Sunday Post #250 Hats, Balloons, and Cake

January 29th, 2017 Kimberly Sunday Post 132 Comments

29th Jan

Sunday Post

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It was a busy week. I haven’t been feeling like myself. Not sick, but having some swelling, joint pain and headaches that make you want to hide. On Thursday, we went over to the Royals, just the grandparents to have cupcakes. The Princess was all excited!  We put candles in her cupcake and the minute we began singing Happy Birthday, she cried. It was sad and funny all at the same time. We received a few inches of snow that were unexpected. I had to laugh, I posted a picture, and my mother commented, “Is that your house today?” I responded yes, and she went out and bought snow boots. Too funny! Today is Princess Sophia’s birthday party. We are heading over early to watch the Royals while her parents set up for the party at their club house. This week I got a much-needed haircut and color. My mother arrives Thursday so preparations are underway. I foresee a lot of “Sunday” dinners in my future.  I cannot believe it is the last weekend in January, but we are one week closer to spring so let’s go February! Stay warm and caffeinated!

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132 Responses to “Sunday Post #250 Hats, Balloons, and Cake”

  1. Greg

    Happy birthday to the Princess and have a great visit with your mom! No snow here (well a little yesterday, just a dusting) but it’s been cold. Although for January not bad.Go spring! And have a good week. 🙂

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #179
  2. Deborah

    Oh I love hearing about your time with Princess Sophia, I hope her party went well!

    You mention regular dinners, is your mother moving permanently? (I might not have realised that!)

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
    • kimbacaffeinate

      No, Deborah, she is coming for a week…I said Sunday dinners meaning fancy meals for a whole week. Some nights here we like breakfast for dinner..ya know? But when company comes, then my kids come to dinner and I am suddenly feeding 10 people every night!

  3. Katherine

    Happy birthday to the princess! My younger daughter used to cry when she was about the Princess’s age when it was time to blow out the candles. Having everyone focused on her got overwhelming. Even today she prefers Christmas to her birthday because she likes lots of people to get presents instead of just her! Wow on the snow! I think I’d be cancelling my trip if I was your mom because snow and I are not friends! Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - January 29
  4. RO

    Happy Birthday to Pretty Princess Sophia! I’ll bet today is gonna be fun! Headaches are the pits and I sure hope you’re feeling much better. Hugs…RO

  5. Tressa

    That is so funny that she cried about her candles, but super cute too! 🙂 I pulled a muscle in my shoulder/neck area somehow and have been having pain and today had a headache to go with it, so I get you. I think half of it is getting older, which I can’t say I like. I hope you have a blast with your mom coming and that it’s a little warmer for her. Have a great week!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Up until that point, she was all excited and trying to blow out the candles. I think today we are just going to get to candle blowing…lol

  6. Michelle Gilmore

    Happy Birthday to the Princess!! I hope you start feeling better and that you enjoy your time with the grandkids! Hopefully all the dinner prep goes smoothly when your mom gets there, , I know it can be rough when you have guests and have to cook more often. I’m a scrounge for food all hours of the day kind of person, so I get tired of meal prep quickly.

    Michelle Gilmore recently posted: Sunday Post (240)
  7. sjhigbee

    What a very busy family-based week – in the best possible way. Yes… birthdays are very emotional when you’re so small and suddenly the object of EVERYONE’S attention, aren’t they? I do hope the headache eases up as does the joint pain… I’ve also been battling with a persistent low-grade headache that wouldn’t leave – it’s miserable. I sincerely hope you’re feeling top notch by the time your mother arrives as you’re evidently going to be chief cook and bottle-washer for the hordes. Take care Kimba and have a great week.

  8. La La in the Library

    I love hearing about The Royals! I will be checking out your Wayfarer review, foot sure. The NYT Bestseller lists changes is intriguing. Spring, spring, spring… I need light to take book photos, ha ha! I hope you start feeling better. Have a wonderful week.

    La La in the Library recently posted: THE SUNDAY POST #97
    • kimbacaffeinate

      They are she was so excited but as soon as everyone began singing she covered her face and cried. I think they are skipping the singing today and just letting her blow out the candles.

  9. Jackie

    It sounds like your mother is getting prepared herself. cute. I’m happy for you and I hope you make some nice memories with your mom and grandkids/princess. What a wonderful week in books you had! Your blog is so delightful it’s always a pleasure to see it so tidy and neat. I love it!

