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May 28th, 2017 Kimberly Sunday Post 63 Comments

28th May

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I will not tell you that I am suffering from another bout of bronchitis that has left me both sleep deprived and depressed. Nor will I tell you that our AC unit died on Friday at the beginning of a 3-day weekend. Which means we will be without air until mid week. Instead, I will tell you that I had a delightful reading week. While I didn’t read as many books as I would have liked the ones that I did were delightful. I am on a mini-vacation and will be offline until Thursday. This is the last week of the Clean Sweep Challenge and I hope those that participating meet their goals. I am almost there. Stay cool, enjoy good food and have a lovely week! Stay Caffeinated.

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63 Responses to “Sunday Post #267 Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Lexxie

    Oh man, Kim! Sending cool, strong vibes your way, and I hope it won’t get too hot this weekend.
    I’m happy the books you read were delightful – I love it when that happens. I’m on a really good streak of delightful books myself, and it just makes me really happy.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

  2. Greg

    Oh no sorry to hear about the air! And right before Memorial Day. Argh that sux. Hope it’s not too hot for you guys. And enjoy your mini- vacation!

    Hopefully you’re feeling better too… 🙂

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #196
  3. La La in the Library

    Have a restful break and holiday. Our apartment is in an old building and can’t handle an AC unit, so I feel your pain. That’s one of the reasons I wanted a reading chair for my bedroom, so I can hang out half naked with my ice packs. Ha ha. Have a wonderful and healthier new week. 🙂

    La La in the Library recently posted: THE SUNDAY POST #114
  4. Hayley

    I hope you feel better soon. What a pain that your AC broke this weekend, I hope it’s cooler weather over the next few days for you. I love the idea of an audio month – I’ll be looking out for your reviews and recommendations as I’m listening to more and more audio books these days so am always happy to discover different books.

    Hayley recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up! (28 May)
  5. Sophia Rose

    Oh, seriously? You poor person! Hopefully the temps will cooperate while you sniffle and feel a little miserable without the air. Still, yay, mini-vacation. Enjoy!

    Yep! Making goals for the challenge and then some has me a happy reader. 🙂

    Take care and hopefully the week will improve for you!

  6. Megan

    Oh Kim I hope you feel better soon 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend of food, family and books 🙂

  7. Dragonfly

    I heard lemon, salt and tequila are good for when you are sic:k! 🙂 But I won’t tell you to get better from your bronchitis, Because I’m hoping a well deserved break is what you need. Enjoy your mini-vacation!

    Dragonfly recently posted: #AmReading & #AmWriting… Some!
  8. Lola

    I am so sorry to hear you’re dealing with bronchitis again and what a pain your AC died right before the weekend. I am glad to hear you had such a lovely reading week! Enjoy your mini vacation and have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #232
  9. Evelina

    Oh, you’re reading The Dead Zone! The favorite of my teens.
    And hang in there :/ it sucks having colds/flus and other bad stuff when it’s really hot outside. You think it could actually be the AC? Temperature differences are bad for the health, they say.
    Enjoy your little vacation!

    Evelina recently posted: Sunday post #8
  10. Samantha

    My AC went out on Friday as well! I grew up in a house with out AC, and boy did I forget how miserable it is to be without it! Its not even excessively hot here yet, but it was still miserable. Hopefully yours is an easy (and cheap!) fix!

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: Schools (almost) Out!
  11. Darlene

    Oh, dear! Sorry to hear about the A/C conking out. Stay cool and enjoy your vacation! Hope you enjoy the next Halle book! Can’t wait to see what you thought of The Dead Zone on audio! Have a great week.

    Darlene recently posted: Stacking The Shelves and Sunday Post
  12. Lark

    I’m sorry to hear about the bronchitis and the nonexistent AC. Neither is pleasant, and I imagine the combination is awful. You have my sympathies, and my prayers for a speedy resolution to both problems. Enjoy your mini-vacation—especially once the AC is fixed!

    I pretty much blew it on the Clean Sweep Challenge. I’m finding it hard to engage with my new books. Oh, well, better luck next time, I guess….

