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September 30th, 2018 Kimberly Sunday Post 73 Comments

30th Sep

Sunday Post

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Fall has arrived with all its confusing glory. One never knows how to dress. I was out with the Royals walking and did notice some of the fall foliage. I love the fire red and golden leaves.  Tomorrow is my birthday and we have unplugged for the weekend. I spent most of the year believing I was already fifty-two so this birthday will be an easy one.  We did manage to see The House with a Clock in Its Walls. It was cute, and I admit I laughed a few times. I am REALLY excited about  The Crimes of Grindelwald releasing November 16th, and of course Doctor Who on October 8th. So many shows are starting back up for Fall.  Stay Caffeinated!

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73 Responses to “Sunday Post #336 Birthday Weekend”

  1. Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

    I am scrambling to get Supernatural season 13 watched before 14 starts this month. I’m probably going to be behind. I got a tv for my craft room so I can watch and work. Took a bit of haggling with DH to get the tv in there instead of him putting it outside. But I won! LOL

    I was thinking of doing Fraterfest, but my reading has been so slow (except my audiobooks) that I probably woudn’t get hardly anything read in the time frame. Work has been nuts. I didn’t even get to pick up my book ALL weekend. I was not a happy camper and will probably be grouchy all week!

  2. MarthaE

    Happy Happy Birthday! I used to be the younger person in the crowd but with the blogging community I am a true grandma!
    I am glad the weather has started to cool.
    I hope to get my HoHoHo post up later this week but I have so many reviews to catch up on too.
    Enjoy your week with cake and Happy Reading!

  3. Stefanie

    Happy birthday! What are you plans for today? I hope the day brought you nothing but smiles and warm fuzzy feelings. We are having cooler temps this week, 70 somethings, temps I can handle. But it’s been muggy with who-knows-when-it’ll-come rain.

    Stefanie recently posted: Paper 9 Play
  4. Tyler H. Jolley

    Happy birthday, Kimba! We had a pretty big milestone birthday at my house last week. My oldest turned 18. It was surreal. I hope you have a good week, you’ll have to let us know when you turn on the heater for real. 🙂

  5. Daniela Ark

    Funny! I do the same I start thinking I’m already whatever age I’m turning on a given year LOL Happy birthday Kim! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  6. S. J. Pajonas

    First up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I know what you mean about Fall weather. I have left the house several times in the last week either overdressed and hot or underdressed and cold. Time to start bringing cardigans everywhere!

    S. J. Pajonas recently posted: October 2018 Goals
  7. ERK 👑

    Crimes of Grindelwald seems really interesting! Although, I have kind of given up on Jo Rowling. All these new ‘additions’ and appropriations she is making is overwhelming.

    I love the fall colors! 🍁 I am loving all these bookstagram photos with red and orange leaves 😍

    ERK 👑 recently posted: September Wrap-Up
  8. ShootingStarsMag

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day. It’s not too fall-ish where I live, weather wise, but as long as it stops raining so much! LOL I’m excited for October though – lots of fun events, and I signed up for FraterFest!


  9. Tori @InToriLex

    I’m also struggling to dress now that it’s fall. That cover of Scribe has me wanting to check it out. Hope you have a great reading week.

  10. Sophia Rose

    Haha! Glad I’m not the only one who has to stop and think about my actual age. Enjoy that 52 for reals this time. Neat that you’re getting good fall color. Ours staying stubbornly green. Hope we don’t get one of those years where it all gets knocked off in a wind storm before it can change over.

    Oh yes, very nice haul! I got Rocky Mountain Christmas Cowboy, too. 🙂

    Missed that HoHoHoRAT sign up. Need to go visit that.

    Enjoy your birthday week, as my dad says. 😉

  11. Anne

    We’ve got some leaves falling but not much color yet. It’s still 80s here. I’m enjoying the cooler night though. I also got Rocky Mountain Christmas Cowboy and am trying to get organized for HoHoHoRat. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s the best. Anne – Books of My Heart

  12. Kathy @ My Nook, Books & More

    Fall is confusing for us in California too. We have warm weather and it’s hard to tell if the trees are changing color because of fall, the heat, or lack of watering lol. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your time unplugged. Have a great week!

  13. Erin @ Cracker Crumb Life

    We are bouncing around temps wise too! Chill in the mornings and evening, but heating up in the daytime. Today is rainy though, and I admit – I caved. The heat is on. Lol. My son refuses to wear socks and I gave up trying to keep them on his cold feet today. I opted to make the house warmer instead. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  14. Lorna

    Happy Birthday Kimberly! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    I love cooler weather and the Fall colors. So ready for the heat to be gone. Have a good rest of the weekend!

  15. Sophie

    Happy Birthday Kimberly!!! And I do exactly the same: the six months before my birthday I already think that I have year+1 so on the “D Day” it’s easy LOL

  16. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    I am looking forward to the fall colors, too, but we’re weeks away from them here in Virginia. After the very hot, wet summer, I hope we get some lovely, crisp, cool fall days!

    I’m also looking forward to The Crimes of Grindelwald. The new trailer looks good!

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Sunday Post – 9/30/2018
  17. Michelle

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I’m surrounded by evergreen trees mostly, but have started to see some change in the foliage. We have definitely seen some lower temperatures overnight and in the mornings.

    Michelle recently posted: My Week in Review 2018 #39
  18. Jan @ Notes from a Readerholic

    Happy Birthday, Kimberly! I hope you have a great birthday weekend. I have spent a year thinking I was a year older, too. It feels great when you realize that’s not the case…lol

    I’m loving the fall weather. It’s great for taking walks. Hope you have a good weekend.