  10. Maureen Beatrice

    Congratulations on Princess Sophia’s birthday. I hope you guys have a great day celebrating!
    Sorry to hear about the pains. Some warmer weather definitely sounds like it would help. January has gone by really fast. Have a great week Kimberly!

    Maureen Beatrice recently posted: The Sunday Post #41
  11. A Voracious Reader

    D’awwwwww! Princess Sophia just didn’t want to grow older. 🙂 I hope the weather stays decent for your mom’s visit. And it’s always a good idea to have snow boots. Just in case. Don’t I know that? lol I need to do something with my hair. I’m trying to grow it out, but it’s pissing me off. And I want my purple highlights back. I must make a decision one of these days about it. 😀 I hope you have a fantastic week, Kim!

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: AVR Weekly News ~ 179th Edition
    • kimbacaffeinate

      LOL, snow boots if you don’t live in Florida. She will probably never wear them again…but of course she cannot wear sandals on her visit either. My hair has been long 4-ever. It is easy to pull up and away. Unless I am out I prefer to keep it up.

  12. Grace

    Sorry you have been feeling off. I so remember my daughter crying when we sang happy birthday one year. It is sad and funny! Have fun with the Royals and hope they have a great party!! Have a great week!

    Grace recently posted: Weekly Rewind ~1.29.17
  13. Lexxie

    I saw your little video of Sophia and her birthday song… my youngest was the same when she was two – she didn’t even want to open her presents until we put away the cameras 😀
    I hope you’ll feel better, Kim! Maybe get some bloodwork done?
    I can’t believe next week is February already, but I’m looking forward to it, as we have a week off for winter break, and the two youngest kids, Freddy and I are going to Norway for a week to be with my mom and my sister 🙂
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading. {{{HUGS}}}

    Lexxie recently posted: #authorlove Challenge Sign-up Post
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Blood work is my middle name since I have RA. I know the pain and swelling is from that, but it was an exceptionally hard week. The headaches are the disturbing problem…might be meds.

  14. Dragonfly

    Sorry to hear about your joints and headaches Kim. Oh I think I know what you mean my kids used to look so cute when they pouted I didn’t know if I should cry with them or smile hummm you mom may reconsider visit you know huh? LOL! Enjoy Princess’ birthday party. WOW you are one busy girl but surrounded by love family and happiness 🙂

  15. Lola

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling too good. I hope you feel better soon. But it sounds nice how you got to visit your grand kids. I hope Sophia has a happy birthday! Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #215
  16. Stacy Renee

    Aww, Happy Birthday to Princess Sophia!
    I hope the pain subsides, Kim! Sounds pretty miserable. I don’t get migraines as often as I used to but they’re still enough to send me to a dark room, hiding away from the world for a while.

    Stacy Renee recently posted: Sunday Post #49 - A Windy Week
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Stacy. I am going to talk to my doctor, I am wondering if a recent change to a med is causing my headaches. The joint pain and swelling is my RA, but this frankly sucks

  17. Jan

    I hope you all have fun at the party–especially the Princess! And I hope you start feeling a better. too, Kimba. Enjoy having your Mom visit and I hope you enjoy some reading, too.

    Jan recently posted: Sunday Post: January 29
  18. Kristin

    Happy Birthday Party, Princess Sophia!! I’m sorry you’re feeling icky lately. You’re comic has me worrying a little – what friend are you out to, ah.. put in a state of “stiffness”?? o.O I think a stiff drink is much better way to deal, less jail time!!!

    WOW on the PW article on the NYT Bestsellers lists being dropped! We need another “authority”, don’t we???

  19. Melissa (My words and pages)

    So glad the little party was fun. Hope the aches go away for you. Do have fun at today’s party! And enjoy your mom’s visit. 🙂

    Have a great week!

  20. Darlene

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling “off”. I know what you mean, though. Not quite sick but not quite right! I’m feeling a bit of the same way. I have a cough that hasn’t gone away, but at least my chest doesn’t feel congested anymore. Enjoy your week, and hopefully it isn’t too busy! Don’t wear yourself out!!

