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November 10th, 2019 Kimberly Sunday Post 48 Comments

10th Nov
Sunday Post

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The dentist decided to add another appointment to the surgeries I have been having. Did I tell you I am so over this? LOL This was a hard week, but it ended with the start of the HoHoHoRAT and I am making the most of it, cold weather and all! Stay Caffeinated!

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  • Spellbound By Dannika Dark (audio review)
  • Restless Rancher By Jennifer Ryan (review)
  • It’s A Charmed Life By Selene Charles (audio review)
  • Cowboy Wolf Trouble By Kait Ballenger (review)
  • Wolves And The River Of Stone By Eric R. Asher (audio review)
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Click to learn more: From Alaska with Love by Ally James, A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh, The Janes by Louisa Luna

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48 Responses to “Sunday Post #394 Readathon”

  1. Tyler H. Jolley

    More surgeries? I”m so sorry. I’m sure you have a great dentist, but it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion (if you haven’t already.)

  2. Berls

    Ugh! The dentist is probably my least favorite medical stop and to have it extended with another visit does not sound fun. I hope this is it! Loving my ho-ho-ho books, hopefully your xmas reading is offsetting the not-so-good elements of the week. And hope this week is much better!

  3. Lorna

    Dental surgery is horrible. Other than pulled teeth, I’ve only actually had a dental surgery once. Brutal. So I can’t imagine what you are going through with all these. Also, I so need to write my review of Spell Bound. Lazy and forgetful. My two new middle names!

  4. MarthaE

    Not fun having dental work but it is probably good to get it taken care of.
    From Alaska has such a cute cover.
    I’m having fun with the #HoHoHo so far.
    Happy Reading!

  5. Melanie Simmons

    I’m definitely going to grab that Nalini Singh book, but I’ll wait for the audio. I’m sorry you’re still dentist stuff. I know how you feel. The beginning of the year, I couldn’t go two weeks without seeing a doctor of some kind. I’m so glad I’m down to a lot less now. I hope you get the dentist thing taken care of quickly.

    Melanie Simmons recently posted: Sixx by Cara Bristol
  6. Sophia Rose

    Oh man when my final dental surgery hit in September I was so glad. Hopefully, I’ll go years without that stuff again. Wishing you well, there.

    Yay for HoHoHoRAT! Thanks for doing it again.

    I got that cute From Alaska With Love One and Madness About Sunshine, too.

    Thanks for sharing our Reader Mojo post! 🙂

    Have a great week, Kimberly!

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Review: Lake Silence by Anne Bishop
  7. Vicki

    Dentists are never fun. Hopefully you’ll be done with all that soon.
    I’m going to look for a copy of Alaska with Love.

  8. Sophie

    I am sorry to hear about the dentist Kimberly! Now on a nother note I see that you’ve had some great reads this week!


    Hope your dental woes are over soon. I am totally over the cold already and there is more snow on the way 🙁

    Try to have some fun this week! 🙂

  10. Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    I’m sorry you’re going through a lot of dental surgery. Going to the dentist is really much fun, but when surgery is added in it’s definitely NOT fun. I hope you’re done with it or will be soon.

    I hope this next week if a better one, Kimberly. I need to check out some of your reviews since you have books and/or authors I’m interested in!

    Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic recently posted: Sunday Post: To Indiana
  11. Lola

    Sorry to hear you need to have another dentist appointment. I hate going to the dentist, so that sounds horrible to me how many visits you had there lately. Good luck and have a great week!

  12. A Voracious Reader

    Oh, man. I hate to hear that about the dentist. Ugh. But you will prevail! I hope it warms up for you! We’ve been kinda chilly here, but it’s supposed to warm a little for a few days then drop again. Yuck. lol

  13. sjhigbee

    I remember my grandmother telling me that her mother paid for her to have all her teeth taken out when she was thirty two and a set of dentures fitted so stop her having to cope with all the toothache, etc she endured. She always claimed it was one of her best presents, ever… As I battle with failing fillings and chipped teeth and astronomical dentist bills, I do wonder if she was right, after all… I hope the dentistry goes smoothly, Kimberly! Have a great week.

  14. Maire @ Stringchronicity

    So sorry to hear about your dental issues! There’s got to be a light at the end of that tunnel.
    Hooray for HoHoHo RAT? Every time I see that acronym, I think of Terry Pratchett’s Death of Rats and the book Hogfather…

  15. Greg

    Good luck with the HoHoHo RAT! I hate going to the dentist more than just about anything lol.

  16. Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

    Sorry about all the dental problems Kim! I hope that will be behind you very soon.
    It’s getting colder here, too, and the mountain tops had a nice cover on snow on Thursday, but it’s gone again today.
    I loved A Madness of Sunshine and can’t wait to see what you think of it.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms recently posted: Weekend Wrap-up #295
  17. Sumedha

    Ah I hate too many doctors visits. I’ve been having many of them myself recently. I hope your visits reduce soon! Take care!

  18. Maureen @ Maureen’s Books

    That really sucks Kimberly! I hope you’re dentist appointments are over soon!
    I’m loving HoHoHoRAT so far! I haven’t been able to read as much but still..
    Have a great week and happy reading!

  19. Jackie

    This time next week I will be recovering from dental surgery too. I know it’s no fun but I don’t feel so alone. I love the snowflakes!