, and when my girls lived at home they would be curled up on the couch with me. Not a year passes that I don’t hear Clarence get his wings, see Scrooge visited, and cry over Tiny Tim. I think they add something to the water. It’s that damn Turkey I know it…


Now on Christmas after dinner, we gather around the fire with dessert and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special. Now this I understand. This is me, I am a Whovian, but watching the Christmas Story every year, waiting to see if he will shoot his eye out..why? If I had the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver I would analyze the air, that darn turkey and the scent being released from the Christmas tree. Ooo and don’t even get me started with the holiday flavored coffees.


So tell me do you suffer from this affliction too? Do you think it’s the turkey? Whatever it is, I have loads of fun and holiday spirit thanks to my holiday themed books, movies, and flavored coffees. How about you? Do you think the holiday theme makes the romances more magical?

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47 Responses to “Caffeinated Confessions – It’s that Time of Year When I am Drawn to…”

  1. Dani Chapman

    You are not alone!!! 🙂 I have Christmas music playing all the time (my kids are loving that Muppets with John Denver CD) and I have my house smelling like Christmas as well. I have to do something cause it feels and looks like Spring here!

  2. Olivia

    I think it’s lovely that you step out and get all Christmassy when it comes to this time of year! You’re really immersing yourself in it in every way. I don’t have this problem because I usually won’t get to reading the books in time and well, we get the same Christmas movies over and over again – Home Alone 1, 2 or 3. AGAIN. So I do get tired of it.

  3. Lorna

    I love all the Christmas movies too. Have only managed to watch two this year-I think on Thanksgiving weekend. As far as books I love them too, but this year I decided to read paranormal Christmas novellas, kinda different for sure!

  4. Carrie

    I love this post… and Merry Christmas Kimberly! The holidays for me always seem so sad because of a lot of things. I feel that it’s so commercialized these days that the spirit is gone… or at least somewhat misplaced.

    However, in spite of all of that (and I’m sure a lot more that I failed to mention), I’m like you. I can’t seem to get enough Christmassy things that I can cram in! I read all kinds of Christmas themed books, especially the warm and fuzzy romances (those are the ones that I love the most) and as many corny (and maybe not so corny) Christmas movies that I can get in there until it’s over for another year. There are several classics that I like to re-watch, but How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a must every year. It’s my ‘Ole faithful.

    A lot of people think I’m a bit of a grinch, but really I’m not. I think Christmas is a magical place that I can escape to in my books and movies etc.

  5. R_Hunt

    I am also drawn to anything holiday related, though I admit music and tv movies draw me more than holiday books. I like the Christmas cozies, but can only handle so many and then I feel they repeat themselves, sigh…

    My family loves tradition, so we have to do things the same way all the time. We favor the flavored coffees, egg nog, baking cookies (though buying ones are so much more yummy). We buy a large box of some expensive chocolates to share on Christmas Eve and watch all those traditional movies: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Home Alone even, lol (kids still like it).

    I think after all the horrible, sadistic killings shown on the news that we crave some more gentler, peaceful, unselfish times. It thrills to give as much as receive. We need this monthly break each year to unwind, to reconnect, to find inner joy.
    At least I hope we do.

  6. Sharlene Wegner

    There are not enough days in the week or hours in the day for all of the holiday books I want to read & movies I want to watch. I think I need to call in sick for the month!

  7. Terri M.

    My name is Terri and I am a White Christmas junkie. That soundtrack will play non-stop until midnight on Christmas Day. And I’ll probably watch the movie like 3 times. Sprinkle in a bit of Straight no Chaser and then add It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf and I’m set for the next few weeks.

    I watched the American Masters special in Bing Crosby on Tuesday night in hopes they would talk about White Christmas.

    Oh and I posted about Straight No Chaser this week!

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  8. Katie Cross

    I wish I was more drawn to holiday stories around the holidays. I’m kind of a grinch around christmas lately. Maybe that would help!

  9. charliegirlteachergirl

    Oh, Lord, yes, I suffer the holiday affliction right there with ya! It’s just something about the magical quality of this time of year. It’s special, and short, and gone before we know it. I watch the movies, read the books, WANT all the amazing decorations…It is definitely a seasonal affliction that gets me each year, not matter how many holiday books I already have.

