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16th Oct

Are you looking for a dark, disturbing, addictive audiobook series? Are you a fan of the hit series Dexter? Then come meet Cosette and her group of young friends as author Atty Eve takes you on a journey into one young woman’s disturbed mind.

My Beautiful Suicide Series by Atta Eve

This series is a dark, twisted, unsettling tale. Though the main character is sixteen, it is definitely NOT for young teens. You’ve been warned.

My Beautiful Suicide

My Beautiful Suicide #1

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Suicide is selfish.

It tells the world that you are weak. It tells the world your family and friends have failed. It leaves them with guilt that they could have done more but didn’t. It tells them they are clueless and helpless.

I am weak, but I am not selfish.

My suicide will not leave my family and friends with guilt and shame; it will leave them thankful that they knew me for the short time I was here.” – Cosette Hugo

Her brother died. Her parents divorced. Her high school bully is relentless. Cosette doesn’t have a lot to live for, but it isn’t until she accidentally kills someone that Cosette makes the decision to take her own life. Unwilling to bring shame to her mom, best friend Mattie, or her boyfriend Chris, Cosette decides the best method of suicide is to become a victim of the local serial killer, The Poser. But every time she goes out to find him she gets attacked; her instincts take over, and she ends up killing her attackers. This quickly leads to unbearable guilt. Desperate to finish this before she gets caught or racks up more victims, Cosette does the unthinkable.

“And when I reach my final goal, to meet my brother in heaven, and we’re looking down at my victim in Hell, he will say to me ‘Well done, Cosette. What a Beautiful Suicide.”

Controlling Cosette

My Beautiful Suicide #2

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Cosette Hugo thought she had fulfilled her wish for a beautiful suicide…but she survived. As she begins the slow road to recovery, the guilt of what she has done has become overwhelming. She vows to put her murderous alter ego, Bonnie, behind her forever.

In order to do this, Cosette must rescue Hilda and keep the truth about Hilda’s kidnapping a secret. During the rescue things go wrong, and Cosette is forced to kill again. This wakes up Bonnie, now stronger than ever. Tired of the inside turmoil, Cosette has to decide who is going to be in control.

How to Kill a Pedophile

My Beautiful Suicide #3

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Now in control, Cosette focuses her addiction. After feeling the sting of betrayal, she makes her kills a little more public, and the public loves her for it! Mattie prays Cosette will come to her senses, but it’s an uphill battle with new friends joining Cosette’s family. Now with the public cheering on Louisville’s Vigilante, or Double V as she has come to be known, Cosette has no plans to stop. As a matter of fact, she has a goal for her addiction: take out Kentuckian’s pedophile population. Protected by a rogue cop, loved by the media, supported by her friends, what could go wrong?

Stupid, Stupid Girl

My Beautiful Suicide #4

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Stupid, Stupid Girl, the fourth and final chapter in the My Beautiful Suicide series, has taken an even darker turn.

It’s a lot of work to kill off Kentuckiana’s pedophile population. Cosette and her Miserables dig deep into the world of kidnappers, drug dealers, and child sex traffickers. It’s a downward spiral she might never recover from, but no one wants her to – she is, after all, a hero.

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Praise for the Audiobooks


“Thriller- in spades!”Patty H.

“…Cruel Intentions meets Pretty Little Liars meets Heathers.”Audiobook Addicts


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