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October 18th, 2015 Kimberly Sunday Post 139 Comments

18th Oct

Sunday Post

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Doe anyone else lose hours of their time tweaking, playing with picMonkey, and such for their blog? I can get sucked in rather quickly and the next thing you know three hours have gone by *shrugs* but I made cute new feature buttons. We had our first frost this week. I swear coffee tastes divine when the air is chilly and I am wearing fuzzy socks! I’ve got a lot happening on the blog. I am co-hosting the Black Friday Book Bonanza Hop and sign-ups posted this week. I’ve been working on March’s Take Control of Your TBR Pile (sign-up posts Jan. 6th) and May’s Clean Sweep ARC Challenge.  I usually invite a blogger to co-host Clean Sweep each year with me  (someone who hasn’t done events on their own and wants to gain experience), if you are interested please use the contact form and let me know. The Ho-Ho-Ho read-a-thon is only a month still have time to sign-up and gather winter or holiday reads. I added book icons to my posts (see around the Blogosphere). Ooo and I am going to BEA in 2016. I have a roomie and we’ve booked our hotel. Squee! Sorry, I was MIA last weekend, a severe headache kept me from participating. Be positive, uplift others and stay Caffeinated!

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  • Dark Heart Of Magic By Jennifer Estep (review).
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  • One Touch More By Mandy Baxter  (review)
  • Dead Girl Running By Ann M. Noser (review)
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  • I am addicted to Ashley @ Nose Graze’s UBB plugin and add-ons. Which is why I am an affiliate. I use them and totally recommend them. Wednesday I bought her  UBB Icon Tags Add-on and then bought Parajunkie’s Flat Book Blogger Icons . Love them! I like that it also creates a taxonomy for them, click one and you see all the books I labeled with a particular icon.
  • Kathy @ Kathy Reads shared, “All Hallows Reading Treats from Kiddie to Adult
  • I started a Facebook group, “Caffeinated Book Club” for folks to get together, kick their shoes off and chat about books. My hope is that we can choose a book each month to read and discuss. Just like a physical book club, but virtual. If this interests you, please ask for an invite. Each month we will choose a different book. All genres will be on the table. The idea is to get each other to try new genres from YA to Adult, from romance to literary fiction.
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I made good food choices and chased a very active Princess around all week. With my head cold, I didn’t walk as much as I would have liked and the blog tweaking sessions did nothing except make my backache. I am going to look into some fitness videos. We nixed the treadmill since the little one is here.

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139 Responses to “Sunday Post #183 -Lost Hours”

  1. Natalie

    I haven’t delved into picMonkey…yet. It’s something I was planning to check out next week sometime, but now I think I need to set more time aside for it from what you’ve said! I’m not a big coffee fan, but it’s definitely coming into hot chocolate season, and I am all over that – a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, and a good book to read… yes please!

    Natalie recently posted: Stacking The Shelves #181
  2. Lexxie

    You got some really good looking books this week, Kim, I hope you’ll enjoy them. And we got our first frost this week too… I felt like lighting a fire in the fire place 🙂
    I’m going to BEA too! It will be my first ever BEA, and I’m so excited 🙂
    Have a fantastic week ahead and happy reading.

  3. Greg

    We had some snow flakes today but just a few and they didn’t last- although they did get snow up north. It got a bit cold… 🙂

    Congrats on BEA! For those in the Midwest it’s a lot easier to get to now although I feel bad for those out east who have to go farther. Looking forward to HoHoHo although I need to get some wintery reads lined up.

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post
  4. A Voracious Reader

    My butt is kinda nice. My gut on the other hand is…well, I look like I’m pregnant. Gotta do something about that because O.O. lol It’s 1:08 am EST and I’m still up due to alcohol consumption and Spike/Buffy videos. Jeez my life is so exciting. LOL Fuzzy socks are a must for the next few nights as we’re supposed to be in the 30s. Yeesh! Anyway, I’m feelin’ kinda toasty so I better sign off before I do something totally ridiculous. 😀 Have a great week, Kimberly!

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: The Sunday Post ~ 114th Edition
    • kimbacaffeinate

      I had a Monster Mean Bean about 11 pm so I am wide-away! Gonna snuggle with some pirates in NOLA in a bit and hopefully wind down. Go be naughty Carol!!

  5. Bea

    I can get lost in PicMonkey. I need to explore more of its offerings but then I’ll lose even more time. 😀

    I’ve been drinking cocoa and hot tea; autumn has come to New England!

    Stay warm and happy reading!