  10. Laquesha

    This is me! Maybe not the books because I’m that weird person who reads Christmas themed books in the middle of August, but definitely movies. I don’t know why but curling up on a couch while eating some Christmas-y snack and watching a movie that I’ve seen a million times just makes me feel so incredibly happy.

  11. Kim

    I love-love-love holiday themed novellas right now! Sometime right before Thanksgiving I started adding them all to my TBR and trying to work them into the reading rotation. They’re cheesy (in a good way) and amazing and I adore them.

  12. ShootingStarsMag

    I think it’s easier to handle the “corniness” of certain movies and books during this time of year. My mom is obsessed with all the Hallmark films. I don’t watch them as much, but there are certain ones that are a lot of fun and I love the holiday films with the actors/actresses that I really know!

  13. sharonda

    I think it’s just the time of the year. IDK< it might be the Turkey or the weather…I just know there is something special about xmas that just brings it out it folks, lols. Love the post Kim!

  14. Mary

    The cheesy Christmas movies on LIfetime are my favorite! And I don’t even like Christmas all that much. (I know. Be horrified. I’m cool with it.)

  15. Adriana Garcia (

    I think Holiday themed romances are more magical. I’ve been watching nonstop Christmas movies since November 1st with a little breaks in between – crazy I know. Christmas/December time is just the best time of the year for a reason. Everything feels more magical. I don’t watch Doctor Who’s Christmas special anymore ): ~ I’m too behind!
    I’m looking forward to the Mr. Miracle movie tonight!

  16. A Voracious Reader

    Ok, I can’t say that I have it as bad as you do. lol I do enjoy some Christmas-y type reads and we have movies we watch every single year, but I’m not Christmas all-the-time. I do love me some Christmas lights though. If I ever build a house I’m going to have outlets along the ceiling inside and along the eaves outside (and around windows, too) so stringing lights up will be so much easier! 😀

  17. aurian

    I don’t really watch tv at all, I prefer to read, but I do love Christmas music (with the exception of one Dutch song about a boy whose rabbit became Christmas Dinner, and the revenge he took on his father). And I can read Christmas themed books all year long. For me, December is the busiest month of the year at work, meaning lots of working overtime, and little time to get the feeling it is almost Christmas. I do love sending Christmas cards all over the world though 🙂

  18. Candace

    I guess I”m kind of the opposite. I don’t really have the urge to read Christmas books but I don’t know why. I guess I do sometimes, but not often. I have read some that were really good too. I do like Christmas movies but don’t really watch many. I do love holiday themed things so I don’t know why I’m not into them more.

  19. Berls

    Yes, but to a lesser degree. I’m all about the sappy Christmas movies and totally watch A Christmas Story and A Christmas Carol. I usually pick up a couple holiday books, but that’s it. For me, its the decorating, the music, the baking, and the gift wrapping. I get so into it! And I think its those things because growing up not celebrating Christmas, those were the things I missed most. I could sneak s holiday book or movie. But you can’t secretly sing & hang up decorations! I say embrace it, at least you’re not a scrooge!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      LOL I do all that too especially the baking..cookies, pies, fudge, candy etc.

  20. kindlemom1

    I do this as well and lately I have been watching holiday movies like crazy but I have only read like two books! I so need to get more.

  21. Donna C

    Well I’m such a sucker for book covers that of course I’m going to go wild over all the Christmas books. They are always such great covers! I got so excited when the peppermint mocha showed up at my Dunkin’ Donuts, I almost jumped out the car window….lol! I like the TV movies, but if I can keep myself from turning them on, I can usually stay away from that temptation.

  22. Angela Adams

    I read Christmas books all year long. I remember one year reading a Christmas book on St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for the post.

  23. Stormi

    Normally I am watching and reading Christmas themed things but for some reason this Christmas I am just a big old Scrooge or Grinch. 🙁 I have holiday reads I need to read but I just can’t seem to jump into them and I haven’t watched one movie yet!! :-0

  24. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I do love those sappy Lifetime movies that repeat the same Christmas movies every year, with the occasional new ones. And I adore the decorations, even though mine are pretty minimal.

    But—now don’t judge—I am a soap fan, and they do the best holidays ever! From the decor in their homes, to their gatherings, to the music! I could sob along with them all…and yes, I guess that makes me a holiday addict too!

