Sunday Post #192 Baking, Wrapping and Last Minute Rushing

December 20th, 2015 Kimberly Sunday Post 66 Comments

20th Dec

Sunday Post

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Sunday Post #192 I did it!

I got all of my Christmas shopping done despite this miserable cough and cold. We went out Thursday afternoon and then on Friday I did the big food shopping trip..gads. I have been spending the first two days of my blogger break baking, cleaning and hopefully sometime today wrapping. We are having two Christmas dinners this year. Our daughter who is currently out-of-state will arrive way past my bedtime on Monday. On Tuesday we are celebrating Christmas complete with turkey and the trimmings. All of my children will be here, so it should be wonderful. Then on Christmas morning we are having brunch with the rest of the family (which I am making) and finally Christmas day dinner of surf and turf with just our son. I am going to need stretch pants this week!! It is hard as our kids grow older. We have to sharing them and I feel truly blessed we will all be together at least once this week. I hope your week is Merry and Bright and above all Caffeinated!!

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I managed to make my steps each day despite illness, and of course shopping pushed me over. I made healthy choices, simply because my appetite was off. Next week..eek gads.

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66 Responses to “Sunday Post #192 Baking, Wrapping and Last Minute Rushing”

  1. Greg

    Glad you got your shopping done. I’m still shopping. 🙂 A week to go (less, actually) yikes how did that happen? Ha ha. Love the pirate quote… and I was just looking at Fire Touched earlier for a cover post, those look fun.

    Have a great Christmas!!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #122
  2. Katherine

    That’s great that everyone will be home for Christmas! This year we will have everyone here but I suddenly am very aware that that won’t always be the case. It’s kind of funny how much time we spend organizing Christmas and it’s kind of strange to be making the jump to having adult children. Have a lovely Christmas and a great week! And find some time to get a little relaxing in!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - December 20
  3. Kathy

    You have a busy week ahead but it is nice that all your family will be with you. We have a big family so we are also have 2 parties. I hope you have a great Christmas and get some time to rest.

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #81
  4. Lark

    Huzzah for finishing the Christmas shopping! I’m nearly done – I still need to mail a few things. Guess I’d better send them Priority Mail or even Express!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. While it’s tough having to share your kids on Christmas, it’s wonderful that you’ll get to see them all this week. We’re doing two Christmas dinners also: one with just my parents and the three of us on Christmas Day, and a second over at my sister’s house on Boxing Day, with my sister’s family and my semi-adopted sister’s family — lots of laughter and games and catching up with each other.

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post – 12/20/15
  5. Kristin

    That is so fantastic you’re still walking with how crappy you feel! I need to do something, anything, to get some exercise! I think I shall make a plan, a resolution if you will, to start doing it next year after I eat my way through the holidays (I crack myself up).

    May I come over for surf and turf? 😀

    AWESOME that you got the new Mercy book! I still need to read Patty’s last two books, Mercy’s and A&O! Hardcovers are expensive 😉 And the library is so FAR away now… yep, lazy butt!!

    Have fun wrapping!!

  6. Michelle

    It’s weird that it’s only 5 days away…we haven’t wrapped anything, the trees are not up, we didn’t even put lights up outside. Though to be honest none of us has felt 100% in a long time, and we did just get new floors put in. I have a feeling we’re going to be rushing around this week, as we host a get together on christmas eve.

    I’m going to sleep so much after this….

    Michelle recently posted: Sunday Post (184)
  7. Annemieke

    It is always great when you can get the family together. This Christmas we’ll have to do without my parents as I have to work a part of the holiday as does my mom. So we’ll try and have a weekend in January to celebrate late.

    Annemieke recently posted: Sunday Post #24
  8. Lexxie

    Your Christmas sounds like it will be amazing, Kim! And I’m so happy all your kids (how many do you have?) will come and spend at least one of the days with you. I hadn’t thought about the sharing them for the holidays… of course, my oldest is only 20, but she’s going with her boyfriend’s family for a week in the mountains during the vacation, so while she’s with us for the holiday, she’ll not be for the rest of the time off.
    I’m sure my mom must be looking forward to this Christmas, too, as she’ll have both her daughters and all her grandchildren under one roof for four days 😀
    I hope that with all your preparations, you’ll also have some time for enjoying all your kids and Sophia. Have a very Merry Christmas! God Jul! Joyeux Noël.

  9. Grace

    All of your Christmas meals sound amazing. I agree all the food this week totally will have me living in yoga pants for a while. We had to start a schedule without parents for Christmas time where we alternate Christmas Day and Christmas Eve with each side. It is so hard but the only way to be fair. Enjoy all your new books and have a great week and Merry Christmas!

    Grace recently posted: Weekly Rewind ~ 12.20.15
  10. Lory

    Have a wonderful time with your family. I’m looking forward to slowing down the pace a bit. I’ll probably need stretch pants too, haha!

