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July 10th, 2016 Kimberly Sunday Post 65 Comments

10th Jul

Sunday Post

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I almost hate to tell you, since I feel like a Debbie Downer…but Caffeinated is sick AGAIN. Despite resting and doing all that I could to prevent its onset, I ended up back at the doctor’s office and on multiple meds. Sadly it has migrated to my chest. Instead of coffee I am sipping hot tea with honey and sleeping whenever I am able to nod off between coughing fits. It’s ugly and I am quite mizzy. I hope you are well and that the week ahead brings you joy. Stay caffeinated!

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  • Cream Of The Crop By Alice Clayton (review)
  • Luck, Love & Lemon Pie By Amy E. Reichert (review)
  • Why I Never Change My Original Rating Of A Book (Caffeinated Confessions)
  • Rise: The Complete Newsflesh Collection By Mira Grant (audio review)
  • In A Dark, Dark Wood By Ruth Ware (audio review)
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65 Responses to “Sunday Post #221 Proud to be a Blogger”

  1. Deborah

    Oh no Kimberly, I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick again. And in summer too! I hope all of the medicines help and you improve quickly!

    And you’ve got a stack of new books this week. I only got 1-2 thankfully. I mean, I love my new arrivals but my TBR pile stresses me out!

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
  2. Katherine

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re still feeling poorly and that its spread to your chest. Those are so awful. I do hope you’re getting lots and lots of rest. So many great books this week and I’m excited to see what you thought of In a Dark Dark Woods! That glass house still give me the shivers. Have a great week and hope you feel better soon!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - July 10
  3. Laurel-Rain Snow

    So sorry you’ve been ill! Take care, get lots of rest, and push those liquids! I hope you get to enjoy some of those delicious books while getting better.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE
  4. Greg

    Hoping you feel better Kimba! Rest and hope it goes away pronto. Have a great week and looking forward to your Caffeinated Confession!

    Nice to see the proud to be a blogger thing too. With all the talk in the blogosphere about drama and are bloggers looked at differently, it’s nice to see positivity.

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #150
  5. Literary Feline

    I look forward to your post on never changing your ratings. This is the first year I’ve rated books twice. Once when I first finish a book and am still on a book high and then again after I write my review–after a little time has passed. It’s been interesting to see whether my view changes. I have gone down in rating (although not by much), and not yet up at all.

    I am sorry you are sick again. I caught my daughter’s pink eye unfortunately, but it has cleared up for the both of us mostly. I still have a couple more days on the eye drops.

    I hope you have a great week, Kim. Feel better soon!

  6. Nick

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re still not well, Kim. I wonder if it’s the weather? You should definitely drink all the tea to soothe yourself.
    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on To Have and To Hold. I adored it and I hope you do too. I read the next book in that series too and loved it even more.
    Happy reading, Kim!

    Nick recently posted: The Weekly Recap (198)
  7. Maureen Beatrice

    So sorry to hear you are sick Kimberly. I do hope you feel better soon. 😉
    Looks like you’ve got some great new books. Especially ‘Family Tree’ really grabbed my attention. Sounds like a good read.

    Maureen Beatrice recently posted: The Sunday Post #23
  8. Karen Blue

    I am delighted to see you got Baby Doll. I just finished that book and I am going to be publishing my review very soon (maybe even later today).
    It is crap that you are sick, again! Drink fluids, get your rest, take care of you!
    With all the drama this week in the blogging world, it is nice to see you sharing some blogger pride. Too bad not everyone does.

    Karen Blue recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up #94
  9. sjhigbee

    So sorry to hear that you are smitten once more:(. I very much hope the meds do their stuff and your very generous book haul goes some way to alleviating your misery:(. I HATE being ill during the summer – it always feels as if the world is cheating… Take care and best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

  10. Kristin

    NO NO NO!!! I know between the weather, air conditioning, and just… NOOOOOO!!!! I’m so sorry you got sick all the way down to the breathing bags!!!! Feel better soon, please!

    I LOVE all the wonderful books you got in the house last week!! Niiiice 🙂 Now, go back to sleep….

    Kristin recently posted: Sunday Post #94: What a Crappy Week
  11. Melissa (My words and pages)

    Oh no. It seems that cold just doesn’t want to leave you. Sorry to hear! Hope you feel better soon. Hope you have a relaxing week.

  12. A Voracious Reader

    Oh no! Major {{{POSIVIBES}}} that you’ll get better asap! *waves magic wand* Not sure if the wand works, but you never know.

    Um…I’m not sure why my link is showing twice in the link up. Maybe I’m just that awesome? *looks befuddled*

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: AVR Weekly News ~ 152nd Edition
  13. Jan

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick again, Kimba. So frustrating for you as well as feeling really crummy, too. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon.

    Jan recently posted: Sunday Post: July 10
  14. Kathy

    Sorry to hear your not feeling good again. I had a cough that lasted 3 weeks. It was awful and my stomach was sore from my coughing fits. I hope you can get some rest and feel better soon.

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #100
  15. Mandy

    Gosh it’s just one of those years for you. Hopefully things will get better it’s no fun being sick. Hopefully with the meds this one won’t last to long. I hope you have a speedy recovery. I had no idea Cream of the Crop is out. I need to snag a copy. Have a great week!!! Get better.

    Mandy recently posted: The Sunday Post
  16. Lola

    I am sorry to hear you’re sick again. I hope you’re feeling better soon and I hope that tea with honey is helping.

    I am curious about your post about why you never change your original rating. I don’t do that either. Will have to remember to stop by next week to read that post.

    I hope you’ll have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #186
  17. Lark

    I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! That stinks–you’ve had more than your fair share of being sick recently. I hope the meds, plenty of rest, and lots of nice warm soothing liquids will help you get over it.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on not changing your ratings, and also your review of Luck, Love, and Lemon Pie, because the title is almost irresistible. Have a healthier week and take good care of yourself!

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post – 7/10/16
  18. Charlie

    Oh, Kimba, that stinks! I think it is the same thing the man had recently. I hope the meds start working soon and you’re able to get some sleep and a reprieve for your throat!

  19. La La in the Library

    Oh no, not again. I know they say it doesn’t work, but but when my son had severe anemia from his illness he had to take large amounts of vitamin C to help the absorption of his iron supplements, and he never got a cold and when he did get a respiratory bug it never hung on. When he didn’t need his suppliments any longer, and stopped taking the large ammounts of C, he started catching colds again. I started taking a triple dose of C everyday last November and I have not had one cold or respirsatory illness. The two previous years I got sick all the time. Your The Hatching review was excellent; ha ha! I loved the King review, too. I still have to get back to your Paper and Fire review. GET BETTER! That is an order. Don’t try to do too much. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

    La La in the Library recently posted: THE SUNDAY POST #68
  20. Tyler H. Jolley

    Kimba, I’m sorry you’re sick. Being sick always sucks, but it’s especially sucky when you’re sick in the summer. Get better.

  21. Rita

    So sorry that you are feeling ill again. Maybe you are overdoing things in your daily life and getting too run down? Anyway, hope you bounce back soon! I look forward to reading Family Tree also, and am reading a Susan Wiggs older book now.

    Rita recently posted: Faithful Review