Confessions Only a Book Addict Understands…

March 23rd, 2016 Kimberly Feature 72 Comments

23rd Mar

Caffeinated Confessions

Confessions only a Book Addict Understands….

12 confessions only a fellow Book Addict would understand. Please tell me I am not alone and feel free to share your own Book Addict Problems!

    1. A friend recommends a series that you have never heard of. You get all excited and pop on Kindle and one clicks the first book… Amazon tells you that it seems you bought this book on April 2, 2014. *facepalm* Sometimes I think I one-click books in my sleep.
    2. You own a Kindle, Nook and have both apps on your smartphone and the Audible App is on all of them. You have to be sure you are covered when out and about. This leads to my next bookish problem….
    3. You reach for the next book in a series and are sure you have bought it..but on which device? Upon looking it up you discover you’ve bought the eBook on both Nook and Kindle *face-palm*

      Throw money away…..

    4. You are constantly checking the battery life on your eReader. I usually have one charging while I am reading the other.
    5. When Goodreads goes down you panic. Admit it, you get a little anxious and keep refreshing that screen. Is there some cardinal rule that I need to add a book to my reading list BEFORE I begin reading it? When Goodreads is down it sure the heck feels like it!waiting for Goodreads
    6. You have more book release notifications in your Inbox than actual emails. I have deals and steals notifications, Amazon sends me to release info on favorite authors, Goodreads sends me notifications and Audible lets me know when favorite authors and narrators have upcoming releases. Not to mention all the dang publisher newsletters and author newsletters. Addict? Moi?
    7. Your Google Calendar has more book birthday notifications than actual friend’s birthdays. I always mark release dates for upcoming series releases or highly anticipated releases.happybookbirthday
    8. You’re constantly sleep deprived of reading just one more chapters.Sleepy
    9. You plan your social life and yes sometimes your work life around an anticipated book release/event. Before I started working for myself, I scheduled the release day of a few series off as personal days or *cough* sick days. Let’s not mention the anxiety I feel when there is a “social event” I need to attend on release day.
    10. After reading a book you loved, you often find yourself using expressions found in the book in your daily life. Gorydamn is one of my favorite curse words. (Red Rising fans are snorting) Don’t even get me started on how often I quote Charley Davidson.
    11. When I am completely caught up in a story, life annoys me..things like having to feed my family, getting dressed, sleeping, responsibilities…grrr.belongtoabook
    12. If I am completely honest, the smartphone with its triple memory card I carry is solely for my book/audio apps.


So there you have it confessions only a book addict understands. Share some of yours or tell me I am not alone!

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72 Responses to “Confessions Only a Book Addict Understands…”

  1. Mary Kirkland

    #11 is so true for me. That’s probably why I read late at night when hubby is in bed. I don’t have some of those other problems because I only have the one Kindle and I buy mostly paperbacks.

  2. Heather B

    Oh, let’s not forget the joy of waking up to a notification from Amazon that your pre-ordered highly anticipated release is on your Kindle, only to have UPS bring you the hardback/paperback later the same day because you managed to pre-order both versions without realizing it. Or so I’ve heard. From a friend. Not me. Nope, totally not me….

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Bwahaha..I love that! Although I do own all three formats of some of my favorite series. One eBook version, one hardcover and one audio…of EACH book in the series..LOL however this was done intentionally, unlike my 7.99 mistake of buying the book on Nook and Amazon..oops!

  3. Nick

    Hahahaha! This is hilarious, Kim! 😀
    I resonated with so many of these! The checking the battery life and panic when GR goes down is especially true!
    Awesome post, Kim!

    Nick recently posted: W...W...W... Wednesday (2)
  4. Greg

    Battery life should never go down so irritating! Between the games and the reading is it ever charged up? lol. And yeah #8- reading seems to trump sleeping every time. 🙂

    Greg recently posted: A Dance with Dragons
  5. Lark

    Oh, some of these are so familiar — and all of them made me smile! I got the low-end 7″ Kindle Fire in addition to my Kindle Paperwhite. The stated reason was to try out some apps I wanted to try (like Wunderlist) but the REAL reasons were a) to be able to read books with illustrations and b) as a backup to my Paperwhite in case I ran out of battery. 🙂

    I’ve been known to take a day off to read a new release, too. (It helps that I’m self-employed!) As for sleep vs. books, is there really any competition? 😉

  6. Melanie Simmons

    I totally get this. I’ve done many of these. The fact that I have the Kindle app on my phone saved me the other day. We were running a few errands before going to a tax appointment. We ended up there an hour early. I quickly downloaded the book onto my Kindle app and read on my phone.for that hour. I gone to buy an ebook only to realize that I already had it purchased. I’ve also bought on nook and kindle. *sigh*

    Melanie Simmons recently posted: Blackout Audiobook by Mira Grant (REVIEW)
  7. Jenny

    YES TO ALL OF THESE! But especially #11. There’s nothing worse than real life on the release day for a long-awaited book. Don’t talk to me, don’t expect me to move from my spot on the couch, and just generally don’t try and separate me from my Precious until I’m done:)

  8. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    2, 5, 8, 10, and 11 are all me! Especially 5! I panic when Goodreads goes down and I’m needing to update my status in a book I’m reading. As for 8, my sleep deprivations is starting to come more from audiobooks. I only listen to them usually in the car or at the gym, but when the story is really good, sometimes I’ll think I’ll just listen to one chapter. But it’s not enough, I have to know what is going to happen! Such a fun post!

