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July 13th, 2014 Kimberly Sunday Post 127 Comments

13th Jul

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This week we painted the exterior windows and had new kitchen appliance delivered. It was exciting. I now have a double oven convection oven. With so many settings it is alarming. We moved our old fridge to the basement and it will be put to good use for the reception. I have been listening to a lot of audio books as I go through each room preparing for the bridal shower, and guests from out of state. Thanks to all who signed up to guest post in September. The response was overwhelming and I ended up filling slots for the whole week prior to the wedding and 2 days to recover. We went to the movies this weekend for date night because I wanted to see Deliver Us From Evil. I have this love/hate relationship with horror movies. I love to see them and then freak out for a week or so. It had a good storyline and was suspenseful.How was your week? Stay Caffeinated!

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  • Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews (review)
  • Book of Life by Deborah Harkness (review/giveaway)
  • Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper (audio review)
  • The Janus Affair By Philippa Ballantine, And Tee Morris James Langton (audio review)
  • Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige (audio review)
  • Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway

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127 Responses to “Sunday Post #116”

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am exciting to read them Laurel. Reviews have been wonderful.

  1. Cyn

    I love having audio books for doing stuff like cleaning and whatnot, makes multitasking easier 😉 Hope you enjoy your new books this week! The Fire Wish sounds really interesting, I loved that it’s got a genie/jinni.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Agreed Cyn it makes even the most mundane chore special..LOL

  2. Bea

    Busy lady! The appliances look good.

    Horror movies, shudder. You’re braver than I am.

    Ooo, you got Shifting Shadows. I’m still waiting for my copy. *bounces* You got some interesting looking books, enjoy!

    Bea recently posted: Sunday Book Share #97
    • kimbacaffeinate

      The movie while horror..was more suspense, thriller and actually had a pretty good storyline. It wasn’t overly gory..more suspense that makes you jump.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It is, still have tons to do, but slowly but surely we are getting there!

  3. Berls

    Oh man you got the new Patricia Briggs book! So Jealous! Hope you enjoy it – I have it preordered for September I think. I’m looking forward to your Molly Harper review – I’m waiting to not have quite so much on my TBR before picking it up… though if you give it 5 cups I may have to change that plan 🙂 Congrats on the oven (though I don’t think I know what it does different from a normal oven… guess who’s not a baker? LOL) and it sounds like things are moving along smoothly for the wedding! Hope the shower is fun. Have a great week Kimba!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I love to cook Berls, but this oven is also a convection oven and has more control features then an airplane! It can even turn itself on and start cooking before you get home from work!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      We sure have Sharon. Between all those little projects that suddenly need to happen and the wedding plans it has been crazy..but fun.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      That is one of the things my hubby and I were talking about this morning. We ended up replacing all the hardware on our cabinets from 80’s gold to a stainless steel. Our old kitchen appliances were white and the new appliances make the kitchen pop.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am very happy, tired and a little sore..but happy! Happy Blogoversary 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I was very happy to see it was more suspense/thriller with a good storyline then full out horror. I jumped and squealed at moments but thought it well worth the ticket price.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Maja! *runs and tackles you* How are you? I hope the dissertation is going well. We miss you too and look forward to you coming back!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It was really good Sharon and not gory. I am excited about SS myself!

  4. Kim

    Sounds like a great, if busy, week! I hope this week is as productive.

    I see you got Mud Vein. I love Tarryn Fisher’s books. I’ve not yet read this one, despite having bought it on release day. It sounds pretty heavy and I haven’t been in the mood for something quite that difficult. One of these days…

    Have a great week!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      The week ahead looks crazy..going blonde on Thursday, working in yard and next weekend we find my daughter’s dress!

  5. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    Wow you surely have been busy! I’ve done nothing lately but lounge around and binge watch TV shows 😛

    Happy reading, Kimba! <33

    • kimbacaffeinate

      That is how I picture spending October Melanie!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Finley, I love it and have been slowly reading the manual. My daughter is coming over today and we are going to try baking in it.

  6. Lark

    You’ve been renovating up a storm! Your house is going to look fantastic. So exciting! And aren’t audiobooks the greatest for stuff like that?

    Can’t wait to read your full review of The Book of Life! (Which reminds, I need to finish mine. I haven’t yet gotten past the gasping stage to think of anything coherent to say.)

    Have a great week and I’m glad you got the wedding week covered!

