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Let me “caffeinate” your life, freeing you to pursue your passion

Whether you are self-published or contracted, an author’s time can be stretched-thin stifling creativity. It takes time and effort to promote and maintain your social media as you grow your audience. Creating innovative ways to connect with your audience, strengthen loyalty and keeping your readers informed can be very time consuming. Often these tasks can infringe on all aspects of your life. A good author’s assistant can reduce stress, offer fresh ideas for exposure and aid in uplifting your visibility all while allowing you to pursue your passion.

In as little as 8 hours of Caffeinated monthly assistance I can provide help with the following areas:

  • Assist in managing social media presence as Admin.
  • Promote and maintain your Facebook Fan page
  • Create and handle newsletter for fan base
  • Organize and maintain ARC group
  • Freshen and maintain website while assisting to increase visibility
  • Maintain Goodreads and Amazon Author pages/add books
  • Assist in marketing campaigns
  • Blogger outreach
  • Beta read
  • Handle giveaways from set-up to mailing prizes
  • Work as a sounding board and aid in bringing your promotional idea to fruition
  • Flexibility to handle additional tasks or challenges
  • Handle NetGalley Approvals
  • Assemble Media Kits
  • Basic office management skills

An author’s assistant is familiar with current social media trends and has entrepreneur characteristics. My earlier work and non-profit experience have given me the tools to provide organized services and recognize ways to promote your brand. As a blog owner and reviewer, I have gained invaluable knowledge in approaching and reaching target audiences and reviewers. I am passionate about the written word and take pleasure in uplifting authors. Let me “caffeinate” your life, freeing you to pursue your passion.

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