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #163
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Did you think we were yanking your chain? We wanted you to room with us. Yes..White Trash. I will probably listen when I take my winter holiday break in December. I unplug the last two weeks and it recharges me 🙂

  6. Red Iza

    I don’t tweak much, but I’m thoroughly enjoying my warm tea while wearing fuzzy socks ! I love your random pic, I posted one for you on my Sunday post 😉 I’ve been MIA several weeks, but I’m trying come back and have subscribed to the FB Sunday post group – I’ll try to participate at least a week, the book club thing interests me. Take care, I hope you feel better soon, have a great week-end and have fun chasing the little Princess 🙂

  7. Michelle

    I love PicMonkey…but I think I use Canva more because of the bookstore. I usually need to make graphics for the facebook page and it’s really easy to get something that looks good made really quickly.
    And that’s awesome that you’re going to BEA!

    I hope you have a good week Kimba

    Michelle recently posted: Sunday Post (175)
  8. Ramona

    Your new book club sounds so interesting! I asked for an invite… 🙂 I’ll sign up for the hop too. As for wasting time on PicMonkey – yup, I did just that these past weeks. I’m planning a full revamp for the one-year anniversary. Happy weekend, K! <3

    Ramona recently posted: Fall Time Cozy Book Bag Tag
  9. Annemieke

    Now that is getting colder I am drinking 200% more tea than normal haha. It just tastes so much better when it is cold so that must be the same with coffee. I’m sorry to hear about your headache. I hope you’ve been feeling better.

    Happy Reading!

    Annemieke recently posted: Sunday Post #15
  10. Trish

    I’m getting more and more addicted to PicMonkey too and I’ve finally cracked overlays! I didn’t realise you should use the combined button and I was always confused about them now. I’ve made some new feature graphs , some basic icons to use in posts and I’m getting more confident with everyone I make.
    The book club sounds like fun 🙂

  11. sherry fundin

    Oh man, how did I not know about picmonkey. I am loving it. I tried some challenges this year, but I am terrible about updating them. Guess I will make that a priority for this month. My problem is that I can get ahead one month and fall behind the next. lol

    sherry fundin recently posted: Sherry’s Shelves #56 – Books & Fun
  12. Nelle

    I want to go to BEA but it’s way to far for me 🙂 I may be able to do NYC in 2017 as hubby has family up there. I host with Ashley, I LOVE her plugins and templates! That’s funny as soon as the book Icons came out I rushed over and bought the watercolor graphics from Rachel @Parajunkee. I get lost in FACEBOOK the great time suck. I use PSP 18 for graphics although sometimes it’s easier to use picMonkey or Pixler.

  13. Amy

    I had to laugh. We haven’t had our first frost yet, but I totally agree about the coffee! I adore coffee, total addict here 😀 he he. I hope your headaches better 🙂
    All the best,
    Amy x

    Amy recently posted: The Sunday Post #28
  14. Lark

    Sounds like you’ve been a busy blogger this week – wow! I know what you mean about the lure of some sites. PicMonkey, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest can all suck me in for hours at a time. And now I’ve discovered Canva. Eep.

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post – 10/18/15
  15. Lola

    It’s been getting pretty cold here too, I started wearign one of my warm sweathers this week. Tweaking sure can take a lot of time, although it can also be fun and nice when it’s done. I like your idea for the virtual book club, although I am not sure how often I can participate, I would like to join. Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #148
    • kimbacaffeinate

      I think it will be fun, and I figured books won’t appeal to everyone each month..but love the idea of being able to chat about them.

  16. Melissa (My words and pages)

    Wow! You are a busy bee! lol. I seem to get sucked into things when surfing the web and lose hours, and forget what I was searching for to begin with. lol.

    Hope you have a better week this week with the headache. I know this drastic change in weather has my sinuses all confused. It’s been cooooold here as well. So cold that I’ve broken out the winter jacket and gloves for football games. *sigh* Tis the season!

    Have a great week!

  17. Christina T

    I use PicMonkey for work especially. When I first started using the site I had a lot of fun with the themes and special effects like taking pictures of my coworkers and doctoring them to look like vampires for Halloween 🙂

    I hope you feel better this week! Colds are starting to go around at work. Tis the season I guess 🙁

  18. Angela

    Wonderful idea with the book club! I’ve not tried picMonkey, but I’ve gotten caught up for hours using Canva to make new designs or book teasers. Nice book haul this week! I picked up a lot of ARC’s this week from authors. It seams everyone is having a book come out the end of Oct or first week in Nov. ^_^. Ya, for Black Friday Book Bonanza I loved that hop last year. I’m going to need to go through my bookshelf and see what I got to giveaway! Have a great week!

    Angela recently posted: Sunday Post/BB&B #82
  19. Teddyree

    I hear ya, I chased a very active octopus around lol. I get lost for days in all sorts of photo editing apps for my iphone photos and then Lightroom for my camera shots lol. No wonder I suck getting book reviews done 😉
    Enjoy Visions of Heat, I have to get back to the psy-changelings *sigh* … probably have to give up sleep to get through everything..
    Love the totally random. this week!