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday: The Crown (The Selection #5) by Kiera Cass
  9. Lekeisha

    Haha! I understand completely. Especially quoting your favorite characters! Also, forgetting that you’ve already one clicked a book years earlier. I remember when Allegiant was released. I had already out in a request to be off that day, so that I could go buy the book as soon as BAM opened. No one understands our needs like we do. I am not ashamed.

  10. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Ha-ha, you nailed us! I am always checking my battery on my Kindle, too, as it seems to use sooo much life! Could it be because I’m always reading on it? And God forbid the battery dies just when a pre-ordered book is reading to download!

    Not to mention all the other downloading I must do after visiting blogs in the mornings. But…I don’t have to call in sick to work…since I work for myself these days…

    I hadn’t thought of putting release dates on Google calendar…great idea!

    Thanks for making me smile before I’ve even had coffee this morning…LOL

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE
  11. Lucia

    I gorydamn love this post! Constantly checking the battery life on my eReader (and carrying “just in case” paperback with me), feeling weird when Goodreads is down and planning my social life around book releases is definitely how my book addiction works as well 🙂

    Lucia recently posted: GILMORE GIRLS BOOK TAG
  12. Sarah

    Oh ALL OF THESE. But especially 1 and 3. It’s so hard to keep track of books that you already own/read when you have like 5 different devices with 5 different reading apps… haha!

  13. Daniela Ark

    Great post! May I add another one?? Owning all formats of a book 🙂 I actually learned it form you recently, though you didn’t mean it as an advice. I think it was a book review. You said you loved the book so much you had all three formats. Thanks for the great idea! I rediscover my love for real books and know I have less DNFs. I realized that I don’t enjoy some books in electronic format! what a weirdo LOL

  14. kindlemom1

    Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard right now because I just finished Morning Star and for the past few days, that word as been stuck in my head LOL! I thought I was the only one. I think it might become my new favorite curse word. 😉

    kindlemom1 recently posted: Spring Break, Break
  15. Bookworm Brandee

    That one…that one…and yes, that one… Yep, I can relate to all your confessions. The only one I don’t have in common is the smartphone with triple memory card. Buuuut, that’s a great idea!! bwahahahaha!! I have to tell you that I laughed hardest and longest over the Google calendar having more book birthdays than friends’. Yeah, so that!!

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Cover Reveal & #Giveaway ~ Right ~ Jana Aston
  16. Tanya

    This is 100% true. My kindle gets plugged in every night. Plus I carry a cord. No way is that puppy dying on me. I have become a planner addict this year. I have stickers to just mark the times I read or when I can listen to my books. They are scheduled. No one is screwing with stuff I am scheduled to do. Now we must discuss your notifications. Where are you getting the notifications from? Do you pick your favorite authors and then Amazon and Goodreads just sends you updates on those only? How does this work? I have to know because I am a disorganized book release date mess right now! 🙂

  17. Heidi

    Yoru post acutally makes me feel better about my bookish habits. I am not quite as bad. I only have a Kindle and an iPhone and an iPad not two ereaders 🙂 I don’t buy hardly any books for the same reason you mentioned and I am so behind on my ARCS that there is no point until I catch up. Sigh….. I need more hours in the day to read.

  18. Maureen Beatrice

    I love this Kimberly. And how true these confessions are.. I always double check my eReader battery.. I would hate to have no battery. Another confession for me would be that I ALWAYS bring a book with me anywhere.. work, family visits.. just everywhere. It doesn’t matter that I don’t have the kind of job where you can’t read.. I just take a book with me and I feel better. 😀

  19. Lexxie

    So much all of this, Kim, apart from the Nook. They won’t sell books to people abroad, so I’m saved by that. Gorydamn and Bloodydamn have become my favorite swearwords, too 😀 They are both so good, and have so much feeling in them 🙂
    I have a kindle app on both my phone and my iPad, plus more than one actual kindle, too, plus, it happens more often than not that amazon informs me about the prior purchase of that book I thought I just found out about 😉
    Great post!

  20. Eva

    YES to all of these! I totally agree that when you are caught up in a story, real life sucks when it intrudes!! I am also obsessed with the battery life on e-reader and am always buying the first in series and forgetting about them until I see another blogger recommend them and I go to purchase . . . great list!!

  21. Lover Of Romance

    haha this is a rockin’ post!! Made me burst out in laughter and is all true. Especially goodreads. Whenever it goes down for updates or just over its traffic limits—I go crazy…checking facebook and twitter updates and refreshing every two seconds. hehe I rely on GR way too much.

