Sunday Post #493 Busy, Busy, Busy!

October 10th, 2021 Kimberly Sunday Post 45 Comments

10th Oct
Sunday Post

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We have been helping our daughter move since Thursday and I look like someone took a baseball bat to my legs and inner arms! Does anyone else bruise easily? I have six reviews to write today and need to get them done so I am ready for the Fraterfest RAT. Clayton is doing better tummy wise and his cough is finally loosening. Yesterday my husband took him to Monster Jam, and he had a blast. Elbow hugs! Stay Caffeinated.

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45 Responses to “Sunday Post #493 Busy, Busy, Busy!”

  1. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

    Glad Clayton is doing better!
    I don’t bruise easily at all but when I bruise I BRUISE. It’s something to see, lol. After moving everything for my new flooring this summer (then putting it back again) I looked like I’d survived a RTA or fall from a great height!

    I hope your daughter settles into her new home quickly. 🙂

  2. Katherine

    So glad Clayton’s tummy issues are getting better and that he had fun at monster jam. I don’t bruise easily but I get sore and worn out easily so I don’t envy you helping your daughter move. I hope you are able to relax this week!

  3. MarthaE

    I bruise up a bit but my hubby is really getting to the point of many bruises. Older, thinner skin.
    I hope Clayton is fully well soon.
    I’m looking forward to Fraterfest too.
    Have a good week and enjoy some spooky reading!

  4. Ethan

    I don’t bruise easily, but I do constantly find little cuts on my hands and arms with no recollection of where they came from. After all the moving, you’re going to need a nice long break!

    Ethan recently posted: The Chain by Adrian McKinty
  5. Wendy Williams

    I’m so glad Clayton is feeling better. I feel your pain about moving, we moved our son last week and it was painful! Happy Reading

  6. Lover of Romance

    oh I definitely know the feeling when you are behind on reviews….hope the writing goes smoothly and efficiently and I love seeing that Rebecca Zanetti book on your shelf.

  7. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I hear you on the busy, busy. I also bruise and have no idea how I got them usually. I’m glad Clayton’s better. I hate the start of moving but I love getting everything organized where it goes after you are in the new place. I’m interested to see it looks like a new Zanetti series. I didn’t like her Anna Albertini one. Have a great week!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Series on Saturday: Demons & Devils
  8. Lisa Mandina

    Glad Clayton is feeling better! I don’t bruise really easily, but I do end up with bruises and have no idea how I got them sometimes! Have a great week!

  9. bookworm

    Glad he’s feeling better. I bruise easy too, mainly my legs for some reason. Yay for Fraterfest. Happy reading this week.

  10. Sophie

    I am glad to know that Clayton is finally feeling better! And I hope that next week all your bruises will have disappeared. I don’t bruise easily, lucky me! Have a great week Kimberly.

  11. sjhigbee

    Annddd – I’m glad to hear that Clayton is recovering. Arnica is fabulous for those bruises – and in the meantime, I hope you can take some time out from your busy schedule to read some good books, Kimberly:).

  12. sjhigbee

    Urg! Carrying boxes… lugging furniture items… oh yes – I can relate, as I also bruise easily. The worst time I moved my daughter was when she lived five floors up and there was no lift – and it was high summer!

  13. Sophia Rose

    Funny, you mention the bruises. I was just admiring one on my leg and wondering how I got it. I bruise easily, too. Glad Clayton is feeling better and able to go out for a good time with grandpa. Cheering you on for your review writing fest. 🙂
    That new Rebecca Zanetti looks good.

    Have a good week, Kimberly!

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Sunday Post – 10 October 2021
  14. Mareli @ Elza Reads

    Hi Kimberly! First of all – my new blog is up and kind of running! Still need to do a lot, but I am getting there!!! THANK YOU for the inspiration and all the help… I might have to call on you again. I do still get stuck with the UBB a bit.

    Oh yes, I bruise terribly easy as well. But I am on chronic blood thinners, so it does make it worse.

    I so desperately want to read The Last House on Needless street. Jealous here!!

    I will DEFINITELY join Fraterfest and will have my linkup ready within the next day or two.

    Have a good week ahead!

    Mareli @ Elza Reads recently posted: The Sunday Post #51
  15. A Voracious Reader

    I go around doing my things then later when I shower find bruises. I never remember what it was exactly I did. Unless it really hurts at the time I did it. lol {{{posivibes}}} for Clayton.

  16. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Glad to hear Clayton is feeling better! I bruise very easily too. If I knock a knee or elbow into a table I’ll have a big ugly bruise there an hour later.

    Nice new reads! These are all new to me ones but I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  17. Lola

    Moving is a pain, I hope it all goes smoothly. Sorry to hear about your arms and leg bruising. That’s good new to hear Clayton is doing better. I hope you’ll have a great week.

  18. Dianthaa

    Good luck writing your review, hope you enjoy the Last House on Needless Street, heard lots of great stuff about it.

  19. Emily

    Enjoyed reading your post. Moving isn’t easy and I have only done it once in my life! Good luck with your reviews!

  20. Tessa

    I bruise easily but I have to take blood thinners for a clotting issue – so that’s why. But, I hope yours heal quickly. I definitely know how sore they can be. Enjoy The Last House on Needless Street. It’s one uber-wild ride. Have a great week ❤️

  21. SJ

    Glad to hear he’s feeling better and had fun at Monster Jam. Good luck with the reviews. Hope you have a good week. I’m looking forward to Fraterfest RAT, have my books lined up and everything!!

  22. Juli @ A Universe in Words

    One of my housemates is currently moving out and yes, bruises abound! Good luck with Fraterfest and have a lovely rest of your weekend!

  23. Ailyn Koay

    lovely covers! no, unless someone did hit you with the furniture equivalent of a baseball bat. probably should rule out blood disorders? i know some people are quite prone to bruising though

  24. Louise Hallett

    Another “bruiser” here. In fact only last week I jokingly asked my if he had been pinching me in my sleep because I had 7 bruises but in really odd places. One was on my shoulder, another near my wrist – I don’t even notice the ones on my legs as there is always at least one per limb.

  25. Lorna

    If I had 6 reviews to write in one day I probably would just quit. I can’t imagine. That’s a lot of writing and correcting etc. I bruise easy and have all my life. I tend to forget how I get them. Right now I have one that starts at the tip of my foot and goes to the bottom of my foot. Not big but I can’t remember doing anything to my foot! Senior moments are so fun. Not.

  26. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Oh, wow, I also easily bruise. When I moved, I had several afterwards and had no memory of how they happened!

    I’m glad Clayton is feeling better.

    Enjoy your books and your week!

  27. Greg

    Glad Clayton is doing better. And moving- fun times huh? It gets harder as we get older I think. 🙂

    Have fun with Frater and hope you have a great week. 🙂