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October 13th, 2013 Kimberly Sunday Post 114 Comments

13th Oct

Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @Β Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here:Β Sunday Post Meme

I hope you all enjoying “Things that Go Bump in the Night.” Β We have another week of awesomeness ahead and I hope to see you πŸ™‚ Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fraterfest read-a-thon. A special thank you to the hosts – you ladies rock! Do you like holiday themed books? Do they get you in the mood? Sign-up for the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon November 7 to the 11th. I am in need of some hosts for challenges so email me if you are interested.

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  • Spooktacular Hop (giveaway)
  • Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (review/giveaway)
  • Dark and Dangerous Box Set Collection
  • Darker Days by Jus Accardo Β (review/giveaway)
  • Read Pink
  • Pretty When She Destroys by Rhiannon Frater (review/giveaway)
  • Tale Spins by Michael Mullin (review/giveaway)
  • Darkness Rises by Dianne Duvall (review/giveaway)
  • Deception Cove by Jayne Castle (review-giveaway)

Around the Blogoshpere

  • Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-thon hosted by April & Pabkins is in full swing and there is plenty of time to join in the fun!
  • ZOctober, Something Wicked Returns and There are Witches in the Air are all under way, these are great month-long events with tons of giveaways, guest posts and awesome books!
  • Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun asks, “What Kind of Reader Are You?”
  • Catherine @ Book Club Librarian is celebrating her One Year Blogoversary, stop by and congratulate her!

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Most Wonderful Life

Big Sky Secrets

Turn Up the Heat

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gossamer wing

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114 Responses to “Sunday Post #77”

  1. Bea

    Another nice mix of books and I am ready for the Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon. πŸ™‚

    I still can’t believe my blog is 3 years old. I didn’t think I’d make it this long. πŸ˜€ How’d that happen? LOL

    Have a great week!

    Bea recently posted:
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Oh no did I miss your blogoversary? Congrats Bea that is awesome.

    • Bea

      To be honest, I forgot about it until last week. πŸ˜€ I mentioned it in last week’s Sunday Post but it was a brief mention. The blog turned three on September 6th. πŸ™‚

      Bea recently posted:
  2. Christy

    Another great week! I don’t know if I’ll do the Ho RAT (haha), but let me know if you need another person to host a challenge closer to the time. I’ll try to bust something out.

    Christy recently posted: Sunday Post #51 (10/13/13)
  3. Michelle

    I’m still unsure if I’m going to be doing the christmas readathon…mostly because I’m still unsure if I even have winter themed books. If I do then it’ll be a great why to get my tbr a bit smaller. I do hope your week has improved and if it hasn’t I hope it does soon. πŸ™‚

    Michelle recently posted: Sunday Post (75)
    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Michelle, I went to netgalley and scooped up some holiday themed books, but if it is set in winter, like the Snow Child it counts..and personally I don’t care what you read.

  4. Cyn

    I need to make my TBR list for the HO-HO-HO readathon soon! I can probably help out with hosting/challenges if you still need people (: Great haul, Turn Up the Heat looks hot! I’ve been reading Foster’s Love Undercover series haha.

  5. Cricket

    Great books.I need to read the Katsu books :-/ I actually have the first one. If you need another host for the challenges, I’m available. Enjoy your week!

    Cricket recently posted: My Sunday Post #38
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Wow, you are all so generous. If you’d like to host, email me Cricket.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I read that this weekend, to showcase during Ho-Ho RAT. It was a sweet, clean novella. I enjoyed it!

  6. Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

    You’ve had such a busy week. I missed a lot while I was away. GOssamer Wing looks interesting based on the cover alone. I hope youll get a chance to read and review, but I can only imagine how busy your schedule is.
    Have a great week, Kim!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am hoping to sneak it in December..LOL Glad you are back!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Michelle, I had a gift card burning in my pocket and couldn’t resist!

  7. A Voracious Reader

    I can’t wait to read your review of Darkness Rises! I’m hoping to read it next week. I still don’t have my reading schedule nailed down yet. lol Seeing Catherine’s 1 yr Blogoversary made me realize my 2 yr is in 6 days! How time flies! I don’t have anything planned, but maybe next year. πŸ™‚

    • kimbacaffeinate

      well congrats at little early! Oooh and Darkness Rises..yum!

  8. Tanja

    Oh my review for The Taker will be posted tomorrow. I’m still torn about the continuing with the series but I cannot wait to see what you think of The Descent. You have got so many amazing books! πŸ™‚ Great post πŸ™‚

    Tanja recently posted: Author Interview: John Kohlbrenner
    • kimbacaffeinate

      It is a disturbing series, and I remember how I felt when I closed book one..but I needed to know..LOL

    • kimbacaffeinate

      If you find you can join for just a day or two, then sign up, if not I will do more. πŸ™‚

  9. Tonyalee

    Also a fun and busy week! I will be sure to check back for your review of Darker Days πŸ˜‰ The Decent looks good too.

    Have a good week!