  22. Lindsey

    Oh you are so not alone! I spend my whole day at work itching to get back into my book and it’s a nightmare if I don’t have an overflow of books that all have review dates/library deadlines etc and I can’t stop ordering more! I loved this post!

  23. Debbie Haupt

    Kim first sorry I’ve been awol lately but OMG this was the review month from heck 😉
    Everything gets put to bed on Monday not only did I have to review my series but I requested two and then two authors I usually review for have June releases and oh yeah LibraryJournal who I haven’t had a book from in 6mos send me two LOL Okay sorry

    I can definitely relate to 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 wow were we all separated at birth, is there a recessive blogger gene do you think 🙂 Love the post you kill me and believe me right now I needed it!! Love you xoxo

  24. Amber Elise

    I’m definitely guilty of number 9. My husband is my chaffeur, so if there is a book signing going on…he’s going too!

  25. Sophia Rose

    Yep, all the above. And making sure that all my nearest and dearest have my wish list when they head to their library sales and city yard sales. Being left alone while I do chores or errands, but suddenly someone NEEDs to talk when they see me settled in with my book. Having to make sure that purses, etc will indeed hold my Kindle since I never go anywhere without at least that or a paper copy even if it’s just to the store because ‘just in case’ happens. Getting odd looks and lots of space at the dentist’s office when I forget I’m in public and growl-grumble-giggle or mutter at the book.
    Yep, we do have our issues. LOL

  26. Stephanie

    These are great! While I relate to so many of them- 8, 10, and 11 are SOOOOO me! I am tired today because I stayed up way too late last night reading. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Jaime Lester

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! That’s 12 yes’s right? Well, it should be because YES to all of the above~!

  28. AngelErin

    Oh my gosh yes! You are not alone here Kim. I just love the one about Goodreads, that is so true! When Goodreads is down I don’t know what to do with my life. I need on Goodreads RIGHT NOW. Lol! I have to admit that if I’m blogging, reading, or doing anything book related, I will ignore phone calls and texts. Then when the person asks me why I missed their call I make something up because I know they won’t understand why finishing my book or whatever was more important. 😡

  29. Rita

    Love this discussion. Yep, yep and yep. I have a Paperwhite that I read on and a Kindle Fire that I play games on and watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime on sometimes but it’s my second choice for reading books on (as you mentioned, one is charging while the other is used and also a print book is always lying on the coffee table for those emergency times when, oops, no e-reader available to use! Now that I’m starting audio, that’s another category I have, so I can conceivably have 4 stories going if I wanted in different locations.

    And #8…. yes to the max!! Can’t you tell by my untouched photo on my blog, lol. My eye bags should have their own zip code!

    Rita recently posted: A Muddied Murder Review
  30. Candace

    Yes for sure about using terms from books! And yesterday I had the day off from the computer for a mini trip and when waiting on coffee I glanced at my email and I had 124 emails (this was just from about 4 hours of not checking) and my mom looked over my shoulder and I showed her the insaneness. Everyone was either a blog comment or something book related. It was insanity!

  31. Katherine

    Not all of these directly apply to me but I definitely understand them! I get so many notifications of book releases and books splurges and newsletters and everything it’s crazy and I definitely panic when Goodreads goes down. What if I forget that I want to read a book??

  32. Lorna

    Yes to all of these except I don’t have a nook. I do have five Kindles although I only use three! Also I want to know how I can get a triple memory card for my smart phone? I’ve been getting library books as well lately. I need an intervention or something!

  33. Liza Barrett

    Hahaha, I definitely do some of these 🙂 I DO have an exorbitant amount of book-related apps on my phone. Thank goodness for folders on the homepage, or I’d never be able to find anything! The majority of my phone’s battery power/memory goes to Audible, for-sure. And I use book-related “swear” words all the time! Most of high school my friends and I always said “void it back to the turn!” when we were angry … which was a combination of at least 2 series … I shall have to recall some of my favorites and use them to wean myself off of real swear words, now that I’m having a little one 🙂

  34. Judith

    Nailed each and every one of them. I have taken vacation days from work for a book release. The night that Harry Potter 7 was released I was in line to get it at midnight and had that bad boy read and finished by 6:30 am. I also remember once giving a worker at Barnes and Noble a hard time because when they opened their doors that morning the newest Laurell K Hamilton wasn’t already on the shelf waiting on me to pick it up. (Many years ago)

    Thank goodness for ebooks and direct deliver to your reader. You know a book addict spearheaded that little invention. 🙂

  35. Suzanne

    How funny! What a great list! I am definitely one to suffer from 1, 2, 3 & 4!! Thanks for sharing and letting us know we are not alone…

  36. Dani Chapman

    LOL… yes, yes and yes. So many of those are so very true to me. I even have one to add – Never leave home with out at least one of your ereaders (mine is my Paperwhite). It fits nicely in my purse and since I make my husband drive when we are together I can read while he tries to chat with me (paperbag over face).