Sunday Post #301 Can January Be Over Already?

January 21st, 2018 Kimberly Sunday Post 87 Comments

21st Jan

Sunday Post

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I don’t even know where to begin. 2018 sucks. I am still quite sick. On Monday, the Royals presented with the flu, so the three of us suffered together but I was so ill, that their father took a personal day on Thursday to allow me to rest. I was positive I had the flu, as I presented with all the symptoms, however, a follow up to my doctor confirmed that while I did not test positive for the flu, I did have fluid in my lungs and dual ear infections. I ended up getting a shot of antibiotics and was sent home only after I agreed to complete bed rest. On Friday, Mr. Caffeinated became ill. Thank goodness the Royals are on the mend. As for me, I am continuing to rest, drinking lots of fluids and listening to audiobooks.  Stay Caffeinated.

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87 Responses to “Sunday Post #301 Can January Be Over Already?”

  1. Greg

    Wow you got hammered with that thing! I hope you feel better soon! And The Royals as well- hope they’re doing okay. This has been a tough winter all the way around, so many people are catching this stuff. Stay warm and feel better!!!!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #229
  2. Mallory

    You need to feel better soon – it’s just not fair anymore!!! I hope you, your husband, and The Royals mend quickly. It sounds like 2018 isn’t off to the best start 🙂 I hope you’re still finding great audio reads and that the ear infections aren’t getting in the way. Happy listening, Kim and hope you’re back on your feet soon!

  3. Geybie's Book Blog

    Oh so sorry you are not feeling well, Kim. I got flu last week and went to the doctor but I’m still not 100% now because of all the school prep stuff. The doctor ordered me to rest but it was impossible. Maybe that’s why I’m still not fully recovered yet. I hope you get to rest this weekend, my friend. Yep, audiobooks are the best company. Sending you hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts.

  4. Rachel

    I’m sorry to hear you’re sick. I’m sick, too, and it sucks! So many have been ill and I think this has been one of the worst flu seasons in a long time! I hope you feel better!

    I see you’re still listening to The Iron Druid Chronicles. Enjoy! 🙂

    Rachel recently posted: Weekly Recap #21
  5. ShootingStarsMag

    Oh gosh, you all were really hit by the sickness! I”m so sorry to hear that. I hope you have a MUCH better week coming up, and that your sickness all goes away soon. I had some sort of 24 hour stomach bug, but thank goodness it only lasted that long….even if I did have to miss work and a concert I had planned. Sigh.


    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: A Look at My 2018 Planners
  6. Michelle Gilmore

    I have to agree with you there, 2018 is off to a sucky start. I’m really sorry you’re sick though, it’s been a rough season health-wise. I don’t really get sick and I’ve been sick twice this winter. I hope you manage to get lots of rest and feel better soon!

    Michelle Gilmore recently posted: Sunday Post #281
  7. Anne @ The Reading Life

    Do not let the sickness get you down! And don’t you dare say that this would result in 2018 being a bad year. 2018 WOULD NOT SUCK FOR YOU. You will get better, and it’ll be another amazing year.

    Have a great week and get better soon!

  8. Karen

    My husband had something flu-ish that wasn’t the flu over the holidays. It’s the worst when it starts jumping around to everyone.

    Someone he works with just got strep throat and I’m crossing everything that I don’t get that,

    Hope you all fell better soon!

    Karen recently posted: the friday 5
  9. Lola

    That’s sad to hear you’re still sick. I hope that antibiotics shot helps you. And that’s good at least the Royals are on the mend again. I hope you feel better soon!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #266
  10. Karen Blue

    2018 has been a sickly year for me so far too. I hope the antibiotics knock out your ear infections and help get rid of the fluid in your lungs. Glad to hear the Royals are feeling better.
    They are now saying that the flu going around is not the same strain that they vaccinated for. So a flu shot didn’t help anyone this year.
    I hope we are all feeling better this coming week. Take care of yourself and happy listening!

  11. Stormi Johnson

    Oh my, I hope your whole household will be feeling better soon! The flu/cold season this year has been a nasty one. What would we do without audio books at times like these! At least you can still get in some reading. 🙂

    Have a great week and happy reading!

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #177
  12. Nick

    Oh I’m sorry to hear you’re still battling an illness, Kim. It sounds like it might be something more than the flu though. I hope they figure out what’s going on with you real soon, and you get some treatment that works.
    Take care of yourself, Kim!