    Teddyree recently posted: It's Sunday/Monday: Check-In Time
  20. Elsi

    Good morning, Kimberly. It’s cooling off here in Texas, but we haven’t seen frost yet. I’m enjoying the return of 60-70 degree days instead of 80-90, but I know we’ll have at least a couple of 80 degree days between now and Thanksgiving. Sorry you can’t use the treadmill, but running around with Sophia is sure to burn off a few calories.

    Have a great week, and here’s hoping the headaches don’t come back.

    Elsi recently posted: Sunday Summary: 18 October 2015
    • kimbacaffeinate

      We will have temps in the 80s this week as well. Believe it or not I have gotten away without turning the heat on until Thanksgiving..not always but sometimes

  21. Anissa

    I’m so addicted to adding things and tweaking little bits and bobs on my blog – I can get lost in it for hours! I recently added the UBB icon tags – in love with them!

    Anissa recently posted: Weekend Book Haul!
  22. Michelle

    I get lost in PicMonkey too! I also get lost in social media, reading all of my emails, and writing my articles. It takes almost all day, which is why I try to do all of my other stuff first like dishes, working out, etc. I love PicMonkey though.

    Michelle recently posted: Does Time Heal All Wounds?
  23. Michelle

    I never used PicMonkey I am more of a Photoshop girl 🙂
    I was very excited to see the Black Friday Bonanza. I apologize but I totally forgot it was you that hosted it and was so excited to see it because I couldn’t remember who hosted!!

    Have a great week Kim! Happy Reading! ox

  24. Tiffany

    I love the idea of a virtual book club. Sounds really neat! You received some good books this week. I also have Lord Badewyn. Did you read the other books in the series? I never read the 1st, but the second was really good.

    Sorry you aren’t moving around as much as you wanted. I feel your pain. At least you’re still being active. Chasing kids is a lot of work. That’s how I’ve been getting mine in despite not working out. Feel better!

  25. Mandy

    Looks like you’ve had a very busy week. I’ve been debating checking out PicMonkey and you confirmed my fear of losing all track of time. Tempted still to check it out. Eek I haven’t even thought about winter reads yet better get on that. Thanks so much for hosting!!

    Mandy recently posted: The Sunday Post
  26. Kathy

    I get sucked in on Picmonkey too. My problem is with choosing a font – I’ll go through all of them multiple times until I’m happy with the final look lol. I saw those book icons and they are really cute! I’ll have to check them out. I hope you have a great week!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #74
  27. Katherine

    Ick on the head cold but glad you’re feeling better! The book club sounds awesome! I’d love an invite. I really haven’t played around with picmonkey enough though I love it. I think my New Year’s Revolution for 2016 will be to get better with photos. Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - October 18
  28. Kristin T.

    We had our first frost here this morning (I’m in NY) and I’m loving it…no signs of the s-word yet, at least where I live, but I do know parts of NY did get some. I live about 30 minutes north of NYC. I’ve been to BEA the last 2 years – and I’m hoping to go again in 2016. It’s so much fun!!! Have a great week!!!

    Kristin T. recently posted: The Sunday Post #88 (10.18.15)
  29. Rita

    Congrats on going to BEA! I wish I can someday get there, but will live vicariously through all of you lucky bloggers’ reports, books links and photos!
    I decided to join your book club, so please invite me, lol 🙂 Sounds like fun!
    Have a great week, Kim!

    Rita recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/18/15
  30. Holly

    LOL – so much greatness on your post today that made me smile! And YAY for going to BEA in 2016!!!! That’s a dream of mine….one day. I hope you have the best week and enjoy all your new books!

    Holly recently posted: Sunday Post #148
  31. Nise'

    Sorry about the headache. They are frustrating! Congrats on going to BEA. Looking forward to the Mia Marlow book. Have a great week.

    Nise' recently posted: Reading Wrap Up
  32. Tyler H Jolley

    I can totally relate to lost hours. I’ll start doing research, that leads to a funny youtube video, then another…and another…you get the idea.

  33. Angie

    OMG you get to go to BEA! That is wonderful. I still am thankful for the time you let me be a co-host for your event. It is great experience for someone who hasn’t hosted an event especially one that is on that grand of a scale. Really was a fun time for me!

  34. Bookworm Brandee

    Oooh, the internet and its plethora of ways to steal time! I feel ya, Kimberly. I don’t mess with picmonkey but I do lose vast amounts of time to the internet. 😉 I hope you’re feeling better this week. It’s cold and dreary here – maybe snow tonight. And I completely agree with you about cold weather and coffee…oh, and fuzzy socks, too.

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: #OctobeRecFest Review #8 ~ Wrong ~ Jana Aston
  35. kara-karina

    Sounds absolutely wonderful! I need to start tweaking my blog too, but so have no time. This is the first Sunday in 2 months when I have time to sit down and spend some time commenting and reading other people’s blogs. We won’t have frost for awhile but it’s definitely autumn in the air 🙂

    kara-karina recently posted: The Postman Knock #139