Challenges 2017 Year End Results and New Goals for 2018

January 1st, 2018 Kimberly Event 35 Comments

1st Jan

Caffeinated Challenges

It’s time to check the results of my 2017 Challenges and commit to my 2018 Challenges. Despite a few bumps, 2017 was a good year and I am looking forward to the year ahead. If you see a challenge you like, join in the fun.

2017 Challenges and Results

My Goodreads Challenge Goal was 250 books and I finished the year at 266.

Please note: I keep track of my challenges using the UBB Reading Challenge Plugin  End dates on my challenges may differ from those of actual challenge. This is because books read are not added to widgets below until they post on the blog. All books/audios, however, were read or listened to during the challenges allotted time frame.

Invalid challenge name.

Audios listened to but not included in numbers:

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • Stud Finder by Lauren Blakely
  • First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
  • Hounded by Kevin Hearne
  • Second Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones
  • Hexed by Kevin Hearne
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Artemis by Any Weir
  • Hardwood by Lauren Blakley
  • Year One by Nora Roberts
  • Tricked by Kevin Hearne
  • Watchmaker’s Heart by Julie D. Revezzo
  • Undercover Attraction by Katee Robert
  • The Chalkman by C.J. Tudors
  • The V Card by Lauren Blakely

Grand Total Listened: 99


Invalid challenge name.

Not Shown but read:

  • Hounded by Kevin Hearne
  • Hexed by Kevin Hearne
  • Tricked by Kevin Hearne

Invalid challenge name.

Invalid challenge name.

Ha…I failed my own challenge. *hangs head*

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2018 Challenges

2018 Audiobook

2018 Audiobook

Host: Caffeinated & Hot Listens
My Summary Post
Progress: 108/50 (216%)
1 January, 2018 — 31 January, 2019


I am shooting for a personal best of 100 Audiobooks but only need to listen to 50+ for Marathoner. Join me here:  Audiobook Challenge

2018 Backlist

2018 Backlist

Host: The Bookwyrms Hoard
My Summary Post
Progress: 44/30 (147%)
1 January, 2018 — 31 January, 2019


I am continuing my sojourn to read/listen to books on my TBR pile or Wishlist and the Backlist Challenge is perfect for this.  Join me here: Backlist Challenge

2018 New Releases

2018 New Releases

Host: Lexxie @ UnConventional Bookviews
My Summary Post
Progress: 128/75 (171%)
1 January, 2018 — 31 January, 2019


I am trying to work on my backlist and finish up series, but will shoot for New Release Veteran 61-100 new releases. I may increase this mid-year. Join in the fun: 2018 New Releases Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
☕ Kimberly has
read 0 books toward
her goal of
250 books.


What challenges are you joining? Tempt me…..

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35 Responses to “Challenges 2017 Year End Results and New Goals for 2018”

  1. Melissa

    You amaze me every year with how many books you read and the consistency of your blogging! Well done 🙂

  2. Charlie

    You hit your challenges out of the park! Congratulations! I am really trying to get myself more focused this year on my challenges. I feel like I sloughed off the first part of last year. Good luck!

  3. Geybie’s Book Blog

    Wow, congrats on reaching your goal in 2017. I only managed 97 books. Didn’t reach my goal of 100 but i’m glad. My family couldn’t believe I read that many. Haha.. Good luck with the challenges this year. ❤️

  4. Melanie Simmons

    Great job on most of your challenges. I hope you success on your challenges for 2018. Thanks again for hosting the Audiobook Challenge with me.

  5. Tyler H. Jolley

    You did awesome, Kimba! I know you’ll crush your 2018 goals. Happy reading.

  6. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    Woot! Kimberly, you did GREAT with your challenges! (Even if you did miss your own challenge. That made me chuckle, since I, too, sort of failed my own challenge—I read more than enough books to pass it, but I only reviewed 10 of them. Oops. We’ll both do better this year.)

    I’m so glad you’re doing The Backlist Reader Challenge again this year. Good luck—I know you’ll nail it!

  7. Berls

    Ha! I tend to fail my own challenges too 🙂 Actually, I “fail” most challenges, but I get closer to a goal than I would have without them so…. it’s a win, right? Nice job on your challenges this year.

    For the most part, I’m sticking with my challenges this year – since those are the goals I really want to meet and I stink at tracking. I’m doing COYER, #2018HW, and #2018authorluv. I plan to join your March challenge for sure too 🙂

  8. Lorna

    You did good! One thing I am curious about-why didn’t all you listens count in your total? Personally I was shocked that I had listened to 90 something (95 or 96?)this year. I should have realized but nope not until I got the Audible notification. You did well and way better than I could! Congrats!

    • Kimberly

      The audios actually counted Lorna, they just aren’t populated in the widget until my review posts on the blog. So by mid-February, it will show 99

  9. lisa thomson

    I’m in awe. That’s all I can say. 😛 I want to read more books this year but that won’t even come close to you, Kim!

  10. Aleen @ Lampshade Reader

    Yay! congrats on your challenges, but sorry about failing your own. That’s too funny. 😀 I’m only doing Goodreads for now and will do some seasonal reading challenges, like HoHoHoRAT–of course. 🙂

  11. MarthaE

    You did great as always!
    I think I will add the Backlist Challenge this year as I do try to get TBRs read too.
    Happy Challenges in 2018!

  12. Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

    You did really well with all of your 2017 challenges and I am sure that you will do just as well with the 2018 challenges. I am doing the Blogger Shame challenge this year and hopefully I can get my tbr under control and focus on another one in future years. I know that keeping track of too many would just cause me stress so I am keeping it simple. Happy New Year!

  13. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m doing a Backlist challenge too because I definitely need to focus more on the books that I already own from previous years. lol I put 100 on Goodreads – I tend to just leave it at that, because I never know, and it’s more about keeping track than anything for me. I did get 192 read in 2017 though.


  14. Nise'

    You had a successful challenge year. I entered the Goodreads challenge and then challenge myself to read more than last year and track where I read (settings).

  15. Ethan

    Congrats on a monumental year of reading! I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your reviews in 2017 and can’t wait to find more great reads with you this year!

  16. Sam@WLABB

    I was looking at your results, thinking to myself how you crushed them, for the most part. I am especially impressed with your backlist results. I am doing the new release challenge too, but I think I may check out the backlist too. Good luck with all of them!

  17. Sophia Rose

    Haha, that is hilarious about your own challenge. But makes sense, too. I push harder on the other challenges than my own ones.

    Nice balance of backlist and new release choices. Looks like it will be a good one especially trying to do 100 audios. 🙂

  18. Nick

    You kicked butt, Kim! Happy New Year to you and wishing you all the best with the 2018 challenges! 🙂

  19. Christine @Buckling Bookshelves

    Great job on 2017! The month long ones can be hard to finish sometimes for sure since they are shorter. I’m looking forward to Take Control again this year though 🙂

    Good luck on your 2018 challenges and Happy New Year!