    Tonyalee recently posted:
  10. gaele

    goodness – you make me feel like a slacker! I’ll think about the ho ho ho – I’m so busy and don’t really have a bunch of holiday books – but I might dip in!
    Have a great week!

    gaele recently posted: Sunday Status # 7
  11. Lanaia

    I’m a real read-a-thon addict, but I’ll be writing my diploma thesis these next weeks, so I don’t know if I should join Ho-Ho-Ho Read-a-thon :/. I’ll know at the end of the month.
    You got some really interesting book this week! Happy reading!
    My Sunday Post

    Lanaia recently posted: Sunday Post (#1)
    • kimbacaffeinate

      good luck Lanaia, and yes school before read-a-thons! I hope it all goes well and that by the second week in November you are ready to join in. Hmm, maybe use it for motivation the next time you need it!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Melissa, it is crazy but I love doing these giveaways.

  12. Jenea

    Looks like you have had a great week, and got some amazing books too. I am looking forward to your reviews next week. Especially Doctor Sleep and Darker Days! Happy Sunday!!!

    Jenea recently posted: The Sunday Post #72
    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Jenea, I am excited to share those with you this week. Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

  13. Lark of the Bookwyrm's Hoard

    Great week, Kimba! And I’m looking forward to your review of Deception Cove. (Which reminds me, I need to get mine written.)

    I thought about doing the Ho Ho Ho readathon, but most of my Christmas ARCs publish before that week, so in fairness to NetGalley & the publishers, I’m trying to get them read and reviewed before then. Ah, well!

    Enjoy the Wonderfully Wicked readathon!

    Lark of the Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Sunday Post - 10/13/13
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ooo do I have news for you…most publishers including Harlequin, Kensington, Random, HarperCollins, Sourcesbook etc do not mind if you post reviews between Nov 1 and December 24 regardless of publication date. Since most peeps won’t read a Christmas book in October and make their purchases between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have been reading holiday arcs for three years and wouldn’t steer you wrong.

  14. Shy

    Oh Descent looks really good. Happy reading with all your books and I just realized I forgot to stop by to wish my fellow October bday blogger and Happy bday so happy belated. I hope you are feeling better too. Have a great week love.

    Shy recently posted:
  15. Catherine

    Another great book haul, Kimba. Thanks for the mention in your around the blogosphere section. That was so nice…and quite a surprise for me. It’s bloggers like you that make blogging so much fun! Have a great week.

    Catherine recently posted: Sunday's Weekly Book Recap #39
    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am a sucker for them, they get me in the holiday spirit!

  16. Andrea

    Nice batch of books! Turn Up the Heat definitely caught my attention. I hope you love Red Hill as much as I did!

    Andrea recently posted:
    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Andrea, and yes the Turn Up the Heat cover screamed read me!

  17. Kristin

    Hey girlie! Awesome month so far!! I haven’t had time to comment but I’ve been stalking like a scary Michael Myers (creeeeepy!!).

    Great books this week!!! I’m really curious what you’re going to think of Red Hill. I have no clue if this is a first for her, departing from the romance of Beautiful Disaster. I was thinking of getting it but I decided against it b/c I’m not a fan of zombie books and it wouldn’t be so fair for me to review the book.

    Have another great week, girlie… Go put up more books on Amazon on one day again, that’s always good for a laugh… πŸ˜‰

    Kristin recently posted: Review: Hereafter by Kate Brian
    • kimbacaffeinate

      Ha it is ok Greg, peeps have been having fun with the read-a-thon, someone else called it a Ho-thon. I think Ho3 sounds better! Hope you decide to join, and honestly I do not care what you read, but one holiday or winter setting book would be good.

  18. Michelle

    I love Marie Landry. Her new book looks great. I love holiday themed books. And I finally bit the bullet and added a section to my sunday post for my next week’s blog posts. I never put it in before because sometimes I switch stuff around and I don’t like to be locked in, but I have been pretty good about all my scheduling lately so I figured, why not? lol

    Great week on the blog for you Kimba. I’ve really enjoyed your posts.

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

    My Sunday Post

    • kimbacaffeinate

      Some peeps put anticipated schedule for upcoming week, that gives them an out. My schedule is done for until November 12th, but even I add something once in a while.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Candace I am excited about that one. The Taker series is really dark, I am not sure if you will like it.

  19. kimbacaffeinate

    Squee, you joined the Sunday Post…delighted to have ya! I love Lori and I am glad to hear you enjoyed Rowdy. I am excited about Red Hill.

      • Pamela D

        I am just going to read-a-thon hop until the end of the year. I am not sure how much of my TBR list will get completed, but I will have some mad blog commenting skills, the ability to recognize book titles by just a small portion of their covers, and able to come up with limericks based solely on book covers. I will be the queen of all the books! gwa hahahaha! πŸ™‚

        Pamela D recently posted: Wonderfully Wicked Acrostic Challenge
    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Jorie, I love her small-town cowboy romances..LOL πŸ™‚

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am excited to read it πŸ™‚ thanks Marlene and have a wonderful week!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      This is the last book in a six book series. I think that I read one of the vampire books. She is a quick read and perfect after a dystopian, mystery or horror book.

  20. Sharon Obsession with Books

    If you are still in need of hosts Kimba I’d be happy to participate πŸ™‚

    A nice haul! I am a big fan of Marie Landry’s books so I’m looking forward to reading the most wonderful Time of the Year and Red Hill and Descent both look amazing.

    Have a great week and happy reading!

    • kimbacaffeinate

      thanks Lauren, Wonderful Life was good. (it is a novella) small-town, sweet and clean romance, feel good, holiday cheer read. I enjoyed it.

    • kimbacaffeinate

      I am looking forward to reading it, and I cannot believe it is the last one πŸ™