#Giveaway Exclusive: Of Flame and Fate by Cecy Robson

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Of Flame and Fate

In celebration of Cecy Robson’s newest release, OF FLAME AND FATE, Caffeinated has an exclusive excerpt, a mini-interview with Cecy and giveaway just for you! Grab a cup of coffee and meet Taran Wird. She is sassy, fearless and loves to blow shit up.

#Giveaway Exclusive: Of Flame and Fate by Cecy Robson
Of Flame and Fate
by Cecy Robson
Series: Weird Girls #8, Flame #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Purchase: Amazon

Taran Wird, who commands the power to wield fire and lightning, is an oddity in the supernatural world. But neither Taran nor her unique sisters compare to the bizarre entity known as Destiny. And Taran is assigned to protect her.

Born of two witches, Destiny is revered among the supernatural elite for her acute ability to predict the future. Her biggest prophecy involves Taran’s sister, Celia, whom Destiny decreed will bear children strong enough to take on the evil that’s rising. Yet Destiny is not alone in her predictions, or individuality.

When Johnny Fate, a rock star among humans and a male version of Destiny is discovered, his powers and Destiny’s clash, triggering the start of Destiny’s demise and altering the fate of Celia’s unborn children.

Taran, her werewolf lover Gemini, and their allies must determine if it’s Fate who will decide what will become of Celia’s children, or if their lives and the world will perish with Destiny.

This series is one of my favorites, and before working with Cecy, you would have found a gushing review here at Caffeinated. Instead, I took full advantage of my connections and asked Cecy questions we all want answers too!

Coffee with Cecy

  • This is the second novel in the Weird Girls Flame series. Can these novels be read alone or do you recommend readers begin with Flame #1? I try to write each novel as a standalone so new readers can enjoy each novel no matter which order they read. I recommend starting with the first book only because it’s such a fun and exciting series.
  • Taran’s character is sassy, vibrant and kick-ass. Can you tell us what inspired her creation?  When I started developing my “Weird Girls”, I needed four very distinct women. As the oldest, Celia took the leadership role among the sisters. She is strong when she needs to be and the heart of the family when it matters most. Shayna is the perky one, always ready to make her family laugh . . . and stab a monster in the eye with a toothpick. Emme as the youngest is the light in the sisters’ often dark lives, offering hope and kindness when they need it most.I had strength, humor, and kindness. I needed fire. I needed Taran. She is the most explosive of the sisters, the one who will burn you embers and jolt you into oblivion if you hurt her family or piss her off. Pssst, it doesn’t take much to make Taran angry. You know those people who are too busy being politically correct or polite to ever say something offensive? Taran isn’t one of them. Taran doesn’t try to be funny, her spirit and personality make her that way which is why she’s a favorite among the sisters.
  • Will there be a third Flame book? What is in store for the Weird Girls? Yes! Of Flame and Fury will release next year. As a result of what happens in Of Flame and Fate, darkness will stir once more, and from the shadows new monsters will emerge, targeting Celia and her unborn.
  • Do you have a vision for the overall storyline? Will each sister get her own books or will the series wrap up after the Flame books? Great question. I knew how this series would start and how it would end from the very first novel. Unfortunately, I can’t give away too much yet. What I can tell you is that each sister will get their chance to shine. Taran has one to two more novels in her future, and Emme and Shayna have about two each. Thank you so much for your wonderful feature!

Exclusive Excerpt

Since moving to Lake Tahoe, Mrs. Mancuso the sister’s next door neighbor has tortured them with her snooping and judgemental accusations. Here she catches Taran at a really bad moment. It made me laugh because Taran is covered with boils and she still trades barbs with the old lady. 

Here’s the thing about being a badass, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. The talk, I think I have down. The walk, not so much. Holy shit. My leg is pulsating, as in throbbing, and pounding, and taking on a life of its own. I grip it, uselessly trying to stop the swelling spreading up to my ass. Each pop and pull against my skin feel like a boil pushing through, following the same path that demon took when it tried to burrow its way to my heart.
I trip over the blanket that smells like wererat, causing my boobs to spill out, just in time for our evil neighbor Mrs. Mancuso to step out onto her porch. Christ, it’s like she waits for me.
“Taran Wird!” she shrieks. “Are you naked?”
“No, I have a fucking blanket.”
Considering I have boils the size of quarters scattering along the length of my leg at warp speed, it’s the best comeback I have.
Gemini appears out of nowhere, wrenching me into his arms to keep me from falling on my face, but not quite managing to keep the girls in.
Flashing my boobs doesn’t upset Mrs. Mancuso. No. Not at all.
“You are naked!” she screams at me.
“No, shit,” I snap, gathering the blanket closer.
Of course, Mancuso doesn’t stop there. “Take your disgusting body and your even more disgusting suitors elsewhere!”
“I did. Your son-in-law says, hello,” I fire back.
“You whore.”
Gemini hoists me in his arms. “Damn it, woman, don’t you have children to lure into your gingerbread house!”
It’s the last comment I manage before the quickly forming boils singe like fire against my skin and I coil in anguish.
Gemini launches us up the wooden steps. “Taran,” he says. “The demon’s venom is fading.”
I know it is. He doesn’t have to tell me. Another wave of pain claws its way up my chest, the agony making me curl into Gemini’s chest.
Mrs. Mancuso is still yelling, still name-calling, her support hose likely still in a bunch. For once I don’t care. My leg and butt are spasming out of control, causing the rest of my body to quiver.
I gasp, struggling to speak. “What’s happening?”

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About Cecy Robson

Cecy Robson is the New Adult author of Once Perfect, Once Loved, and Once Pure and the award-winning author of the Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Robson counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song despite her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the Great Northwest, she enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.

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