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October 8th, 2012 kimbacaffeinate Event 47 Comments

8th Oct
I hope you had a wonderful time during Fraterfest.
 That you read some new books, made some new friends and survived the challenges.
I want to thank you for being a part of our first read-a-thon.
A special “Thank you” to all the challenge hosts. 
This event wouldn’t have been the same without you! 
My results:
I Hunt Serial Killers,


Pretty When She Kills


Rot and Ruin


Alice in Zombieland,


  Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet 
(now I have all these reviews to write this week..eep)
If you posted goals/updates/results and entered at least one challenge
then the following giveaway is for you!
2 participants will win
an eBook series by Rhiannon Frater
Your choice of either :
The Vampire Bride series
Pretty When She…series.
(if you own both series and win we will work something out)
enter rafflecopter below:
Thank you again and be sure to enter all of the
 “Things that Go Bump in the Night” giveaways!

Again my heartfelt thanks to everyone who
joined in and made #Fraterfest such a fun event!

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47 Responses to “Fraterfest Participants Wrap-up-Giveaway”

  1. Michelle

    I enjoyed it all Kimba! It was really organized and the challenges were fantastic, I can’t wait to do something like this again!

  2. Darlene's Book Nook

    I loved participating in Fraterfest! My only complaint is that I wish it would have been a longer event!! A week at least!! There are so many challenges that I haven’t had a chance to participate in yet. Just wish there was more time!!

  3. Sam

    Ooh you read quite a few books! What did you think of Alice in Zombieland? I know that’s been getting some very mixed thoughts! Good luck with the review-writing now. 🙂

  4. Holly

    Super enjoyed participating in the Fraterfest read-a-thon! I had a lot of fun!

  5. Bella's Shelf

    I had so much fun! I finished 1 1/2 books..lolzThe book I finished wasn’t on my initial list. Net galley approved it Sat. So I read it and posted review yesterday. Half of Lily Drake was read. My challenge was good. More ppl came than I thought would..lolz..I can’t wait for your next “fest”. Christmas will be busy! I do 2 secret book Santa, a Christmas card swap,etc.
    Thank u kim. It was awesome! Thank u everyone, all of you made it awesome 🙂

  6. Jennifer Bielman

    A job well done. Hopefully there is a next time so I can participate.

  7. sonniehogan

    I LOVED this event!!!! It was so much fun, I just wish I would have had time off from work to participate more! Thank you guys so much for taking time to host this (Kimba) and for the rest of the bloggers for all the challenges. You guys are awesome! I think this should be a week long event next year!

  8. MaryAnn

    Sounds like a very successful event Kim! I wanted to get in on this, but unfortunately,it fell during Canadian Thanksgiving, and we were just go go go all weekend long. I’m sorry! 🙁

  9. kimbacaffeinate

    Thanks Christy! I really wanted it to be fun for everyone and I think I was successful. I am taking the day off tomorrow and waiting movies!

  10. Jex

    Thanks so much for hosting this read-a-thon! I wish I had a less busy weekend so that I could have been more involved. At least I got a bit of reading in, and a lot of audio book listening. Hope to see you all next weekend at the 24-hour-read-a-thon (!

  11. kimbacaffeinate

    Ha, so glad you had fun Heather. For my first read-a-thon as a host..i am happy with the result, tired but happy. So glad you liked Frater and Pretty When She Kills is more action packed than the first..if that is possible. I hope to host another fest in the future <3

  12. Book Savvy Babe

    Kimba, you host an awesome event! Thanks so much for putting this read-a-thon together, it was a really fun event, and I am now a fan of Rhiannon Frater! I can’t wait to read the second book in the Pretty When series 🙂 Next time, I will try to reach that 5 book goal… Happy Reading, and thanks again Book Savvy Babe

  13. Kristin Clifton

    Great job, Kimba!!!! Thanks for doing this great Read-a-thon!! I love your whole month, actually!!! I totally sucked and read only like 20% of Last Bastion but, well, I just suck right now 😉

    Thanks, again, girlie!! You rock!!

  14. Sandy

    This was an awesome event for my first Read-a-thon! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the challenges, and while I didn’t get to read near as much as I wanted to, I’m definitely happy with this whole process. Kimba, I think you did an excellent job putting all of this together!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  15. Jen

    I absolutely love Rhiannon Frater’s books and I had a blast reading three this weekend. Thanks so much for hosting such a great event 🙂

  16. kimbacaffeinate

    You are so welcome Jen , I have read The Pretty When She Dies series and want to read Vampire Brides next.Glad you had a good time and read 3 books..woot! woot!

  17. kimbacaffeinate

    Awe thanks Carmen and don’t worry I will do this again! I remember those days chasing 3 little ones around…i was lucky if I could read..GRR but I loved it and in the blink of an eye they will be in college and you will host read-a-thons to fill your time..hahaha!

  18. Carmen

    Unfortunately, I did terribly at this challenge! I finished only one book (which I LOVED!!!) and with the kidlets running amok all weekend I had no time to participate in any of the spooktacular events. But you’ve made a Frater-fan lifer out of me so, YAY!
    Thanks for hosting this awesome read-a-thon!!!! <3 it!!!

  19. kimbacaffeinate

    Aww..i wondered why you didn’t join the party..we had a hat for you, but ya gotta work. Maybe next time. I am so glad you got some reading done and had fun with the challenges! So glad your first read-a-thon was a good experience!

  20. Crystal

    I loved it! The challenges! They where so much fun and some were not as easy as I thought they would be,but I loved trying! I got to read two awesome books and followed some cool new blogs. I’m so mad I missed the twitter party 🙁 I was a work #workingsucks.

  21. Carolyn Brown

    I really enjoyed the Fraterfest Kimberly. Thank you for being such an organized host, it has been great!

  22. Carrie Lee Ardoin

    This was a super fun read-a-thon and really got me in the mood for Halloween! I loved that it was so laid back, and you really had some amazing bloggers giving away prizes. Thanks for putting this together!

  23. Aleksandra

    I loved everything about it 🙂 Loved the twitter party, and all the mini challenges, they were so much fun, so thank you Kimba for hosting this read-a-thon, and thank you to all the challenge hosts 🙂 No suggestions, except please host another one soon!

    I just wish I read more, so I’m a little disappointed in myself…

    I know you enjoyed Rot & Ruin, but what about Alice in Zombieland?

  24. kimbacaffeinate

    Thanks but tomorrow I am not going within 10 feet of my laptop…hahaha. Thanks for your ridiculously hard challenge..we all loved it! Feel better cupcake!

  25. frodosco

    As you know I loved Fraterfest! I had a blast with all of the challenges and really enjoyed the twitter party! Honestly I don’t really have any criticisms, just make the next one bigger and better (if that’s possible :p). Thank you so much, I can’t wait to participate in more of your hosted events in the future! ^.^

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