It’s Here!!! Clean Sweep ARC Challenge (Mini Challenge Schedule/Rafflecopter)

April 30th, 2013 kimbacaffeinate Event 32 Comments

30th Apr
 Clean Sweep ARC Challenge for May 2013

Together with Kimberly @ The Windy Pages we will be helping you clean up those ARCs. The challenge begins on May 1 and ends on the 31st. 

The goal: to read and review as many ARC’s as we can. We will have fun challenges each Saturday hosted by some wonderful bloggers and a prize for two luck participants at the end of the challenge. So gather your ARCs and your brooms and lets have some fun! 
  • Must be read during May 1st and May 31st, 2013
  • Starts and ends at midnight in your local time zone
  • Physical, audio and digital ARCs are eligible, in any length and genre! (for this challenge an ARC is any book given for review purposes, regardless of release date.)
  • Linky will close on May 15th so sign up before you miss out!
  • When you post your sign up post, please include the challenge button or links back to the hosting blogs.
  • Challenges will be hosted each Saturday with a change to win additional prize
  • Grand Prize- TWO winners will be chosen to pick a book of their choice from The Book Depository. (Up to $15 value per book)
  • Please post your recap by June 3rd. This is the day that the Rafflecopter will close. Recap post should include a link to the review or Goodreads review with date it will be posted on your blog. (This is for readers who may be reading books way ahead of schedule and don’t want to post a review yet!)
  • Rafflecopter entries will be awarded for each book review linked, posting about challenge, recap post, participation in challenges, and following.
Challenge Schedule and Rafflecopter will post on April 30that 4pm (EST) Rafflecopter will  close on June 3 at 11:59 (EST)
It’s not too late to join! 
Grab the Button and Link Up! 

Sign-up HERE

Mini-Challenge Schedule 
You will have all weekend long to complete these challenges and win prizes!  

Saturday May 4th

Saturday May 11th 

Saturday May 18th 

Saturday May 25th 

Clean Sweep ARC Rafflecopter 
Good Luck, and lets clean up those ARCS! 
Be sure to stop in daily to update your books on the rafflecopter. You can only add two books a day.

My reading list for the challenge
The Seduction 
Dare to You
Girl with the Iron Touch
Billion Dollar Cowboy
Day After
All That Is Necessary
Surprising Lord Jack
I Do or Die
The Night is Watching
What the Duke Desires
Sea of Tranquility
Big Summer Sky
The Best Man
The Testing
The Newcomer
The Best Man
The Registry
The Look of Love
As She Left (DNF)
A Human Element
Immortal Eclipse
A Penny Saved A Murder Earned
5th Wave

Did you post a goals post?
*leave me a link so I can visit!*

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32 Responses to “It’s Here!!! Clean Sweep ARC Challenge (Mini Challenge Schedule/Rafflecopter)”

  1. Paperback Princess

    It’s ok Kristin and thanks for the fantastic challenge, so far I’ve participated in 3/4 so I’m doing well in the challenges section but not so great in the actual reading 🙁

  2. sarah elizabeth

    I think there’s something not quite right with the rafflecopter, it isn’t allowing 2 reviews per day, it’s only allowing 2 reviews in total!

  3. sarah elizabeth

    It’s showing ‘do thid again tomorrow ‘ now 🙂 Will be back!

  4. sarah elizabeth

    actually it won’t let me do that as it will only allow you to log in with facebook now!

  5. sarah elizabeth

    I know I’m being a pain but the rafflecopter is still saying ‘do this again tomorrow’ when it’s more than 24 hours since I put in the first review. I think it’s probably because I entered them before you changed it to being able to do it everyday.

    Is it okay if I log in with a different email in put in my reviews to solve the problem? I have 2 reviews to put in as I couldn’t put any in yesterday.

  6. Anya E. J.

    I have a couple questions if it’s all right 😀 I started a book one of the last days of April and finished it after the challenge started, counts or no? Also I DNFed a review book next, counts or no? I completely understand if neither do, I’m just excited to get started, haha

  7. Anya E. J.

    Oh no, rafflecopter question, I can’t remember if I submitted a certain review yet and don’t want to double enter it D: Is there a way for me to see what entries I’ve submitted already so I can check? Recent Activity seems to be on the blink

  8. Anya E. J.

    Just realized I could count the number of book reviews submitted by the number of entries, I’m all good now :3

  9. Tiffany H

    Thank you! 🙂 And it still shows every time I get here as “do this again tomorrow” even though I haven’t entered the new ones. Maybe it’s my browser….Eh, don’t care, having fun knocking them off my list! This is awesome; thanks for hosting this challenge!

  10. Tiffany H

    Hmmm, the rafflecopter won’t let me link daily. It only took the first two links I posted. Did I mess up somehow? Eh, doesn’t matter. I’m having fun and apparently needed to be held accountable to be knocking these books off my list! 😀 I’m at 8 completed and halfway through #9! 😀

  11. kimbacaffeinate

    sure Sarah, but you have till June 4 to enter them all, if you are planning to read 2 a day, then go ahead..anything read from may 1 to the 31st count

  12. Bethany

    I’m a little late with my goal post… been a busy, busy girl=)

    Here’s Mine

    So excited this is my first challenge as a blogger… I just know I’m going to have a blast=)

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