    Darlene recently posted: Stacking The Shelves and Sunday Post
  21. Shandy

    Aww, I hope the princess had a good birthday. We just got a couple inches of snow ourselves. hope you feel better, I’m on the downward side of a cold myself.

  22. Julie

    Happy birthday to your little Princess! My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon too. She’s going to be 4 already. Sorry to hear about the aches and pains. I hope it gets easier for you.

    Hope you have a great week! Happy reading!

    Julie recently posted: Stacking the Shelves & Sunday Post
  23. Michelle

    Happy birthday to the princess!

    Sorry to hear about not feeling well this week. Hopefully everything clears up soon. Maybe it’s just the weather? One can hope, I guess … Or not hope, as the case may be — we can’t control the weather 😛

    Good luck with your “Sunday” dinners!

  24. Charlie

    I hope you start feeling better soon to enjoy the rest of the family festivities! Despite her tears, I hope Sophia enjoyed her cupcake. 🙂 I hope the party goes well and good luck with your family-style cooking this week! In the nine months the ex-fiance and I lived with his parents, that was the expectation every dinner. Very formal and not at all what I was used to.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      We ended up not singing at her official birthday party. Everyone just yelled Happy Birthday Sophia and she blew out her candle. No tears!

  25. Tanya

    We have my daughter, I think on her 2nd birthday, screaming “shut up” at the top of her lungs while crying when we sang Happy Birthday. She acted like we were torturing her, but it was just SO funny! I know, I’m a terrible parent LOL

    • kimbacaffeinate

      You cannot even sing the first bar or she throws her hands over her ears and cries. We laughed too, and felt sorry all at the same time. I think we were just shocked.

  26. Danielle Nolan

    The Royals is on my “To Do”. Hope you enjoy. I also sending comforting vibes and hope the joint pain has eased and you are staying warm. Happy Monday <3

    Danielle Nolan recently posted: Sunday Sum-Up
  27. Lark

    I hope you feel better soon! I saw your video on FB of the Princess crying over her cupcake. It was so cute! I wondered if maybe it was the candle that freaked her out — she clearly wanted that cupcake, and she couldn’t have it yet because of the candle flame. Whatever the reason, I hope she calmed down and enjoyed her cupcake. 🙂

    Your “Lucy” photo quote made me laugh. Yes, I feel like that some days!

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post – 1/29/2017
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Nope, she loved blowing out the was all good until we sang and once we stopped she quickly recovered. I tried singing the song to her later and she immediately cried.

  28. Kathy

    I hope you feel better Kim! That is adorable Sofia cried and I hope she was ok with her birthday party lol. I hope you have a great visit with your Mom. Have a nice week!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #117
  29. Angela

    Hope you feel better and Happy B-Day to the Princess. I hope you have a great visit with your mom. Happy Reading!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks, Angela. My daughter just came home and rubbed some kind of peppermint oil on my temples, forehead, and back of the neck…hoping it helps. I won’t be much company if my head implodes every day she is here.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I got a flu shot, but no just a bad bout with my RA. Ha, I am not even looking for books…I do have some audio arcs I am waiting on though, and acquired one today..tehehe

  30. Geybie's Book Blog

    Happy Birthday to Sophia. I’m glad that you enjoyed you’re week especially with your Mom’s visit. I’m a graduate student and a new semester starts today. While I’m excited for it, it saddens me at the same time since it will be difficult for me to read novels. I hope I can manage to do both. Hope you have a great weekend, Kim.

    Geybie's Book Blog recently posted: Book Review – Raw Deal by Cherrie Lynn
  31. Di

    Kimba! I’m so sad to hear that you’ve been struggling with a bit of pain and just generally not feeling yourself. I hope that it’s something shortlived and that you’re back to normal soon.

    Birthday fun sounds so fun although I’m sorry the birthday girl was a little overwhelmed at the happy birthday song!

    I can’t wait to see your review of Wayfarer! It’s on my TBR for this year.

    I definitely want to do the Take Control Challenge… Just need to organise my TBR and post.

    I hope you have a great week!

    Di recently posted: Weekly Round Up #17
  32. Tyler H. Jolley

    Happy birthday Princess Sophia. It’s so funny to see their reactions when they’re under four. You just never know what they’re going to say. Safe travels to your mom. If she’s anything like mine, then bust out the sweatpants. It’s going to be a week of comfort foods.