    Lory recently posted: Month in Review
  11. A Voracious Reader

    I have all my shopping done, but now I have to wrap. And I’m still waiting on two packages to arrive. I hate shopping on my best days, but to think you went out when feeling like crap, well…I bow to you. I hope you feel better soon and have a fantastic week!

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: AVR Weekly News ~ 123rd Edition
  12. tonyalee

    Glad you got your shopping done as well! The mall was insanity yesterday! I hope you have a lovely time with your family and enjoy your Christmas!

    tonyalee recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up (89)
  13. Holly

    Our rotation changes each year as to which family we spend Christmas day with. I’m sure it makes it hard on the parents of the family we aren’t with when it’s not “their year”. But you are so right – enjoy the time all of the family can be together, no matter what day of the week this week it falls on. Merry Christmas!

  14. Angela

    I hope you are feeling better. That is wonderful that your family (kids) are all visiting this week and you get to see them. I’m doing the big grocery run on Monday. Eee Gads! I’ll be cooking my first Christmas dinner this year for my parents who are coming to visit us on Tuesday. Have a great Holiday Kimberly.

  15. Melissa (My words and pages)

    Oh I’m so glad you are done with your shopping. I’m usually done by now, but… *sigh* life has been crazy for us these last weeks. I’m thinking i’m going to be a last minute shopper this week. I hate that. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

  16. Melanie Simmons

    Sorry that you still aren’t feeling well. Hope you are feeling better by the time your family shows up. It is great that you are able to have all your kids together for one day this week, even if it isn’t Christmas day. For DH and me, it is just the two of us this year. My mom wasn’t able to come this year and his parents are in Florida. We did our Christmas and Thanksgiving at the same time. I saw my brother in November too, so I’m just happy to have seen almost everyone. My mom will come in the summer.

    Melanie Simmons recently posted: 2015 Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop
  17. Charlie

    You are a better woman than I! I would be in spiral mode trying to get everything accomplished. I would definitely be hyped on caffeine…which is not hard to do these days. Two sodas and I’m wired for the whole night. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family!

  18. Mandy

    Wow looks like you had a great week even if you do have the lingering cough. I’m almost done with my shopping for xmas just have to wrap which I hate.. I love the baking but not sure if I could cook two dinners eek. Good luck!!!! . I’m so jealous you have the new Mercy Thompson series. She’s one of my few drop everything to read series. Can’t wait to see what you think. Thanks so much for hosting. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!

    Mandy recently posted: The Sunday Post
  19. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m happy to hear that you got all of your shopping done, despite the cold. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon – being sick is the worst!! I have pretty much all of my shopping finished. I might need one or two small things, but my mom and I got most of the wrapping done yesterday too, so we’re doing well.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Sunday Post (8): I'm a Graduate!
  20. Karen Blue

    It is really great that you will have everyone together for xmas and congrats on getting all the shopping done despite being sick. I am so glad to have all my shopping done, now I jut have some unpacking to finish. I hope you enjoy your break!

    Karen Blue recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up #66
  21. La La in the Library

    Omg, what a ton of To Dos with a bad cold. I have just my son at home, so I only have to make lasagna for two. Have a marvelous time with your family around you, and the little munchkin. Merry Christmas!

    La La in the Library recently posted: THE SUNDAY POST #38
  22. Nise'

    Now that shopping is done, hope you have a bit of time to recover before everyone arrives! I’ve got tons of wrapping to do while listening to audio.

    Nise' recently posted: Reading Wrap Up
  23. Ramona

    Glad you finished the shopping – I still have some to deal with, though it’s mostly groceries. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’ll be up and at ’em, lol 🙂 Hope your coughing improves, Kimba – it’s not fun to be less than 100% especially around this time of year… Merry Christmas! Enjoy both parties 🙂

    Ramona recently posted: Literary Facts About Christmas
  24. Tyler H. Jolley

    Merry Christmas, Kim. I’m so glad you get your entire family home. I was thinking about it,a and I only have three more Christmas’ where no one will have to travel home for Christmas. I’m really going to embrace this time we have left.

  25. Elsi

    I’m still shopping. Probably will be shopping on Thursday!

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday with your family. I know I’m looking forward to some time to visit with my kids. They live nearby, but “life” tends to dominate. We can use the down-time to connect & share.

    Mercy Thompson has been a favorite in the past — I think I need to resume reading the series. Thanks for reminding me of it. Enjoy your books.

    Elsi recently posted: Sunday Summary: 20 December 2015
  26. Lorna

    Feels good getting all your shopping and wrapping done,I have the shopping done but still have a few to wrap. Sounds like your Christmas week will be filled with family, food and hopefully fun! Great combination. Enjoy!

  27. Adriana

    I actually finished this weekend too. I thought I was done, but I just bought some more gifts. I’m done with all my wrapping which is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Happy to see you’ll have all your kids with you on Christmas. I hope you feel better. My mom has gotten something really sucky for a few days. At least she’s getting some rest.

    Adriana recently posted: Court by Cat Patrick