    Lark recently posted: Sunday Post - 7/13/14
    • kimbacaffeinate

      LOL, I hear you on the gasping. I am just thinking that I have 3 reviews to tackle for books I have read/listened to in the past 4 days. I usually write them the next day but things are crazy. The house is really looking good. We talked about downsizing recently and my husband said, “with all the changes you aren’t going to want to leave” He may be right 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This was the first movie we have gone too in years, but it was fun. Have a great week Michelle!

  7. Ginny

    I’m jealous but also extremely happy for you so I guess that makes the jealousy okay. 🙂 I need new appliances so bad. They are on my list to replace this year. You will have to let me know if you love yours after doing all the cooking for the wedding. Also…the new Patricia Briggs…ummm….yes please! lol…I hope you have an amazing week and take some time to rest woman. You are going to wear yourself out.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Watch for good sales Ginny. Best Buy had a 4th of July sale and I saved over 800 on the fridge. I will let you know how I like them.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I have had very little time to sit and read, so audiobooks have saved me..glad you got some and thanks I am glad you liked my review 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Sandy, some were on our to do list, we just bumped things way up. I kind of think it was a good thing to get us budget however is straining!

  8. Kristin

    I’ve been so out of it I forgot about the WEDDING of the YEAR!!! It’s quite cool you’re getting a total house makeover at the same time! Can’t think of better time for it, might as well since you’re cleaning and getting ready for guests!!

    How “pretty” was Eric Bana in “Deliver”? Eye candy would be the only reason you’d get me anywhere near a horror movie!! But date night would be awesome!!

    Great books this week!! I’m especially covetous of Shifting Shadows! I was iffy on that book b/c of all the repeat stories.

    Pssst. I have 2 physical ARCs, Christina Todd and Asa Larsson… want them?

    Kristin recently posted: Sunday Post #37: The Big “Think”
    • kimbacaffeinate

      The movie was more suspense thriller Kristen and yep I would park my shoes under his bed..yum! Ooo and yes I would like those I wouldn’t get to them till October but love a good thriller.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Melissa, this was more thriller and I ended up really enjoying it.There were a few moments where I screamed, but mostly I was just engrossed.

  9. Melissa (My words and pages)

    It’s all coming together for you! And a new kitchen, that’s awesome! 🙂 Hope you have a great week and things keep going smoothly for you.

    Take care!

  10. Whitney

    I loved reading your review of Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands. I’ve never read a book by Chris Bohjalian and may make this my first. Have a great week Kimba!

    Whitney recently posted: Sunday Post: #27
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Whitney, I love that it has a young protagonist,

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am looking forward to it, the series is getting fantastic reviews. I will be giving away a copy later this month 🙂

  11. A Voracious Reader

    Lots of exciting stuff going on at your place! 😀 I wish I had known about the guest spots. I would have put my hat in the ring. But I’ve been chasing my tail and missed it. Glad you have plenty and will get some recovery time (and breathing space) when the big event is over. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: The Sunday Post ~ 49th Edition
    • kimbacaffeinate

      If things get crazy and I need another day I will bug you first Carol *winks* I wanted to post daily but if I did reviews I would feel like I needed to reply and comment back with the guest post I can promote them and let ya all get to know other bloggers 🙂 It’s a win-win!

  12. Jan

    I’m very jealous you got Shifting Shadows, Kimba! I’ll look forward to your review.

    So exciting to get new appliances! And sound like you’re getting all set for the weeding, shower, reception. It’s so good you’re very organized. I think that makes a big difference with a wedding!

    BTW, the InLinkz isn’t loading for me to add my link to your blog. I’ll reload your page and see if that works.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Jan we are getting excited. I plan to be a couch potato in October though..LOL Glad the reload worked. It happens 🙁

  13. Rita_h

    You were so busy this week, but in a good way! Glad you are getting your house taken care of, and wow, that oven sounds dreamy! Good luck with it!

    Rita_h recently posted: I'm Moving My Blog...
    • kimbacaffeinate

      :snort: We got the new oven and all I have done is reheat pizza in it. Today we worked in the yard all day. I am sitting here in my pj’s *nods* and our son & daughter are picking up KFC. Tomorrow I will conquer the oven!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Probably in September Hillary. I am working on Aug/Sept reviews now.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It wasn’t too bad, it had a great story although admittedly I screamed a few times, but no eye covering necessary 🙂

  14. Katherine

    I have serious stove envy! Sounds fabulous or it will be once you’ve figured out all the settings! Congrats on getting so much work done! Sounds like you’re really on track with wedding planning as well. Great books this week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - July 13
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Katherine so far we have managed to reheat pizza in the top oven successful. The lower oven can be a convection oven too and I have some learning to do. I do love the rapid boil burner and the extra burner that is a warmer. We are getting there..LOL Have a great week!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Our house looks good, but the back of the house gets full sun, and the windows needed repainting. We have a three-story home so we called someone to paint. It looks good. 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Trish, I am excited about both books. We are busy, but I am confident it will all fall together beautifully!