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post – 5/28/2017
  13. Jessica

    Oh no!! Getting sick on top of losing your AC, that sounds dreadful! We were without power all day Friday and it was pretty miserable. Especially since I couldn’t really fix my hair before going to work and an interview that afternoon! Luckily the heat wasn’t too bad, it was still bad for me because I tend to run hot more so than anyone else in my family. But yeah ugh, 24 hours was enough to make me miserable! I remember a few years ago we were without power entirely for a few days!! And it was summer, so no AC either. Not fun! I can only hope your summer temps haven’t kicked in nor do you run hot too! 😉

    Nice new reads!! I STILL need to read And I Darken! Sooo behind considering I got it as an ARC last year! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    Jessica recently posted: Stacking the Shelves
  14. Stacy Renee

    I hope you can kick that bronchitis asap! I had a couple of terrible health weeks this month, too, and I’m still recovering. Stay cool, Kimba! It’s got to be miserable being sick with no a/c. I’m convinced it’s going to be a hotter summer than usual so I hope you get it fixed soon! 🙂

    Stacy Renee recently posted: The Sunday Post #62 - Memorial Day Weekend
  15. Anna Pittman

    As a native Arkansan the mention of a dead AC unit sounds miserable! Hopefully things are cooler up where you live and it’s more of an inconvenience than a misery.

    Anna Pittman recently posted: Dear Sunday: Week One
  16. Stephanie

    Your choice of focus shows what kind of person you are! Healing thoughts and hopefully that AC repair man will make you a priority Tuesday.

    Sounds like you ROCKED your reading week. Quality books always make it easier when we don’t hit the number we want. I hope this week goes much better for you!

    Stephanie recently posted: The Sunday Post {3/28/17}
  17. A Voracious Reader

    Oh man! I will send {{{posivibes}}} galore out to you. You’re the 2nd person today that I read lost their A/C at the beginning of the weekend. Damn long holiday weekends! Ok, not really. Damn at the beginning of a long holiday weekend.

    I also will add some extra oomph to the {{{posivibes}}} to knock out the illness. *closes eyes, sucks in breath, holds it, turns red, hubby asks what the hell I’m doing, releases breath in huge gust, pants* There. *nods* That should help. I hope you enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful week, Kim!

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: AVR Weekly News ~ 196th Edition
  18. Rita

    Feel better, Kim! Everyone here is sending you best wishes to get back on your feet soon! Might it be the pint-sized Royals who keep infecting you with respiratory illnesses this past year? I worked in Sp. Ed. kindergarten for a couple of years once and was always picking up “bugs”.

    Anyway, try reading on your back porch if there’s a breeze, with a giant glass of iced tea and a book, if possible. Wow, an audio of The Dead Zone! I would imagine that would be pretty cool. I have fond memories of reading that chunkster so many years ago. Hope it stands up to the test of time.

    Rita recently posted: Weekly Book News
  19. Lampshade Reader

    Oh no! Not perfect timing in terms of weather. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

    If not for the books in my life I think I would have gone quite mad already! LOL

    Hope you feel better soon. ~Aleen

  20. Lily B

    i’m sorry to hear that you had such a rough week, I hope things start looking up for you. It’s good that you had a great reading week tho 🙂 hope you enjoy your weekend!!

    Lily B recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #9
  21. Kristin

    Oh Sweetie… I did hope you were feeling better. But I know you’re taking it easy, right???? 🙂 Happy vacation!!

  22. Angela

    I’m with that totally random this week. ^_^ Sorry to hear about the AC and being sick again. Just when you think it couldn’t get bad, it does. On a positive note it’s a three day weekend and hopeful the weather will be nice and comfortable. So far our weekend has been great. Lots of good food, family time and a little reading. Have a wonderful week!

  23. Laura Fabiani

    Aw, you poor thing! I hope your bronchitis goes away soon. Thanks for the reminder that June is audiobook month. I have a few audiobooks I’ve been meaning to read. Thank goodness for the books that help us get through the ups and downs of life!

  24. Tyler H. Jolley

    Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about both your health and the AC unit. I hope, in spite of all of that, you had a nice weekend. Enjoy your time off. We’ll catch up on Thursday.

  25. Cai

    My internet has been playing up all week and I have only just been able to link up!

    The only good thing about being sick is the excuse to stay in bed and read all day! I hope you’re feeling on top of the world shortly.

    Cai recently posted: The Sunday Post #4