Sunday Post #239 Show a Little Kindness

November 13th, 2016 Kimberly Sunday Post 68 Comments

13th Nov

Sunday Post

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The #HoHoHoRat began Wednesday, and it couldn’t have occurred at a better time. The baby Momma is sick, and it is making her miserable. She is now more than 80% effaced, and 4 centimeters dilated. We expect the prince to arrive on or before the 21st of November. This month is moving quickly, and I still need to buy my bird! Hopefully, I get the shopping done this week. Thanks to Marlene @ Reading Reality we are hosting the Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop. I hope you will join us!  Spend your week being kind to others, showing tolerance to those that are different and strive to make a difference in everything you do. Stay Caffeinated!


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  • One Snowy Night By Jill Shalvis (review)
  • The Christmas Wish: All I Want For Christmas, First Impressions By Nora Roberts (audio review)
  • The Bachelor Auction By Rachel Van Dyken (review)
  • Rendezvous With Yesterday By Dianne Duvall (audio review)
  • A Deadly Affection By Cuyler Overholt ( audio review)
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griffin xoxpert gift

My Xoxpert box contained a Tracers t-shirt, signed bookmark and a personal message from Laura Griffin, along with an advanced copy of newest Tracer novel. This was such a delightful surprise.

Images linked to Goodreads or Amazon.  A special thank you to Simon & Schuster Xoxperts, Avon Romance/HarperCollins

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68 Responses to “Sunday Post #239 Show a Little Kindness”

  1. Deborah

    Oh, exciting news about the prince’s arrival!!!!

    And I love that meme as I’m sitting here in a bedtime singlet and little cycle pant / shorts things because summer has well and truly hit here in Australia (along with our first storms) and I’m dressing for comfort rather than company!

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
  2. Katherine

    Oh I feel sorry for the momma! Being that pregnant and sick sounds like the absolute worst! Hope she’s feeling better with time to spare before the 21st! You got some great books this week. Sabrina Jeffries is one of my favorites and I loved the one Lauren Griffin I’ve read and have been meaning to read more. Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - November 13
  3. Mandy

    Looks like an exciting week ahead of you. I haven’t even started to do any shopping yet. The blonde is strong today I totally read bird and instantly thought oh she’s getting a pet bird. I don’t think I’m doing a bird this year just desserts. Baby waiting is always exciting but the waiting is the worst. I hope for a quick delivery. Looks like you’ve had a great week. I hope you have an amazing new week. Happy reading.

    Mandy recently posted: The Sunday Post
  4. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Oh, very exciting times, with the new baby coming very soon. Hope all goes well!

    Enjoy those books; I see several that look very tempting, like the new Laura Griffin book. Thanks for sharing.

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE
  5. Greg

    Cool Tracers shirt! And good luck to mom-to-be, I’m sure she’s ready by this point! Sounds like the little guy will be here in time for Thanksgiving. Hope your HoHoHo reading is going well…

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #168
  6. Di

    Ahh! The Prince will be here soon! I’m sorry that the momma isn’t feeling great and I hope she’s better soon.

    Lots of happenings this week! I hope it is a good one for you and that you manage to have a successful one!

    Di recently posted: Weekly Round Up #8
  7. Grace

    Oh how exciting that the little prince will be here soon!! I hope she feels better and everything goes smoothly. Lots of great books! I recently got that Lauren Layne book and am excited about it. Enjoy all your new goodies and have a great week!

    Grace recently posted: Weekly Rewind ~ 11.13.16
  8. Toady

    The Ho Ho Ho Read-a-thon did come at the perfect time. It has been nice to block out some of the world just bits, to concentrate on reading books that hold hope, and spring peace.
    It sounds like that baby will be coming soon! Yay. I hope mama feels better.

    Toady recently posted: B.B. Weekly No. 4
  9. Lola

    Good luck with the readathon! And I hope your baby’s daughter will there soon. I am currently reading sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis, will have to stop by your review of Trouble with Mistletoe. Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #204
  10. Shandy

    I hope the Baby Momma feels better soon. I remember being pregnant feeling sick and just wanting the whole thing over with, so I could hold my little one. You have some great looking books up there too. Especially the Karen Rose books. Thanks for sharing.

    Shandy recently posted: Sunday Cup of...
  11. Christina T

    Good luck with your Thanksgiving prep. My family’s Thanksgiving is today.
    I hope your daughter will feel better soon. Sounds like it won’t be long before the baby arrives.

    I will be checking out your review for the new Jill Shalvis book. I want to read that one but I’m not sure I’ll get to it for the readathon. I’m still on my first book!

  12. sjhigbee

    Fingers crossed for a safe and event-free delivery of the Prince. I really enjoyed your review of Heartless, which I’m yearning to get hold of – but there are other books in the queue first. And Christmas is ALSO looming which means I need to haul my book-buying habits to a halt! I appreciate your call for kindness – I’m hoping my countrymen and women will also recall we will achieve nothing worth having if we just retreat behind a wall and pull up the drawbridge behind us… Have a great week, Kimber.

    sjhigbee recently posted: While the Morning Stars Sing
  13. Lark

    I’m sorry your daughter is feeling sick. Hopefully the little Prince arrives soon and she will start feeling better! I love your message about being kind and tolerant. There’s been so much anger and divisiveness in the last week (or year) — we really need more kindness.

