Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards

December 5th, 2012 kimbacaffeinate Review 27 Comments

5th Dec

Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards
by P. C. Cast, Colette Baron-Reid
Sold by: Crown Publishing Group
Deck of Cards and Guide Book
Purchase: Barnes and Noble/Amazon/Book Depository

To begin, simply ask Nyx a question: What should I do in this situation? What is going on with my relationship? What will result from my next action? Then select a card and consult the guidebook to discover the message that Nyx intends for you. Just like Zoey Redbird and the other fledglings of the House of Night, you will be encouraged to trust your intuition and make powerful decisions about your life! The Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards is an original divination system, created by P. C. Cast and oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid. It draws inspiration from the Tarot, Norse runes, and the I Ching, but no special expertise is required to use these cards. The illustrations are by digital artist Jena DellaGrottaglia.

I was asked to review the Wisdom of Night Oracle Cards and did so over the Thanksgiving weekend with my family. Everyone joined in the fun from the youngest to the oldest guest. Once everyone figured out how to ask a question that wasn’t a yes or no answer..the fun began.

The cards are made of heavy duty stock and edged in silver. The illustrations are beautifully done and consists of fifty cards. Fans of the House of Night series are going to love the character illustrations. The guide book is pocket sized and elegantly written. I thought the answers were well done and easily interpreted by the one posing the question. While I played this with family members in the back of my mind, I imagined ladies night and the fun we could have asking questions to Nyx. The set comes in a nicely constructed box and the cover is striking. This would make the perfect stocking-stuffer or gift for a friend…even a non-bookish one who has everything.

One of the cool things about this for you techies..it’s available as an App and you can take this anywhere and get advice on the spot.

I asked Nyx what direction I should focus on in 2013.
I then shuffled the deck and drew one card:

Β Oath

Here is the advice Nyx gave me:

“My lovely child, you have chosen the symbol for Oath. This is the symbol for all promises, and a reminder to keep the ones you have made.
An oath is never made lightly or in jest. Promises are meant to be honored. When you choose this symbol, perhaps it’s time to look at how you have made promises. Have you crossed your fingers behind your back, relinquishing the magick that binds you to your oath. Has anyone broken his or her promise to you? Let that person go; don’t hold on if someone refuses to be honorable. You don’t want this person in your life. For now, the most important promise you can make is to yourself. Promise to be kind, loving and honorable, and good. Do no harm. To belong to me, you must keep that promise.” (Wisdom of Night Guidebook pg 124)

How I interpreted her advice:

From Nyx’s wisdom for 2013 I will focus on surrounding myself with honorable people, keeping my promises and trying to be true to myself. As a blogger I’d interpret this to mean..be honest with yourself and only accept those reviews you can do! LOL

I would definitely recommend these cards, they are easier then tarot cards and would be fun for teens to adults.

Pretty cool huh?

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27 Responses to “Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards”

  1. Kathleen Ann Coleman

    I had no idea these existed. Thanks so much for sharing. Something to add to my Christmas list. HoN is one of my favorite series, and I collect tarot / oracle decks.

  2. GRgenius

    Sounds like a great “reading”. Had the pleasure of checking these out myself. Gorgeous indeed and I love how it ties back into the book series for fans too. Great post!

  3. Naomi Hop

    It does sound cool!! The cards look like fun for die hard fans of the series!! I have enjoyed this series so far too. I am going to pick up book 10 Hidden over the christmas holidays!! I can’t wait!!

  4. MaryAnn

    I so want those Kim! lol As I’ve said in your Sunday Post post when you showed you got it, me and Gabby died πŸ™‚ We are huge HoN fans. Love the review on them and hoping that maybe Santa will give us this!

  5. Sharon - Obsession with Books

    I haven’t read this series but the cards are such a fun idea! I love when bookish things/swag like this are released, it’s something different.

    Thanks for sharing Kimba πŸ™‚

  6. Nick

    That’s a really cool deck of cards. It’s pretty original swag I think! πŸ™‚
    I’ve read a couple of books in the HoN series but had to give up when it was getting too much for me! πŸ˜›

  7. Candace Robinson

    These look awesome! I have a non bookish friend who actually loves the series (I gave up on it a few books back) and this would be a perfect gift for her. But I gotta say, they look so cool I want a pack too!

  8. Henrietta

    Don’t know why, but the “Oath” card reminds me of both the “Strength” and “Hanged man” cards in tarot. Seems to me that the way your mind thinks would play an important role in affecting your level of endurance in 2013. This also looks like an oath in relation to taking good care of the physical body.

    Thanks for sharing the deck with us, Kimba!

  9. Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

    These look like a lot of fun! I haven’t read the series…so I don’t know who Nyx is…but I’ve been planning to try to teach myself Tarot and this sort of this does seem like a fun alternative!

  10. kindlemom1

    These do look and sound like they would be really nice. Definitely something fun for fans of the series.

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