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May 3rd, 2020 Kimberly Sunday Post 66 Comments

3rd May
Sunday Post

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For the month of April I read/listened to twenty-two books. (2 were children’s books for Nonna’s Corner) I am sitting at 82/200 for my Goodreads 2020 Challenge and forty-six for the Audiobook Challenge.

We had some warm weather on Friday & Saturday. The Royals filled their pool and enjoyed a 6 Ft Unicorn Sprinkler. The sandbox is in full use once again. I have struggled all week with swollen joints and ankles. Which resulted in horrible leg and foot cramps. When it happens, I look like a scene from a horror flick. My toes and arc extend backwards towards me and it’s very painful. If I can keep my feet up I am. Elbow hugs – Stay Caffeinated.

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  • Deeplight By Frances Hardinge (audio review)
  • Baptism Of Fire By Andrzej Sapkowski (audio review)
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66 Responses to “Sunday Post #419 Sunshine”

  1. RO

    Elbow hugs right back atcha Kimberly, and I sure hope you’re feeling much better these days. Yay to sand castles! RO

    • Kimberly

      My kids are adults and we have the Royals here half the time because their parents are divorced. However I read at night and listen to audiobooks into the wee hours. Since I work from home I roll out of bed late, grab coffee and park my butt behind my laptop ??

  2. Katherine

    Ouch! I get foot cramps where my toes pull up and it’s incredibly painful but thankfully it only lasts for a little while. I hope you are able to really rest your legs and the swelling and pain gets better. The unicorn sprinkler sounds like such fun! I’m sure the Royals are thrilled with it! Have a great week!

  3. sjhigbee

    I woke up at 3 am and realised that I’d forgotten to comment! Sorry about that – a real middle-aged moment… And I am so sorry for the cramps – I went through a phase of waking up with cramping in my right foot night after night. And yes… my toes were pointing upwards! I hope it eases up soon.

  4. Tyler H. Jolley

    Sorry you’re having a flare up. Hopefully this warm weather will make it more manageable. You’re going to crush your goal of 200! Way to go Kimba. Elbow hugs, hope you have a great week!

  5. shooting

    I’m sorry to hear about your joint and ankle cramps. Those sound painful and just annoying in general. I hope you are feeling better – or will be soon! We got some nicer weather here on Saturday, which is always needed!


  6. Lorna

    I get those cramps in my feet and lower legs and it’s horrible. One time I got one in my foot that turned my foot into a sideshow and scared me how deformed it got. My Dad got them and the doctor prescribed Magnesium and it helped. I usually get bananas and the potassium in them help me. My friend swears by mustard sandwiches while in the middle of a cramp but I figure it would feel better by the time she gets it made and eaten anyway! I say eat lots of potassium. Hopefully it feels better soon. Oh, and ice on the joints until you can’t feel the pain of the ice anymore! That’s a lot of books read! I’m not doing near that well!

  7. Beena Khan

    I hope you feel better 🙂 Stay safe and, 22 books wow. That is amazing. Hope you are able to enjoy the nice weather outside.

  8. Nise' (Under the Boardwalk)

    Hope you are feeling better quickly. We were teased with warm sunny weather. Cooler weather is one the way. Grrr. Looking forward to the Griffin and MacLean books.

  9. MarthaE

    It sounds like you’re doing fine on your reading.
    I am glad your weather is getting better so you and the Royals can enjoy outside time.
    I don’t know if it would help, but I put a bar of soap in the bed covers at my feet and it helps keep leg cramps away. Strange I know but it works for me. If I feel a crap coming on I put my foot right on the soap and the cramp eases away.
    Stay safe, pain free and enjoy your reading!

  10. Lover of Romance

    LEG cramps are the worst. I ocassionally get them if I don’t stretch on a regular basis so I feel you. Hope you are feeling better and recovering. It can be painful. And what great books you received there.

  11. Carole

    I bet that your grandkids really had a good time outside in the nice weather. I am sorry to hear that you have been in pain and I hope you start feeling better very soon. Nice new reads this week. Lauren Blakely is always fun and I had a great time with Starbreaker. The Sarah MacLean book is calling to me as well. Have a great week!

  12. vidya

    all new books and authors for me except Sarah McLean and I have Daring the Duke on my TBR as well currently

  13. Sophia Rose

    Yay for kiddie pool temps, but boo for swollen limbs. 🙂 Enjoy kicking back with one of your new books.

  14. Anna @ Scones & Tomes

    I’m sorry that you’re going through so much pain Kimberly! I hope you’re able to keep your feet up as much as possible and that you start feeling better soon! The unicorn sprinkler sounds fantastic!

  15. Laurie

    I am really curious for Aurora Burning!

    Wow, you read a lot in one week. I don’t think I can write a review for Aurora Burning already, how do you manage that so soon after its release? Do you listen to audio on high speed?

    Laurie recently posted: The Sunday Post | May 3, 2020
  16. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    The unicorn sprinkler sounds like fun! I’m sure the kids loved it. I’m sorry to hear about your joints and feet. I hope that eases up soon. Well done on the Goodreads challenge. I’m behind on mine, but not too badly — I caught up quite a bit over the last two weeks, so now I’m only about 5 books behind.

  17. Sophie

    I am so sorry that you are experincing such pains Kimberly! I hope next week will be better for you!