    Thanks for the post…love it!

  25. Cynthia

    I love all the Christmas movies! And sorry, but A Christmas Story is tradition for me. I love it. 🙂 I also love How the Grinch Stole Christmas (both animated and live action with Jim Carrey). It’s the most wonderful time of the year. 🙂

  26. Katherine

    I’m not so big on the sappy movies but that’s more because I don’t really love movies in general. I can watch hours of TV but committing to a 2 hour movie makes me twitchy. But the books! I’m in fluffy snowy Christmas romance heaven over here. I’m looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I didn’t love last year’s but they’re usually my favorite episodes. The Doctor, The Witch and the Wardrobe is probably my favorite though there are so many amazing ones it’s hard to choose!

  27. Sophia Rose

    Yep, I have the same Seasonal Disorder. I start reading the Christmasies before Thanksgiving, but then we start adding in the movies, CDs and favorite treats. I usually don’t tolerate sugary and sappy stories and movies, but this time of the year all bets are off. 😉

  28. The Brunette Bookworm

    Great post :). I’m so there with you! I LOVE Christmas themed everything too, romances, movies (Home Alone and Elf are my personal favorites :), music, coffee, cookies, and on and on and on….these things make me happy and really get me in the holiday spirit :).

  29. Melanie Simmons

    I’m not a huge fan of Christmas stuff, but I do have my favorites. Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and yes, A Christmas Story (but that is more for #1 than me and he is limited to watching it once when TBS shows it for 24 hours). We did watch the Doctor Who special last year too with the snowmen. #1 is more of the Whovian than I am, but I do watch the shows most of the time.

  30. Glass

    Oh, Kim… I understand you completely. I don’t celebrate Christmas and even I get a little crazy in December every year.
    That cover is really pretty – holiday or no holiday. 🙂

  31. Trish

    I love all the Christmas movies too and I hate sappy movies but come Christmas, that is all I want. And I love the Christmas advertisements too, it’s the only time of year I don’t channel hop during the breaks. The funny thing is I don’t really like Christmas but the books, movies and adverts put me into the mood a little bit.

  32. Diana Leigh

    Haha, yes. I love Christmas-y books and movies too. My favorite is a heartwarming (and sexy) contemporary romance. A Virgin River Christmas. *sigh*

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Diana…I set my holiday season by the Virgin River holiday books each year. The tree lighting ceremony got me in the mood. I cried when it all ended.

  33. Alreem

    no I don’t have this feeling or problem ,, I love holidays seriesly because holiday means more time to read and read and read ,,, I love it when the family come together and have fun but seriesly that can become annoying as well so it is always 50/50 chance when it come to holidays 😀

  34. Jennifer Bielman

    Nope, not me. I use to love the holidays, but for some reason, the love slowly faded throughout the years and now they feel like every other day. So no special books or shows. Though I love the Doc Who special.

  35. Red Iza

    I love “the” phone box 😉 I’m not big on Christmas. I like a good meal and presents as much as the next girl, but that’s it. I like shiny decorations, though. I hate sappy movies. I’m a baaaaaaaaaaadass lol ! Yet I did a big effort this year, I’m going to read and review a Christmas boxed set of books 😉

    • kimbacaffeinate

      LOL…my point exactly…I don’t really like sappy movies either and like to think I am a little badass..hehe. This time of year I get weird.

  36. Melliane

    Oh that’s nice, they look perfect for christmas! I don’t do theme books because I have too many too read but it’s fun!

  37. Christy

    You know I’m a grinch when it comes to the books. HOWEVER … my TV tends to stay on the Hallmark and ABC channels all December. I don’t even watch what’s on most of the time. I just have it on, so I’m not even paying attention. But I like to have those Christmas movies playing in the background of my life. lol – I’m just weird like that. Until it comes to It’s a Wonderful Life. That is one of my top favorite movies of all time.

  38. Melissa

    For me it’s the Christmas cozies…and I’m ready for Christmas the day after Halloween! Completely agree on the movies too, especially Hallmark and my favorite Muppet Christmas Carol. Peppermint mochas rock too 😉

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Glad I am not alone Melissa 🙂 Oh peppermint mocha is divine.