  15. Kathy

    You got a lot of work done around the house. How exciting the wedding is almost here! And that’s nice you had a date night, a chance to relax! You have some great books again so I hope you enjoy them. Have a great week!!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up 12
    • kimbacaffeinate

      I got that because I have really enjoyed 3 of her other books and hello Russia!

  16. Kristin T.

    I got through quite a few audios this past week, too! I love listening while doing stuff around the house – makes those chores much more enjoyable!

    I see you got Little Lies…I read that and just finished reading Little Mercies. Both are really good – my first books by Heather Gudenkauf and I definitely plan on going back and reading her other books.

    Have a great week!

    Kristin T. recently posted: The Sunday Post #31 (7.13.14)
    • kimbacaffeinate

      *tackles and hugs you* Aurian I have been so busy I have only visited blogs who stop by and comment..*horrible I know!* so I too have missed your posts. Hope you are well, and I shall visit later today 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      LOL, I am sitting in my pj’s at 6:44 pm getting ready to hunker down and do nothing! LOL

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Hope you catch up soon Jessica, have a great week!

  17. Angie

    I am not one for horror movies. I don’t know what it is. I just don’t like them.. but horror books I love!! LOL! I don’t know what it is.. maybe I can ton down the scary parts in my own mind.

    Angie recently posted: Sunday Post
    • kimbacaffeinate

      This was more suspense thriller and we had a good time watching it. There were moments we jumped and times we laughed.

  18. Kacii

    I miss my old oven… I had one of those big commercial ones you find in the kitchens of restaurants. I love to bake, so that was nice. Unfortunately I had to move and my new oven is pint-sized.

    I’ll have to check out your review of How to Date Dead Guys. Sounds like a fun read 🙂

    My Sunday Post

    The Kooky Bookworm

    Kacii recently posted: The Sunday Post #30
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ooo that sounds like it was lovely. I have left behind some lovely things myself 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      LOL, thanks Lauren. If I get stuck, I will let you know 🙂

  19. kara-karina

    Wow, The Gin Lovers looks like the book made just for me, K. :)) I’ve been following your progress with new gadgets on FB, and hope you chill and have a nice rest very soon, sweetie. Don’t overdo it, read more, work less – it’s too hot otherwise! Hugs and enjoy all your new reads 🙂

    kara-karina recently posted: The Postman Knock #87
    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am in my pj’s at 7 pm tonight..LOL Tomorrow I have 3 reviews to write and beyond that I am chill-laxing 🙂

  20. Jenea

    Hope you’ve had a great Sunday! Loving the haul and I am looking forward to your review of Dorothy Must Die, I haven’t have a chance to read it yet. Happy reading.

    Jenea recently posted: The Sunday Post #110
  21. Lorna

    Your stove sounds great! I want new appliances but don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Heck, who am i kidding,,I just want a new kitchen! Enjoy your week 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ha, I think we all feel that way from time to time. It was on our wishlist, but the bridal shower and wedding bumped it way up the priority list.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Love the Book of Life Tressa I was sad to part with these characters. I hope they make the movie soon!

  22. Teddyree

    I enjoyed Little Lies and Little Mercies was a favourite this year, hope you love it too. My oven died this week (it was an expensive European oven, that lasted 12 good years, so I guess I can’t complain) but choosing a new oven is kind of daunting and I’m missing it already so I’ve got to make a decision fast.
    Have a great week and happy reading 🙂

    Teddyree recently posted: It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Yeah, one cannot live without an oven. Good luck hopefully you will find one you love even more 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Thanks Sherry, hope your summer is going well 🙂

    • kimbacaffeinate

      It is summer and we all are busy. I stopped doing reviews for Saturdays in July and August since visits were down on those days and did giveaways to boost it and free me up to prepare for the wedding and build a nice extra cushion of reviews.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This movie was very good was more suspense with a compelling story. I did scream a few times, and my husband ended up with a slight bruise from me grabbing him, but I didn’t feel the need to leave or hide my eyes..LOL

  23. Tyler H Jolley

    My week was so busy! I have this Thursday and Friday off but then I have no other free weekends until October! Congrats on your new kitchen. I wish you’d post pics of all the cool things you’ve been doing like the garden and kitchen. Have a great week!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I tend to put pics on Facebook. I will add some this weekend to my Sunday Post 🙂 Wow you are busy, I hope it is a good kind of busy!