  19. RO

    Love those memes!(lol) Good that you can unplug a little for the weekend, and hopefully to enjoy some good food, reading or movies to celebrate your birthday. I usually add one year to my birthday all year until someone tells me what my real age is close to my birthday.(lol) Love the colors of Autumn, and looking forward to seeing some soon around here.(lol) Hugs and Happy Sunday! RO

    RO recently posted: FALL FUN & NEWS
  20. A Voracious Reader

    Happy Birthday!!

    LOL to that randomness. I do that here, too. I’m in charge of the thermostat so everyone suffers. In the Spring, too for the A/C. I should never have to turn the A/C on in April like I did this year! WTF

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday and an awesome week, Kim.

  21. Darlene

    I love the Random Quote. Yes, that’s totally me. I wrote about in my Sunday Post. I have a rule about not turning on the hit before the snow hits the ground. So, that happened this week and the temp in the house dropped to 15 degrees (that’s 59 Fahrenheit), so now my heat is set at 16 🙂

    I loved John Bellairs books when I was a kid! I can’t wait to see the movie. Enjoy the week! Our fall is chilly.

    Darlene recently posted: Stacking The Shelves and Sunday Post
  22. Mary @StackingMyBookShelves!

    I have been doing lots around the house this weekend as it needs it. I haven’t been watching any shows with school but I do plan on watching Outlander. That is my show. I still have TWD on my TiVo to watch from last season that I haven’t gotten too. Uggh plus I still need to catch up on commenting and reading everyone’s blog. Have a great weekend!


  23. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Happy early Birthday!! Hope you have a most fantastic day! I find myself forgetting my age sometimes myself! I think it has to do with other people always thinking I’m way younger than I am! I think in another 10 years I’ll appreciate it. Right now I’d like to be consider my actual age! Lol!

    Fall weather is almost here for us too! We had a nice half week of fall weather but the temps are going straight back up this week and already I feel the misery creeping in! I’m ready for fall!

    Nice new reads! All totally new to me ones! Hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  24. Michelle @Because Reading

    Happy Day before your Birthday!!!
    NJ has no fall colors yet because it’s still like 80 degrees, except this weekend was gorgeous and I am hoping that the heat is over and the fall colors come out. I love the color of the leaves in fall.

    I want to see The House with the Clock in the Wall. We might take the kids next weekend.
    I still haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts, I don’t know what is taking me so long lol.

    That meme, I can hold off the longest, I like the cold. 🙂

    Have a great week, Kim! Enjoy your Birthday! Happy Reading! ox

    Michelle @Because Reading recently posted: I accidentally bought a bunch of books ~ WIR & SP
  25. Lola

    It sure is difficult to decide what to wear at times when it’s fall. And it can be surprisingly warm or cold depending on the day. but I love the fall foliage. It looks so pretty.

    I hope you have an awesome birthday!

  26. bookworm

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day 🙂 I did that same thing one year, I didn’t realize I was turning 40, I swore I was turning 39 till hubby politely informed me you are 40 today. lol Talk about bummer.
    Enjoy your week 🙂

  27. Lynn

    Happy birthday!!! I need to unplug more, lately the job related messages have been crazy! I hope you’ll have a wonderful birthday!

  28. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

    Happy birthday my wonderful friend! I hope you will be well celebrated today, and that you’ll have a spectacular day.
    We have the same ‘problem’ you have – we have no idea how to dress anymore. It’s very cool in the morning, but it usually warms up during the day with the sun. I have caught a horrible head cold, and I just hope I will be able to get rid of it this weekend. I’m to busy not to go to work or school.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms recently posted: Weekend Wrap-up #250 – Fall, Teaching, Classes and More
  29. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

    My family also like to play the Fall freeze game with the heating! However, we’ve already caved. It was really cold in the mornings this week.

    The Crimes of Grindelwald looks amazing! It looks so much better than Fantastic Beasts and I cannot wait to see it! The final teaser trailer had me losing my mind I was so excited.

    Have a great week and enjoy your birthday!

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #31
  30. Jovita

    Happy Birthday Kimberly, wishing you a wonderful day. I had to laugh at the picture you posted, just recently it was 64 in the house one morning and my husband was ready to turn the heater on.

  31. Maureen Bakker

    Happy Birthday Kimberly! I hope you have a great day celebrating with your family.
    I’m super excited about the new Fantastic Beasts movie too. That trailer looked amazing. I never watched Doctor Who.. but maybe someday 😉
    Have a great week!

    Maureen Bakker recently posted: Sunday Post #88: I'm Back
  32. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Happy birthday! Mine is in October, and I always have to stop and think how old I am…with the quick passage of time, it is easy to lose track. LOL.

    Enjoy your week!

  33. Joy Lennick

    Have a splendid birthday tomorrow, Kimberly. Your hard work is appreciated. Go have a day off and spoil yourself Eat whatever takes your fancy and indulge yourself Washed down by something ‘wicked.’of course. Enjoy!xx

  34. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    I’m currently reading Consumed and loving it. I also loved Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas! Hope you do, too!

    I’m so glad I’m in cooler temperatures now! Glad to hear this birthday was less stressful as you though you’d already reached 52, lol! 🙂

  35. Greg

    We don’t have much color change yet but it won’t be long! And we did have to turn the furnace on- it got COLD in the house! Yikes. Down to 40 one night. I love the colors though too… happy birthday tomorrow!! Hope you have a great one. 🙂