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July 28th, 2019 Kimberly Sunday Post 53 Comments

28th Jul
Sunday Post

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I’ve appreciated the emails, and messages, they’ve meant a lot and cheered me up. I am scheduled to attend Book Bonanza in August and seriously considered canceling. Mr. Caffeinated thought it might be good for me to take a mini vacation from our worries. And the plane ticket was nonrefundable, I am going to try to enjoy my friends and leave my worries at the gate. Work has been busy, which is good even if focusing is sometimes hard. I do have an appointment to see my family doctor this week, as the stress is getting to me. On the bright side our weather has been lovely this week. Stay Caffeinated!

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53 Responses to “Sunday Post #379”

  1. Stefanie

    I’ve been zooming through books it seems lately and today is a busy one with the kids and their teeth. The teen had to get her wires out and then I took them to the dentist for their appointments. Now they have to see her more often and brush more often. GTG and take the teen back to her ortho to get her wires put back in.

    Stefanie recently posted: Mortimer & Minerva 7
  2. Lizzy

    Hope things get better for you, you’ve been in my thoughts.

    So sorry and sad to hear about Grace. :'( I can’t imagine what her family is going through.

  3. vvb

    A break from things can do wonders. Hope yours is a good one. I’ll be going on one soon too.

  4. Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    I’m late to the Sunday Post party on Monday morning, but didn’t have internet yesterday!

    I’m so sorry to hear things are still stressful. I hope it gets better soon and that going to Book Bonanza will be relaxing and fun. Take good care of yourself.

    Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic recently posted: Sunday Post: July 28
  5. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    I’m sorry you are going through a rough patch. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know! Felicia added me to the FB message group for Book Bonanza. I’m not going to the con, but I think Anne asked for me to be added so I could meet up with you all if I get the chance. I have to check the dates of the con, because I can’t remember when it is. I hope I get to see everyone!

    Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict recently posted: Review ~ Midnight Unbound by Lara Adrian @Lara_Adrian
  6. Lindsi

    I’m sorry you’re going through something. July has been a horrible blogging month for me, since something personal happened and has been pretty distracting. I haven’t wanted to do anything, so I’ve thrown myself into activities with the kids. Seeing them happy makes me happy, and I can forget about everything else for a little while. Sending love and positive thoughts your way!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? ?

    Lindsi recently posted: The Sunday Post [24]
  7. MarthaE

    Sometimes a break helps when you are facing a lot of stress. And a book conference is always happy.
    I hope things improve for you.
    I have Fledgling from NetGalley. I enjoyed listening to the first book.
    Take care. My prayers continue for you and your family.

  8. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself, and Mr. Caffeinated is looking out for you. A trip to Book Bonanza sounds like a good break from the worries and stress.

    I was so sad to hear about Grace. She was much too young. Cancer sucks.

  9. Jessica at Booked J

    Gutted to hear about Grace’s passing. My thoughts, too, are with her family and friends. The whole community is going to miss her. So heartbreaking.

    I hope you have a nice time on your upcoming trip. Here’s to hoping it is relaxing, worthwhile and will take you away from any stress. If you need absolutely anything–no matter how mundane it is–let us know, okay? We’re all here for you.

    Jessica at Booked J recently posted: Sunday Post #4: The One With a Productive Posting Week
  10. Laurel-Rain Snow

    The Book Charmer is on my radar…thanks for sharing Enjoy your week.

    So sorry to hear about Grace. Our community will miss her.

  11. sjhigbee

    If you can get away, I think it might just give you a break that it sounds like you sorely need. Still thinking positive thoughts atcha…x

    I have recently finished reading Changeling and thoroughly enjoyed it – so I’m interested to see that you have the second book in the series Fledgeling – and that it is available in audio.

  12. Trish

    A break away from your worries is always good. Hope it helps. I’ve been so sad for Grace and family since I heard the news. She was a huge part of The Sunday Post, we’ll all miss her.

  13. Vi @Inkvotary

    Your husband is a smart guy. I hope you will enjoy your mini-vacation even though it might be hard for you to go there.
    Wishing you & your family all the best.

  14. Lover of Romance

    oh no darling….I am sorry to hear life has been so stressful for you. You need to take care of yourself and hope you get that self care time at the Book Bonanza!!! Much love and hugs your way.

  15. Flora

    Non-refundable and non-transferable must be fate’s way of saying that this upcoming trip to Book Bonanza is what you need, Kimberly. I’m glad you will be seeing your doctor and hope that something can be done to help.

    Take care of yourself, I hope you can immerse yourself in a great read this week and enjoy the rest of your weekend. XxXx

  16. Lola

    I hope the mini vacation helps and you can take a break from it all. That’s good you have plenty of work and the weather has been good at least. Have a great week!

  17. Anne

    I’m so sorry things have been rough for you. I AM looking so forward to seeing you at Book Bonanza. Today I will get the last load with a UHaul van. Yesterday, I cleared and vacuumed the second floor. Tomorrow the cleaners come and I need to take one more load to donate. But I felt such relief last night knowing I can actually finish today. I was getting worried. I’m behind on my ARCs but when I don’t have to spend most of the day hauling boxes I’ll catch up.

    I hope this week is much improved for you. I’ve been enjoying the better weather this past week, for sure. A little warmer this week but not too bad. Happy reading!

    Anne – Books of My Heart

  18. Vicki

    Sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time. I think the trip might be good for you as it will keep you busy. Sending you hugs!

  19. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope things get better for you soon. A vacation definitely sounds like a step in the right direction. I hope you will have a good time!

    Nice new reads too! Totally new to me ones. I hope you enjoy them both!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  20. Julie

    It might be difficult to relax, once your mind is at home, but you can try and see, maybe it is turns out really good!

  21. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

    The news about Grace was such a shock. My heart absolutely breaks for her husband and kids.

    I don’t know what’s causing you such stress at the moment but I hope it resolves soon. In the meantime, I hope your doctor can help. Enjoy Book Bonanza, sometimes leaving your problems at the door and sinking into a good distraction can shore up your reserves and keep you smiling for a little while longer.

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #70
  22. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

    The news about Grace broke me a little bit, so I can’t even start to imagine how hard it is for her family and close friends.
    I will hug you and cheer you up in Dallas, my dear. And you also know I’m only a DM away if you want to chat, right?

  23. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    I hope things get better Kim, and you are able to relax and enjoy your mini vacation with Mr. Caffeinated. So sad to hear about Grace. I’m saying a prayer for her family. Take care of yourself Kim. You’re in my thoughts.

  24. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    I’m sorry to hear about Grace, my thoughts are with her family.

    I’m sending all the positive vibes your way, and hope the stress eases up soon. That little mini-vacation might be just what you need, a little bit of a breather away from your troubles.

  25. Rachel

    I’m devastated to hear about Grace! I can’t believe it happened so fast. My heart goes out to her family! I’m sorry to hear you’re having troubles as well, Kimberly. I’m not sure what it is, but I hope you’re coping okay. A vacation from the stress sounds like a good idea. Take care!

  26. Siran

    I agree with mr. Caffeinated

    At the very least it can’t hurt

  27. Greg

    Aww hang in there Kimba. Sending positive vibes your way. And Book Bonanza sounds like a nice getaway. 🙂

    So sad about Grace. My heart goes out to her family.

    Take care and have a good week.