Sunday Post #459 Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2021 Kimberly Sunday Post 56 Comments

14th Feb
Sunday Post

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We are in a bitter freeze with snow and more snow. Schools are closed Monday already for President’s Day, but they cancelled trash collection because of dangerous temperatures, something that hasn’t happened in the 15 years we have lived here. Hope it is warmer where you are. Elbow hugs! Stay Caffeinated.

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  • The Last Tiara By M.J. Rose (guest post, book review)
  • Heat Stroke By Rachel Caine Dina Pearlman (audio review)
  • Widow’s Island: Below The Bones & A Broken Bone (audio review)
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56 Responses to “Sunday Post #459 Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Lorna

    I know you’ve been having a lot of bad weather lately. We keep getting warned of bad weather and then it’s nowhere near what they scare us about. I hope you kept your power. Here’s hoping for better weather for you!

  2. Tizzy

    It’s been cold here too, but luckily it’s starting to thaw out a bit now. Hope it will get warmer for you this week too. Hope you enjoy your new books.

  3. Vidya

    hope it gets warmer for you soon.. We have the whole week off (not because of weather but a regular week long break that got added to the school schedule in our district a few years ago due to funding issues)..

  4. MarthaE

    I sure won’t complain about our weather.
    I see you have some new titles I have been eyeing like The Rose Code and The Last Goodbye.
    Stay warm and enjoy your reading!

  5. Jinjer

    Ohmygosh how cold is it??? It’s 11F right now at almost 10pm and I got a text saying our trash truck WILL be coming to pick up the trash in the morning. Not looking forward to dragging the cans to the curb at 7am that’s for sure. LOL

    Jinjer recently posted: Waiting For The Snow
  6. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I hope the weather warms up there. I will never forget 2013 in Minnesota where the temperature didn’t get above -10 between Dec 26 and March 2. It was bitterly cold and unending. They didn’t have school Jan 2, and 3 because when kids would be out for the bus it would be -25 or so. But after 2 days they just started having school anyway. At least now they have remote learning a lot of places. I’ll look forward to your thoughts on Quiet in Her Bones because I liked it a lot.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Series on Saturday: LOVE is LOVE
  7. Sophia Rose

    Yep, snow and cold here, too. I’ve got my shovel handy and the bucket of salt ready to go for tonight. 🙂
    Nice haul. I got Betwixt and Quiet in Her Bones, too.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Kimberly!

  8. Mary Kirkland

    It’s definitely warmer here but the wind has been a real problem. It knocked out power in some places, tree’s have been uprooted, signs blew down and power lines have been knocked over all in 2 days.

    Mary Kirkland recently posted: Apartment Life #239
  9. Carla

    Happy Valentine’s Day Kimberly. It has been cold here as well, but not as cold as you have had it. It is the wind that made it so tough. I hope it gets better, the sun comes out and you get a bit of a warm up. Have a great week.

  10. Maya @herbookishdesires

    Happy Valentine’s Day! It is pretty cold where I live as well and we are supposed to get 11 inches of snow on Monday. Not really looking forward to that ? I hope you and your family are staying warm, safe and healthy!

  11. Lisa Mandina

    I need to check out The Last Goodbye, it sounds good. I liked Layla when I read it. I’ll have to read your review to see how the audiobook was. Have a great week!

  12. ShootingStarsMag

    It’s pretty crazy cold and snowy here. We got a lot last week and tonight we’re supposed to get a TON so we shall see how that goes!! Stay warm and safe!


  13. jessicabookworm

    We have just had a very cold week too, with snow every night, although probably not as cold as you can get! ? I hope it warms up for you soon! Take care and happy reading, Kimberly ?

  14. Stormi Johnson

    The weather is super crazy cold! We can’t keep our house warm, it’s not been this bad in southwest Missouri in years! I am so over winter. Our water froze and probably won’t unthaw till Wednesday, part of country living I am not a fan of. 🙁

    Have a great week and stay warm!

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #339
  15. Emma @ Words And Peace

    wow, had not heard of trash collection cancelled because of the cold. Though in Chicagoland the real feel is -20 F today, so we cancelled Church! But looks like things are warming up starting Saturday. I can’t wait

  16. Lola

    We had a very cold week here too with snow and freezing temperatures. It did look pretty at least! I hope you’re all staying warm and doing well!

  17. Berls

    Well I’m sure we’re warmer than you are, but we’re also dealing with record lows for Dallas. We’re in the teens today and anticipating single digits… breaking February records for something like 100 years. I cannot wait for it to warm up! Have a great week!

  18. A Voracious Reader

    Yikes! Hubby is heading back to Iowa tomorrow where it’s in the negatives. We’re in the 30s. Hope it warms up soon for you!

    I have Betwixt to read from KU. I just need to get to it. Have a great week, Kim!

  19. sjhigbee

    It’s been bitterly cold here too, as the Beast from the East has been blowing through. Though not to the extent that you’re suffering! Let’s hope the coming week is warmer for both of us. In the meantime, let’s hunker down with some good books…

  20. Natalie @Natflix&Books

    I just woke up to my husband saying not to go outside because of an ice storm and we have snow in the forecast. Definitely ready for winter to be over. Happy reading!

  21. Mareli @ Elza Reads

    Hi Kimberley! It’s as hot as hell in our little coastal town in South Africa! But today is a bit better. Not complaining at all. I’m not good with cold weather.

    Very excited for the new Kate Quinn, looking forward to your thoughts.

    Have a good week and Happy Valentines Day!

    Mareli @ Elza Reads recently posted: The Sunday Post #29
  22. Victoria

    Today we got a few more inches of snow and now overnight the low is -6 F booo- best to stay indoors, read a book, and drink copious amounts of hot cocoa! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  23. Tessa

    It’s been up and down here. I don’t envy you at all! Stay warm inside ? and read a book set in the summer.

  24. Greg

    It’s been cold here too although the snow has died down a little. Hope you’re able to stay warm this weekend and have a nice extra long one.

  25. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I hope your weather warms up a bit. I am eyeing your books, and hope to read my copy of Layla soon.

    I loved The Wrong Family.

    Enjoy the long weekend and the books on your shelves.