Black Moon Awakening by Lina Gardiner

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Black Moon Awakening by Lina Gardiner
Black Moon Awakening
by Lina Gardiner
Genres: Paranormal Romance
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Shapeshifter Jude Black, level six operative for the Therian Senate and their deadliest weapon, has served his superiors for ten years without question. He was raised to believe his job is one of the highest, most honorable occupations in the realm. Killing is what he does, and having each mission wiped from his memory is a non-issue until his brother Garrett goes missing. When it appears that the Senate's only concern is to make him forget the whereabouts of his only brother, Jude begins to question his loyalties. Then he meets the beautiful, hazel-eyed Letitia Hawkes and all his precepts are put to the ultimate test. She is a werewolf, one of his race's sworn enemies, but she's being used by Eideroche Medical, the same people who made his brother disappear.Jude's convinced Letitia is the key to the answers he desperately needs to find his brother. At least that's what he tells himself as he teams up with her to find out just what Eideroche is up to. But soon Jude finds himself in the deadliest battle of his life as he falls in love with the one woman that both of their races will consider a traitorous act punishable by death.

Black Moon Awakening quickly captured my attention from the first page and held it to the last. Sworn enemies work together to protect their races, humankind and stop a twisted plot for supremacy. This tales was action packed, with a romance that left me wanting more..

The tale begins when we meet shapeshifter Jude Black. Black is a level six operative for the Therian Senate. He is sent to investigate Eideroche Medical center along with the senator’s rookie son.. They see a young woman carried into the center in the dead of the night. Black makes the decision to save her and the rookie is badly burned in the process. He quickly realizes that the beautiful, Letitia Hawkes, is a werewolf and sworn enemy of his race. Something major is going on at Eideroche Medical center and it involves Letitia. Before Black can put the pieces together all hell breaks loose and he finds himself and Letitia in danger. The tale that unfolds is suspenseful, romantic and at times hilarious. I loved watching these two interact and found myself giggling, swooning and all out laughing at some of the scenes. What a fun ride!

The characters in Gardiner’s novel immediately captured my attention. Jude Black reeks of smexy. He is the Therian’s top agent and has served them loyally for ten years. Ever since his brother Garrett went missing he has been questioning his life and the Senate. I liked this handsome, loyal, strong, and noble shapeshifter. Letitia Hawkes in Black’s opinion is beautiful. She is tall, graceful and fearless. This downright terrifies him. Despite knowing this werewolf is more than capable, he finds himself being overly protective. I loved watching these two sworn enemies interact. The attraction they feel for each other and seeing them build trust was both hilarious and sweet. Gardiner provided purely evil characters for me to loathe. The leader at Eideroche Medical is one sick and twisted creature. He flat out made my blood run cold. Traitors within both races made the tale interesting and my emotions run high. I love it when a book makes you want to jump in and kick some butt.

The world building, plot, and flow are splendid. Gardiner weaves suspense, mythology and a dark secret into the plot that kept me enthralled. The dynamics and history of the Therian’s was fascinating and the way they handles operatives was unique. I quickly connected with the characters and found them to be well developed. The romance was dripping with sexual tension and I enjoyed watching it unfold. The pace was heart racing and I quickly consumed this. Gardiner has set the stage for what appears to be an exciting new series and I look forward to learning more.

I highly recommend Black Moon Awakening to fans of suspenseful paranormal romances, mystery and urban fantasy. I have read and enjoyed Lina Gardiner’s previous works and encourage you to check them out. If a second novel isn’t in the works I will be severely disappointed. I want Garrett’s story and more about the ancient secrets!

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  1. erin

    thanks for the review and giveaway! Definitely adding this book to my wishlist 😉

  2. Audrey/Ink and Page

    I do like a good adult paranormal book…thanks for the review and giveaway!

  3. Sarika Patkotwar

    I love anything to do with werewolves. I also quite like the idea of sworn enemies falling in love eventually. I’m looking forward to reading Black Moon Awakening. Thanks for the giveaway, and great review! 😀

  4. Patsy

    Werewolves, sex, paranormal romance, and an interesting plot. This book has everything that I like. I will have to read it.

  5. Danny

    Woot, that sounds absolutely great and I haven’t heard of this author nor of the book before and I am excited to hear you liked it so much :))

  6. Nick

    Fabulous review, Kim! 🙂
    I haven’t read a good adult paranormal romance book in some time now, so I might check this one out soon! The idea behind the plot seems really interesting. Plus the romance sounds smexy ! 😛
    I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