    Did you enjoy One Snowy Night? I finished it yesterday and hope to get my post up Monday, if I can finish up the review after rehearsals this afternoon.

    Have a great week!

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post – 11/13/16
  14. Berls

    Yay! I’m excited to see Prince Clayton 🙂 I hope all goes well and momma gets to feeling much better! I agree the readathon came at the perfect time. I regret that I couldn’t shut down enough to fully enjoy it until yesterday, but trying to each night helped me get to sleep at the least. Here’s to a much better week next week!

    Berls recently posted: Sunday Post | A Devastating Week
  15. Karen Blue

    Oooh, we are getting so close to meeting your new family member! I hope momma is feeling better soon. I forgot all about the read-a-thon, but you can count me in!
    I will be working (again) on Thanksgiving, so we are looking into getting a pre-made meal. My daughter is none too thrilled about being responsible for the dinner, and I agree it should not fall all on her.
    That is a really nice surprise from xoxpert! I hope you enjoy all your new reads!

  16. Michelle

    I hope that little prince comes soon, it will be so nice to spend Thanksgiving with him.
    I need to be prep for christmas. I don’t really do any cooking on Turkey Day, my mom and her sisters do that so I’ll bring something small but Christmas is my think and I need to start planning. It will be here before we know it.

    Looking forward to the Black Friday Hop…I will be doing it again this year.
    Have a great week, Kim! Happy Reading! oxox

  17. A Voracious Reader

    Oh Em Gee! Prince Clayton is going to be here before you know it! I’m so excited! And he’s not even my grandbaby. LOL I haven’t grabbed my bird or anything else either. I need to do that this week. It boggles my mind that Thanksgiving is only next week! GAH! I hope baby momma gets better quickly and that you guys have a fantastic week!

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: AVR Weekly News ~ 169th Edition
  18. Samantha

    Poor baby momma! That has to be tough! the 21st must feel like a lifetime away for her!!
    Great book haul! I am excited for the next Tracers book!
    Have a great week!

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: Week 45
  19. Kathy

    I hope your daughter feels better soon and has a safe delivery. I can’t believe how fast November has passed. I love our Xoxpert package this month too. Is At Close Range a standalone? This book sounds really good but I haven’t read the previous books. I hope you have a great week!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #109
  20. Rita

    Sorry your daughter is having a rough time of it now. I hope the Prince makes his arrival sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake!

    Yes, we need to show kindness, be compassionate and empathetic to those around us. Wish everyone would practice this behavior!

    I love Laura Griffin and am excited for you that you received that gift package. Once I won a paperback from her and she sent me a handwritten note with it– she’s a good person, besides a good author. Hope this week is exciting for you!

    Rita recently posted: Weekly List #3
  21. kindlemom1

    Kindness is definitely something we should all be showing each other more of right now and truly always, we are all on the same team as Americans regardless of our background, race, sex, or beliefs!

    Good luck to your daughter, any day now! Those last few weeks are so miserable and yet exciting too.

    kindlemom1 recently posted: WoW Pick of the Week!
  22. Yvonne

    Poor Baby Momma. Good luck to her and to all of you. November is already speeding by. Have a great week!

  23. Kristin

    I’m so sorry Baby Momma is sick!!! Hopefully it’s “just a cold” (as if there is such a thing when you’re pregnant) and sleep can fix it. Just think, this time next week, you might be a Grandma again!!! Wow!!

    Awesome book haul this week – I love the t-shirt you got. It’s actually wearable in public 😉 Hang in there, Nona!!!

    Kristin recently posted: Sunday Post #106: Always Be Batman
  24. Tressa

    I remember those pre-delivery numbers and feeling so uncomfortable. Being sick on top of that is no fun at all! I hope it all goes well!! I need to check out some of your reviews and your giveaway hop. It’s been so busy for me that I haven’t gotten a single holiday read in for the RAT, so I’m hoping this week that will change before it’s over. Have a great week!

  25. Tyler H. Jolley

    I remember those days with my wife. The last few days before the birth are the longest days ever, but so worth the wait. So happy for your entire family. Happy reading this week and sending good vibes to your daughter.

    Tyler H. Jolley recently posted: Print Release
  26. Heidi

    I am sorry your daugther is sick. We have been sick here at my house for two weeks and we can’t shake the nasty cough. I know it is so much worse when you are pregnant. Hopefully he gets here soon healthy and safe. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new nephew the first week of December, it will be a gift even though we are so sad that he won’t know his grandma. Hugs to you.

  27. Bookworm Brandee

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an easy delivery for the Prince! 🙂
    I have to do my Thanksgiving shopping done as well – I keep thinking there’s a whole other week that I *don’t* have. 😉
    Woohoo for Sabrina Jeffries and Lauren Layne! But all your books look good. Happy Reading, Kim! 😀

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Review ~ Perfectly Imperfect ~ Harper Sloan