White Hot by Ilona Andrews

May 26th, 2017 Kimberly Review 51 Comments

26th May
White Hot by Ilona Andrews
White Hot
by Ilona Andrews
Series: Hidden Legacy #2
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
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Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

Nevada Baylor has a unique and secret skill—she knows when people are lying—and she's used that magic (along with plain, hard work) to keep her colorful and close-knit family's detective agency afloat. But her new case pits her against the shadowy forces that almost destroyed the city of Houston once before, bringing Nevada back into contact with Connor "Mad" Rogan.

Rogan is a billionaire Prime—the highest rank of magic user—and as unreadable as ever, despite Nevada’s “talent.” But there’s no hiding the sparks between them. Now that the stakes are even higher, both professionally and personally, and their foes are unimaginably powerful, Rogan and Nevada will find that nothing burns like ice …

magical ROMANCE urban well written

Wahoo! Do I love the writing team that is Ilona Andrews? You’re darn tooting I do. It felt like we waited forever for WHITE HOT the second novel in the Hidden Legacy series, but oh man it was worth the wait! Intense and kick-ass with an excellent side of swoon!

Another five cups of coffee from me. The Andrews grabbed me from the very first page. WHITE HOT has all the elements I love in a story. A kick-ass heroine, intense action scenes, an intriguing plot filled with danger, secrets, and magic. Then the Andrews added stellar characters, even secondary characters like Bug that are memorable. They sprinkle it with humor, love, and family and finish it off with a swoony romance and hero who is not only a total badass but a good guy to boot.

We learn a great deal about “Mad” Rogan as the Andrews peeled back his layers allowing us to come face to face with Conner. He is soon involved in Nevada’s case as a powerful villain returns once again threatening to destroy Houston. Rogan is at the top of the hierocracy when it comes to Primes and wow do we get to see him in action. He is edgy, and a tad scary especially when those he is protecting are endangered.

I loved the growth in Nevada’s skills and it’s clear we are just scratching the surface of her ability. We get plenty of draw dropping action scenes that will have you holding your breath.

In WHITE HOT, Nevada is discovering who she is, and her relationship with Conner is evolving. Sure they take two steps forward and two steps back as Nevada figures out who she is, but the chemistry is there and each scene delights. I absolutely loved the ebb and flow of this story. Just when I thought I would burst or die from the build up the authors would change things up, or throw in some unexpected humor and I would breathe again.

Because of the characters and overall story arc, it is essential that the Hidden Legacy series be read in order, but trust me you won’t be disappointed. As soon as I finished WHITE HOT, I immediately began WILDFIRE. This is something I rarely do, but couldn’t fall asleep knowing it was on my Kindle.

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51 Responses to “White Hot by Ilona Andrews”

  1. Melanie Simmons

    I’m very excited for this book. I’m waiting the audio. I have to have Renee Raudman read me their books. It is a rule of mine. LOL Can’t wait to tackle this one.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I have listened to every series but this one. I think I was an Avon Addict when the first book came out, and just kept reading them.

  2. Darlene

    I haven’t tried this author yet, but I really want to read the Kate Daniels series. Now I need to add this one to the list!

  3. Wattle

    I’m on book 6 of the Kate Daniels series and it’s like I’ve hit a wall, I *love* their writing but I think I’m burnt out on that universe for now. Maybe I should try this one…hmmmm, decisions.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I envy you. I have read/listened to everything they have written and now have to wait for each new release. It pains me!

  4. Leona

    I’m now listening to Magic Rises (I know I’m super behind). Each time you review another Ilona Andrews story I get more excited for the stories that I’ll get to once I’ve caught up on all things Kate and Curran

  5. Lily B

    I kind of skimmed this because I am looking forward to reading this series this year. I miss her writing <3

  6. Heidi

    I am a bit worried I won’t remember the details of the first one it has been a long time. I am eagerly waiting for my audiobook copy. Glad you loved it so much!

  7. Mary Kirkland

    That sounds really good. I haven’t read their books yet and I always forget that there’s a writing team of two for their books.

  8. Tanya

    So excited for this one! I wish I wasn’t so far behind in review books or I would reread Burn For Me since it has been so long.

  9. Braine

    I’m not very acquainted with their work and this one is UF? The cover looks more like PNR though so is the romance more like Kate D or is there more heat?

  10. kindlemom1

    The cover for this is seriously hideous but thankfully the writing and story more than made up for it. 😉

  11. Cyn

    Yes! What a fantastic read, right! I love Nevada and her growing relationship with Rogan, too! And so much action!! Definitely looking forward to the next read! Awesome review, Kim!

  12. Jonetta (Ejaygirl)

    *sigh* I haven’t caught up with Kate Daniels yet and haven’t read the first book in this one yet. You make me want to fix that right away. Great review!

  13. Debbie Haupt

    Ahhh every time I turn around there’s another great review by this couple. I have got to read them. 🙂 Thanks Kim

  14. Sophia Rose

    Ungh! This is torture. I have a stack of review commitments keeping me busy and I have the first book of this series on my shelf. I read your review and I want to fling them all aside and get going on the Hidden Legacy series. You book tempress, you! LOL

  15. Geybie's Book Blog

    Sounds awesome!!! I’ve been wanting to try this author. I think I’m gonna start from this book. I loved the last UF I read so I want more of this genre. Awesome review, Kim.