  18. Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra

    Ouch, that sounds so painful. I hope that you’re able to keep your feet up and get some relief this week. We had a lot of rain this week, although yesterday was lovely. I’m still happy for the warm weather though, even with the rain. I was just so over winter this year, lol.

  19. jessicabookworm

    Kim, I am so sorry to hear you have been in pain with swelling and cramps in your legs and feet – I really hope it subsides soon and you can start to feel more normal again. But wow, 22 books is an unbelievable amount! Keep up that reading!

    jessicabookworm recently posted: Sunday Reflection | 3rd May 2020
  20. Flora

    I love the sound of a unicorn sprinkler! Fabulous! Sorry to hear that your joints have been playing up though, I hope it starts to ease up.

  21. Erin @ Cracker Crumb Life

    I am sorry to hear you are in pain! 🙁 Hopefully you feel better soon.

    I will have to check out the witch books you mentioned, I am all about those right now. Lol.

  22. Michelle@Because Reading

    That is a great amount of book you read for April. I wish I would get into reading that much in one month, I am trying 🙂

    Ouch about your feet and ankles, yes, keep them up as much as possible. Maybe relax in the pool with the unicorn sprinkler, lol . I saw the pictures it was so cute! I am glad they Royals had a great time.

    I hope this week is awesome for you, Kim! Long distance hug! xx

    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted: The Sunday Post ~ Slowly coming back :) ~ Week in READview!
  23. Lillian @ Mom with a Reading Problem

    22 books is awesome! We’ve had some warm weather here this week too. I can’t get my little man out though. His anxiety about everything going on is through the roof. Baby steps for him. I’m sorry about the swelling and cramps. That sounds so painful. Keep them up as much as you can. ? Hope you have a great week!

    Lillian @ Mom with a Reading Problem recently posted: Sunday Post #199 – April ’20 in Review
  24. Lola

    That’s nice you got through 22 books this month. I read 12 books this month. Sounds fun that the Royal enjoyed the warmer weather. Sorry to hear about your painful joints and ankles, that sounds painful, I hope you’re feeling better soon. Enjoy your new books and have a great week!

  25. Stormi Johnson

    Sorry to hear about your aches and pains, hope they go away soon! Glad you had a warm up and the little ones could play in the pool! We had a couple of hot days here too!

    Stay safe and happy reading!

  26. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Ow. That sounds painful. I hope it heals up soon! That’s nice that the Royals got to enjoy the weekend! Seems like it was nice weather all around this weekend! It was a little too warm for me yesterday, but I’m used to being miserable from May-about late September! Lol. That’s usually the length of summer weather here!

    Nice new reads! Some new to me ones here! I did pick up Starbreaker too! Though I still want to finish her first series and then read the first book to this one! Thought it best to have them all at the ready! Hope you enjoy all the new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  27. bookworm

    I hope your joints feel better, that sounds painful!
    We are enjoying the warmer weather now also. Happy reading this week!

  28. Cindy

    I hope that you feel better soon and enjoy your new arrivals. I love Lauren Blakely’s books and devour anything by her. Have a great week!

  29. Rita @ Books Are My Comfort Zone

    Sorry for your pain, I feel ya, or at least have similar issues that flare up. We are finally having warm weather that doesn’t include rain, though I think that’s coming back soon. I’m going to buy my saplings for my vegetable garden today.

    I hope that you have a great month with fantastic books to read. I’ve been on a reading jag the past few weeks. After processing all the news has to offer, I’ve finally relaxed enough to enjoy my books.

  30. Amy

    We had awful weather at the end of April, it felt more like November than April, but May has been kind to us so far.

    The swollen joints and cramps sound awful! I hope you feel better soon.

    Amy recently posted: The Sunday Post #149
  31. Tressa @ Wishful Endings

    That makes me cringe just thinking about it, Kimberly! I hope this week is less painful! I get really swollen if I sit or stand too long, so being at the computer a lot is really bad for me. I genetically have really terrible circulation, which I didn’t know about until I had babies (I blew up so bad) and then as I’ve gotten older it gets worse. If only our bodies still felt like when we were 20… lol!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings recently posted: Weekly Update #365, another 13 days of quarantine...
  32. Laurel-Rain Snow

    So sorry about your painful joints and ankles! Hope you feel better soon.

    Congrats on all those books read, though, and all the fun the kids are having.

    Stay safe and well!

  33. Laura Thomas

    I know just how those cramps feel, Kimberly. I have to stand and run around for so many hours each day at work. After about 4 days in a row, I wake up with curled toes and cramps so bad I almost cry. One thing that helps is keeping a bar of Ivory soap under the sheets in bed. I put my foot towards it when I feel a cramp and it actually seems to stop them. That’s if I’m awake and catch the cramp early.

  34. Rachel

    Oh bummer about your swollen joints and ankles! Leg cramps are the worst! I sprained my ankle last Thursday so I’m struggling with my own ankle issues. Hope yours improves!

    I got a copy of Hidden as well. Hope we both love it! 🙂

    Rachel recently posted: Sunday Post #73
  35. Greg

    Oh no that sounds awful! Hope you are able to feel better soon and the pain subsides. Does not sound fun. Glad the Royals got to enjoy some pool time though. It was nice here today too…

    Take care this week Kimba and be well!