  13. Melissa (My words and pages)

    Oh my goodness. That’s terrible to hear. For you. I’m glad the little ones are healing, but sorry to hear you are so sick. And now Mr. has it too. Ugh. I really hope recovery comes to your home!! Take care!

  14. Darlene

    Oh my gosh, so sorry to hear that you are still so ill! Hope you are feeling better soon. It’s tough when the household is passing germs to each other. You need some good homemade chicken soup! I’d bring some to you if only I lived closer. Take care of yourself!

    Darlene recently posted: Stacking The Shelves and Sunday Post
  15. JJ @ This Dark Material

    Ugh that sounds like a killer infection! I had something similar just in time for my very first finals week in college—stay strong! I completely sympathize with how fully that sort of thing sucks. I’ll be sending a lot of good thoughts your way with hopes of a recovery soon 🙂

    JJ @ This Dark Material recently posted: sunday post #2
  16. Charlie

    I’m glad you got a day of relief. Ear infections really get to me and drag me down. I had a double ear infection a few years ago in November that prolonged over into December. I was stopped by a state marshal on the toll road (speed limit 80mph) and he didn’t ticket me because I looked like death. You might ask your doctor for a B12 shot in addition to the antibiotics for the ear infections. It might give you the slight boost you need. I hope you and Mr. C get on the mend super quick!

    Charlie recently posted: Sunday Post ~ The Really Short Week
  17. Stefanie

    I’m so sorry you’ve been sick since the year started. I’m glad you got a shot of antibiotics. I hope they make a big difference. My husband was sick two weekends before Christmas Eve’s and his work clinic said he didn’t have the flu but a virus. They just told him to go home and rest. The fifth Bridgerton book was a good one. The third installment was the best. Hope you’re able to rest today.

    Stefanie recently posted: For Me 2
  18. sjhigbee

    So sorry that you are still well and truly smitten – how very depressing for you:(. I hope that the injection takes effect soon and you start turning the corner. In the meantime, I hope you are able to continue to rest and that Mr Caffeinated recovers swiftly without going down with whatever evil ailment you are suffering. Take care.x

  19. Heidi

    So glad you didn’t actually have the flu. It is so dangerous this year. It sounds like you are miserable though. Hopefully you will feel better soon. I remember how hard it was to take care of litle ones when I was so sick myself. I just got over a stomach bug last weekend, that dropped me to my knees. I was so sick. Hoping that we are all going to stay healthy now.

    Heidi recently posted: The Sunday Post #256th Edition
  20. Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

    Well dang. You sure have been sick for a long time. I hope you get better. I know what you mean on 2018 sucking. My husband and son (6-year-old) rang in the new year sick and then on the second day of the year I cut my thumb and had to get 7 stitches. I was lucky I messed the nerve and bone, but it was close to getting the nerve. Oh My! Take care and enjoy your book haul.

  21. Nise'

    January has not been nice to you and your family. I am sorry that you have been ill and hope that you finally get well and stay well!

  22. RO

    If it’s one thing I remember from being a kid, and that was the dreaded ear infection. I had one so bad one time that I was actually hospitalized during Christmas, so I feel your pain right now. The irony is that I never got another one after that. Thank goodness you don’t have the flu, but being as sick as you’ve been is still the pits. I’m sorry the family had it too, and hope you’re able to rest and get healed. Hugs…RO

    RO recently posted: TRIVIA TIDBITS AND A TREAT
  23. Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks

    It is so ironic that the week I posted the post about commenting back and respecting linkups, I actually link dropped and couldn’t even comment on YOUR post! Karma, huh. Instant karma xD it’s just been such a busy week though. But I’m BACK!

    It totally sucks about the non-flu, I guess it was some nasty bug? Ugh. I sure hope you get better soon! Hang in there.

    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks recently posted: Book Blogger Etiquette: How To Get Comments?
  24. Tyler H. Jolley

    Oh Kimba, I’m so sorry. I’m sending you guys prayers. One of my coordinators had something awful that wasn’t the flu this week. She finally got better after I made her stay home and rest for a few days. I hope that works for you.

  25. lisa thomson

    I’m so sorry you’ve been sick Kim. I don’t know how you maintain such wonderful reviews in spite of it all. I will be checking out last week’s reviews as I’m a little behind. Staying caffeinated here. Thanks, Kim.

    lisa thomson recently posted: Hot Flashes of Confidence

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